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Sophie Dahl Gets Protested

Written by PETA | November 6, 2007

Ouch. Sophie Dahl is a British fashion model, known in the U.K. as a poster-girl for Yves Saint Laurent, and, unfortunately, a lover of expensive furs. These pictures, of Sophie looking just extremely uncomfortable as some concerned animal lovers express their disgust about her idea of “fashion,” made their way around the World Wide Web yesterday, and I thought I’d share them with you. Sucks to get singled out like that, Sophie, but it’s nowhere near as excruciating as what the animals go through.


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  • bshaq1512 says:

    in the end she kind of doesnt care. shes smiling in the last picture

  • cindy says:

    She should be ashamed of herself! Boycott her food book and everything else of her!!

  • Mike says:

    Seems like she is smiling to me. Odd that you would think a smile is a sign of being uncomfortable do you smile? I do.

  • Ariel says:

    R Church Interesting. You came to this site with interest on how you can help to support the ANIMAL cause but didn’t seem to take the time to learn the whole picture of why some of us had expressed ourselves as we did which you found to YOUR disliking. And in doing as such it’s quite interesting that you only focused on the “selfprofessed animal lovers” comments but not the continuousto daily “resident” commenters on this blog site who are HIGHLY abrasive ANTIanimal rights’. Well first of all ANIMAL RIGHTS’is NOT about loving animals. It is a MOVEMENT for JUSTICE and FREEDOM…for those who cannot speak for themselves the ANIMALS NOT humans. The sentinent beings that are captured enslaved tortured abused exploited and killed for mankind’s greed vanity destruction while be SO unconscienable they will resort to any kind of barbaric horrendous tactics basically for the almighty dollar. A person doesn’t even have to like animals to be an ara but merely have a VERY strong sense of JUSTICE. This cause is not unlike any other cause in history such as slavery segregation etc.where there was so much resistance in the fight for the freedoms of those demeaned people to change society’s acceptance of those horrible situations that it became VERY heated because convictions and passions for a cause run deep. They run SO deep that one cannot be apathetic or niceynice all the time in order to accomplish goals. One needs to be strong and to show strength ie a STRONGER verbal resistance. Therefore in order to be an ara one must be STRONGLY prepared to deal with the verbal abuses from those who oppose us with their RELENTLESSLY nasty or antagonistic nonsensical comments which they use to TRY to degrade the dignity of animal rights’ through us ara’s. They are not truly interested in learning but have so much time on their hands that they need to seek attention by TRYING to rattle us AND we are NOT whimps because whimps would not be able to “survive” in this cause. NOTE Ignoring the anti’s doesn’t stop them and also their comments are misleading about the issues which is harmful to the ANIMALS so we must defy them accordingly. It’s interesting to note that you took the time to find some ara’s comments to be a turnoff but not the anti’s comments. perhaps you couldn’t discern the anti’s from the ara’s. Yet you didn’t seem to take the time to read other type of ara’s comments. And there is NEVER any “threatening behavior” from ara’s which behavior would not even be possible on a blog site AND the blog site moderator would not even allow any threats on this site from anyone. So I gather that you were not sincerely interested in helping the ANIMAL cause right from the start since you didn’t take the time to learn all that it entails. But giving you the benefit of the doubt I challenge you to comment on here daily for one month straight as an ara to go onetoone with any or all anti’s and we will see if you come to the same conclusion as in your post. Remember this is a very very tough world.

  • R Church says:

    I came to this site interested in animal rights and how I could be more active in supporting the cause. The inane comments posted here by selfprofessed animal lovers and the threatening behaviour of your ‘activists’ towards other human beings has put me right off. Congratulations.

  • Ariel says:

    MARS Why aren’t you addressing my comments that obviously you so conveniently overlooked concerning the UNbiased website pertaining to trimingdebeaking being excruciatingly painful which you had previously denied it being so?

  • Mars says:

    ” I am a CSA survivor and although it has taken me a good 20 years to be able to voice what I went through I can assure you that I suffered abuse…” Exactly as I posted. You spoke up and said abuse.

  • Ariel says:

    Hi Michele Isn’t it so predictable? When the “other side” won’t admit to the FACTS and can’t come up with anything logical which is ALWAYS that they finally have to resort to putting words in our mouths. Pitiful. And your are SO right they continue to ignore the suggestions that you recommend “Earthlings” etc. OR if they have seen it yes they refuse to admit the FACTS publicly. And I will add that they have a fear of truth education change and reality. Therefore they are not courageous people and would be the same types who believed and insisted that the world is flat.

