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South Korea Burying Pigs Alive

Written by PETA | January 10, 2011

It sounds too horrific to be true, but officials in South Korea are piling pigs on top of each other in trucks, dumping thousands of them into mass graves, and burying them alive.

This atrocity is intended to control an outbreak of foot and mouth disease, but there is an inexpensive vaccine for the disease that the South Korean government inexplicably refuses to use. As many as 34,000 pigs have been killed in a single day. If this cruel slaughter is allowed to continue, the number of pigs killed could reach more than 1 million.

Please urge South Korean authorities to stop this massacre immediately. Send a polite e-mail to the ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the U.S., Han Duk-soo, telling him that you want the South Korean government to stop burying pigs alive and to use humane methods of controlling foot and mouth disease.

 Pigs on a Korean farm. 
 mannen av bord/CC by 3.0

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Mary Gonzales says:

    This is a SHAMEFUL act that could have been prevented very easily…Shame on South Korea!

  • Jadewarlock says:

    1. the vaccine isn’t “Inexpensive.” When you multiply it by tens of thousands it gets high. 2. It’s STILL hard to take you guys seriously when you support Controlled Atmosphere Killing of animals for food yet decry this abuse. Killing is abuse in any form, smothering or buried alive. Keep ONE stance, and this will take more form.

  • Dolores says:

    What a sick people!This needs to stop and have the animals be treated humane,and not allow them to suffer any longer.

  • Tina L says:

    The email doesn’t work. :/

  • celia gozzo says:

    Please,stop this cruel massacre now

  • nancy says:

    This is really sad!!!! I sent an email.

  • Beckett says:

    It isn’t about the disease, but more likely population control. That is why they refuse to use the vaccine. The same thing happened with the birds. It may also be a means to express that desire to harm/punish/create suffering, and they certainly seem to seize any opportunity, for any reason (real or otherwise) to do so.

  • Laura Schiess says:

    There is nothing more to say then to ask you to please stop this slaughter right away. You simply must realize how cruel and inhumane this is. Pigs are not garbage. They deserve to be treated with love and commission. Can you imagine being buried alive atop of thousands of other people? Desperately trying to breath? Please stop this slaughter now.

  • jim says:

    This is disturbing and unnecessary. It’s sad that some humans are so heartless.

  • steve delahaye says:

    please don’t the pigs like that they feel pain too, im sure we wouldn’t pile humans on top each other and bury them alive

  • Donna Roitstein says:

    Is there something PETA can do to stop this now?

  • Joanne Emery says:

    Please stop the inhumane treatment o pigs with Foot and Mouth disease. Stop burying the pigs alive and use the available vaccine: a humane method of treatment.

  • m robinson says:

    PLEASE END THIS TORTURE NOW!!!! Pigs have an IQ of 5 year child and deserve the right to be treated humanely!!!

  • Liz azar says:

    Please stop killing these innocent and very smart creatures..we all have a right to live and they do to. Please use the vaccine to treat this problem. All the best

  • louise says:

    please stop the massacre of live pigs, u are cruel and inhumane

  • sue strasen says:

    Please stop killing pigs when you can vaccinate them.

  • Berit H. Hagen says:

    Just sent this. Dear mr. ambassador of the republic of Korea I am writing to you in an intens hope that the welfare of animals can become better in Korea. When God told humans to rule over animals, I am sure he did not mean that humans could treat animals in any way thay wanted. Even though I am not religious, I think these words are very true. I urge you and beg you to fight the mouth and foot disease in other ways than letting pigs get buried alive. In my oppinion it is our duty to treat animals human and with respect – I don’t care what happens to the meat or fur after the animal has been butchered, as long as the animal has had a nice life and an end to life as painless and fearless as possible. These thought of animal welfare are increasing in the west and in Europe, I hope so intens that these thoughts also will spread over Asia as soon as possible. Please, the pigs – any animals – deserves a better ending than being buried alive… Regards Berit H. Hagen Norway

  • Maria Weir says:

    I understand if you need to slaughter animals, but please do so humanely. This is a tragedy.

