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Sometimes Censorship Is good

Written by PETA | February 23, 2007

I’ve gotten a lot of emails since I posted the Young Guns entry asking to see more of the ads that were submitted. We’re going to eventually post them all online, but until then, you just have to trust me when I say that there’s a reason we don’t show you everything that gets sent to us.


Enough said . . . ? Thought so.

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  • r holder says:

    i think the women are so very brave But till you can video them in slaughter places hung with animals just to go thru the place to show people what it really is like for poor animals i think it will take lots more demos to change way people think its sad i know but it has to stop one day i hope you have a really excellent site thnks from uk

  • K says:

    I totally didn’t realize the picture until after I glance over it… Ooh.

  • jojo says:

    This gets even more disturbing when one thinks about stuffing…

  • Dean says:

    Hell I was just chomping into my lovely vegetables when I clicked on this article to be faced with that image of chicken corpses and some human’s backside. Thanks! I think it’s extremely effective though.

  • Becca says:

    If people could only think of eating meat that way we would have a lot more vegetarians.

  • Laura says:

    Oh man that’s really disturbing.