  • Caboose (Combine Slayer) says:

    Michele If abuse was phased out it would still be acceptable to eat meat. If you dont think so then you are calling the Native Americans cruel and evil for being omnivores.

  • Michele says:

    We ar folks have several “cut and pastes” because unfortunately the same old anti’s keep trying to post the same old myths we are simply repeating the FACTS so that those who are new to the site will have accurate information about animal suffering. It is much more efficient to cut and paste in these circumstances. Oh and Caboose in your seemingly endless spare time why don’t you watch the movie “Earthlings” in its entirety? So far none of the anti’s commenting on the PETA files has ever responded to my suggestions to do so I don’t know if this is because they simply have ignored the suggestion quelle surprise! or because they have watched the movie and realized they cannot admit publicly how humans really do abuse animals.

  • Caboose (Combine Slayer) says:

    Ariel Do you have a whole list of “cut and pastes”?

  • Ariel says:

    Mars post to Mike Q. 111107158am. Since MARS insists on being wrong IT can either refer to my elaborated comment about debeaking being excruciatingly painful with PROOF under the heading “PeTA to Omelette Festival scramble tofu not eggs.” OR IT can simply refer to the UNbiased report website that I posted on 111107 at 852 pm http://www.upconline.orgdebeakingota.html Time for the SAME “cut and paste” for an unknown amount of times animal testing is NOT reliable because animals and human animals do NOT have the exact same physiologies just as much as each human animal has hisher own unique DNA. Therefore it is not guaranteed that even testing on human animals would give the same results. However ALL living sentinent beings are just that sentinent meaning ALL feel pain due to having a central nervous system that relates pain to the brain therefore ALL automatically react to pain. If a person is unconscienable then he or she will not be sympathetic to another sentinent being’s pain. If a person has had any level of pain and unconscienably cannot relate to another being’s pain then that person is not empathetic either.

  • C. says:

    Mars said “you cannot define abuse for something other then yourself. It is the reciever of the abuse that must state that it is being abused.” Following this logic a child suffering from the sexual advances of an adult is not suffering from abuse. Are you serious???????? I am a CSA survivor and although it has taken me a good 20 years to be able to voice what I went through I can assure you that I suffered abuse…Others never manage to voice their experiences so I am one of the lucky ones. According to you thoses who never speak up never suffered abuse in the first place. Great reasoning there… The statement you have made along with Mike displays not only your ignorance but your incapacity for empathy and a severe handicap as regards your emotional IQ. You have insulted abuse victims and survivors everywhere by belittling their trauma be they human or nonhuman. You also ask “How do you know the animals where tortured?” displaying your ignorance of and lack of curiosity about the world around you. Stunted emotionally and intellectually I think the AR bloggers here ought to pity you to be honest. It’s not your fault you were bornbrought up in such a way as to be so disadvantaged… I feel the same sad pity for you as I do for the guy who abused me when I was 10. Perhaps counselling would help…? Just a suggestion

  • Caboose (neutral, blue army. Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha) says:

    Tamara Rojo meant an unsuspecting victim not a factory farm raised ruminant if you can EVER graze in there

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    Mar’s Then you were not here when PETA tried to get P. Fucking Diddy to stop making and selling furs. He was having a fashion show about 3 years ago and he was going to show his new fur line called Sean John. Peta called him to ask him to not show the furs. He called back and said I promise no furs. Peta was very nice and sent him violets with a message that said Thank You Sean the animals really need you. When the time came for the fashion show at least every other model had on a fur. He and you are nothing but pieces of shit who are both subhuman and live in the bowels of this earth. Have a wonderful day visiting the slaughterhouses in you bare feet as brain matter and other pieces of the poor farm animals squish between you toes. You seem to love those visits. Julian Grow some balls you wimp.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Mars said “Debeaking a bird is painless and the biology proves it.” Research scientist Dr Phil Glatz has described the pain and stress of debeaking as follows “In the short term beak trimming is likely to be stressful in a number of ways. The hen has to be approached caught and restrained by the operator a procedure which has been shown to evoke fear in hens. The procedure of cutting and cauterising the beak of the hen with a heated blade is likely to result in acute short term pain because of the presence of cutaneous afferent nerves in the beak which respond to thermal stimuli. Furthermore the beak of hens contains mechanoreceptors which when removed appear to impair the mechanical ability of the beak to pick up food both in the short and long term.” Mars as you well know from my previous posts I’ve said many a time we will only get truly reliable safe and predictable drugs when their administration is based upon our own unique individual genetic makeup. “According to a federal study in today’s Oct 18 2006 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association adverse reactions to prescription drugs are responsible for 700000 Americans’ visits to emergency rooms every year.” Does that seem to you like the animal model for testing drugs is working?