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South Carolina Circus Just Up and Leaves

Written by PETA | April 6, 2007

With hundreds of people standing in line waiting for tickets last week, the Lewis and Clark Old-fashioned Circus just folded up its tents and slinked off into the night. (OK, whatever—it was daytime, and circuses probably can’t slink exactly, but I need a bit of creative license here.) The reason for all the drama was that York City Manager Trey Eubanks had decided at an emergency meeting with city leaders that the circus had failed to meet safety guidelines and that three caged tigers used by the circus posed a danger to York citizens. You can read our letter thanking the city here. While it admittedly may have sucked a little for everyone waiting in line to go see the circus, it’s awesome to see a city recognizing the dangers—not to mention the brutality—of animal circuses and booting them out of town. Nice work, York!

York Circus.jpg

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  • frank woodhouse says:

    for all to know harbor island board is going to take up killing all the foxes on harbor island to protect turtles. they plan to hire trappers to kill them! What a disgrace

  • J Mehoff says:

    Its funny how this turned from a circus article into an arguement about nazis and crap. Mindless peta libs.

  • Nancy says:

    Well since I was the one who made the original remark I guess I should clarify My intention was notin ANY wayto minimize the atrocities committed by the Nazis. I was simply pointing out the flaw in the argument that reduced unemployment is a reasonable excuse for cruelty. And that it should be easy to say ‘no’ to such cruelty especially when it’s only being perpetuated for the purposes of “entertainment”. Again in no way did I mean to diminish the suffering of those who were persecuted and murdered during the holocaust. But in a civilized world the suffering that circus animals currently endure would not be remotely acceptable either. If humans really are superior to animals perhaps we should stop acting like animals and exercise compassion for them instead.

  • Larry Buck says:

    Fred is right comparing nazi death camps to circuses is insane. circuses aren’t exactly out to take over the world in a reign of terrible fire and hatred. Benjamin animals should be respected not worshipped figuratively speaking I know how peta is w religion.

  • Benjamin says:

    Fred I forgot to mention this in my previous posting. In a poor effort to justify the circus you stated that animals are “not as important as” and therfore inferior to humans. Didn’t Nazi Death Camps and The Third Reich come about solely because Nazi’s and their allies felt as though Jews homosexuals the disabled the elderly and gypsies were “less important than” and therefore inferior to white Christian people? When one looks at it in that light enslaving animals in a circus because they are “inferior” sounds a whole lot like the Nazi death camps. Don’t you think?

  • Benjamin says:

    Fred so you’re saying that it is alright for human animals to do whatever they want to nonhuman animals? Last I checked animals are intelligent being capable of both physical and emotional pain and distress. Everyone needs to realize that all creatures serve a function on this earth and that they all deserve respect and compassion. How would you feel Fred if you were shackled and beaten so that you can perform uncomfortable and humiliating tricks for children and their moronic parents? You wouldn’t like it too much and scientific studies of the behavior of these nonhuman animals proves that nonhuman circus animals don’t like it too much either. Pull your head out of your butt and start using your brain provided that you even have one.

  • Fred says:

    How can you have to audacity to compare Nazi Death Camps to a Circus. Again your ignorance is showing through and that comment is totally ludicrous. Once again this comment shows that PETA thinks animals are as or more important than humans. You are all nuts.

  • John says:

    I have been a PETA member for 6 years and have been to several protests and I agree with practically everything PETA stands for and circuses are some of the worst areas for animal cruelty puppy mills too! But one thing that I dislike about PETA is how they push their opinions on people they are wrong but it is their right. Some of the hunters on the april fools blog had some decent comments most were gunloving assholes but still agreeing to disagree is a important step for compromise. Larry Buck was an asshole but he had some good stuff to say but “jim” was not even human. Hunting is evil but they are part of the population too just like PETA.

  • kelly says:

    Larry Buck is a hunter who fell for the April Fools’ joke. He’s still pissy about that one!!

  • Nancy says:

    I dunno Shannon… Larry’s comment sounded ever so slightly sarcastic to me. But just in case you were serious Larry Nazi death camps provided jobs for people too. Lots of folks said ‘no’ to that… and they stood to lose a lot more than local revenue.

  • Shannon W. says:

    Larry must work for the circus because he’s getting offended. Only dumb jacksses work for the circus so he must!

  • Larrry Buck says:

    circuses provide jobs for people generate local revenue and always have plenty of snowcones how can anyone say no to that?

  • Claudia says:

    GOOD parents wouldn’t take their childrens to circus… They would take them into real vacancies!

  • kelly says:

    I look at that line and I ask myself what SANE PARENT would bring their kids to one of these trashy circuses? Between the criminals who work for them the accidents and incidents that have killed kids what responsible adult would have anything to do with these things?

  • Michael says:

    Your first few lines provided a hearty chuckle. Thanks Jack.