  • Eve says:

    There has to be another way. This should be stopped. This is extremely barbaric. Many citizens from every part of the globes thinks Korean can do better than this. Let’s be humane.

  • sundus says:

    This is unacceptable and shocking!!

  • SantinoBee says:

    Terrible, what would ever possess humans to do such things..

  • Raghav Murthy says:

    Please stop killing the pigs this way. If they must be killed, then atleast kill them before stock piling them in the grave alive.

  • stephanie kunkel says:

    please stop this!!!

  • daniele meini says:

    dopo ke mangiate i cani, anke questo? ke skifo!!!

  • Linda Hallman says:

    This is so cruel and barbaric…..

  • jansy jimenez says:

    Por favor, hay alguna manera efectiva d parar esto? Cuanto sufrimiento animal hay en el mundo!

  • Ryan Pisaneschi says:

    that is horrendous! those poor pigs!

  • Robin Hall says:

    Please stop the slaughter of these innocent animals! Please make it common practise to use the vaccine to prevent foot and mouth disease! Thanks!!!!

  • ella says:

    STOP this disgusting cruel death to the Korean pigs, this makes me and many others SICK you should abide by proper humane rules… feel how those beautiful pigs feel… scared afraid distraught……….

  • julie says:


  • Marlene says:

    Buddha once said – “The man implores the mercy of God has no mercy on the animals, for which he is a god. The sacrificial animals that already gave you the sweet tribute to her milk, the softness of their wool and deposited confidence in the criminal hands that they kill. The innocent animal’s head can not put the weight of a strand of hair from the evils and errors for which each will have to respond. ”

  • juliejaghnoon says:

    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease stop this cruelty animal have feelings… they love. hate . and feel…. please dont do that with them.. put yourselves in their position.. i am cring now .. so bad.. and so sad

  • provoost billie says:

    W H Y ??????

  • Amy says:

    I urge you to force South Korean government to stop burying pigs alive and to use humane methods of controlling foot and mouth disease. There are inexpensive vaccines that can control foot and mouth disease rather than using horrific barbaric methods! Please stop this now!

  • Susan Simons says:

    Why? In 2011? I thought you were the civilised Koreans?

  • Liana says:

    to the South Korean government, PLEASE STOP burying pigs alive and use humane methods of controlling foot and mouth disease. they are living creatures with a heart and soul like us…

  • steve john says:

    Please end this vile, barbaric and totally uncivilised behaviour.If you have to kill these defenseless animals then do it humanely!

  • Tine Siren Strand says:

    This is outragous!!

  • Heidi Lopes says:


  • Nisa Smiley says:

    Please immediately cease killing pigs in this inhumane way, and do the responsible thing by choosing to use the vaccine available. Our race can not afford anymore brutality. Thank you! Nisa

  • Pat says:

    This is one of the most horrible animal abuse cases I have ever heard of. How inhumane can you be?

  • walterkm says:

    This is RIDICULOUS! Absolutely unnecessary. Please understand that…. there are OTHER WAYS.. i mean, people are releasing emissions that mess with the world, and get people sick, yada yada, but we arent burying them alive!

  • verena theilen says:

    I just cant believe this…

  • julie jaghnoon says:

    pleeeeeeeeeeeease stop this

  • Tanya Davies says:

    This is beyond disgusting! Smarten up and start treating animals with an ounce of respect. They are always better ways to do things!

  • ucanmakeadifference says:

    Isn’t this more like something North Korea would do. The Korean people I know are the most loving people. This is not how people think of South Korea. Please stop this inhumane practice.

  • Jesse says:


  • Gina Mcfarland says:

    Please stop hurting these animals..

  • mechelle terrio says:

    This is terrible. Some people need these actions to occur to them to see how it feels to animals. Please stop this cruel behavior by the Korean Gov.

  • jen storm says:

    Please stop killing pigs needlessly in such a cruel manner. They need an inexpensive vaccine, please stop seeing animals as ‘things’.