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Sometimes Being Vegan Is All It Takes to Get Dates…

Written by PETA | April 29, 2008

… But, as our friend Moby shows in this sketch, sometimes you also need to be, like, interesting. This one’s just for fun.

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  • Carl says:

    LOL great video!

  • cass eaton says:

    he is so freaking cute…and yes hes is right if you are a vegetarian…you should take the next step and be vegan!!!

  • Courtney says:

    George always has the best funny sketches on his shows with celebs. Moby is so cute!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    “I’m a vegan”the new pickup line of the 21st century? I always believed us guys had the advantage with there being I thought more vegetarian women. But according to this surveyhttpwww.vrg.orgjournalvj2006issue4vj2006issue4poll.htmit’s a pretty even split1.4 vegan men to 1.3 vegan women. Maybe there are more lactoovo veg women than men? For anyone that’s interested vegan Mac Danzig featured on the PETA Files before won his Ultimate Fighting Championship match on April 19.

  • lynda downie says:

    That was sooo funny! peanuts?….kale? And the relief when George comes back. Excellent!

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Aww Moby! She’s doesn’t appreciate your worldly knowledge of local vegetables!! Not good enough for you. You and I should sit and chat I never get bored of talking about kale. Wink!

  • Laura says:

    I love The Hour. George is the best. I need to skip work one day to go to a taping.

  • Mark says:

    If you’re vegetarian and not vegan you should really consider going vegan right this minute because dairy cows probably suffer eve more than animals raised for meat. The fact that dairy is liquid suffering doesn’t make it less bad than solid suffering. As Gary Francione says “saying ‘I don’t eat meat but I eat dairy’ makes as much sense as saying ‘I don’t eat large cows but I eat small cows.'” If you think animal exploitation is wrong you don’t consume the products of animal exploitation. Plus it’s easy once you commit to it! Just give it a try! Click my name! Please.