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Something Stinks Down Under

Written by PETA | July 30, 2009

Won't back down…no, we won't back down


And that would be Australian Wool Innovation (AWI), which is (surprise, surprise) reneging on its promise to end mulesing by 2010.

AWI will have had six years to stop a horrific practice that no other country engages in. New Zealand stopped the mulesing mutilation years ago. If AWI does not meet the 2010 deadline, retailers around the world will take action by sourcing wool elsewhere.

AWI has only itself to blame for losing the world market by trying to delay the inevitable. Of course we were spot-on: AWI has chosen not to live up to its word and is still stuck in the 1930s. Australian wool is no longer the standard—it is now a symbol of the way greedy people have behaved by treating thinking, feeling animals as if they were inanimate commodities.

Despite the fact that leading retailers across Europe and North America are refusing to purchase wool from mulesed lambs, the Australian wool industry’s most recent ludicrous scheme is to adopt an equally cruel and painful procedure called “clip mulesing,” in which clips are attached to the folded skin on lambs’ backsides, causing the skin to rot and fall off. Clips are not an alternative to the mulesing mutilation; they are simply a less bloody form of it. We are pleased, however, to see that the wool industry has finally responded to the complaints of dozens of retailers around the world who want to buy only wool from sheep who were not mulesed (not even with clips) and who have asked that wool from clip-mulesed sheep be identified on a mulesing declaration form.

As the Australian Weekly Times wrote, “For an organisation that purports to be a research and marketing body, the decision by Australian Wool Innovation to abandon the mulesing deadline is reckless, unwanted and unhelpful.” This shows that your voices—and those of retailers who are demanding that Australia join the 21st century and stop mutilating lambs—are being heard in Australia.

Please help PETA continue to pressure the Australian government to do the right thing by taking a few short moments to write to Australia’s prime minister, Kevin Rudd, to demand that mulesing be outlawed now. And, if you still wear animals even when so many wonderful alternatives exist, ask yourself why.

Written by Tracy Reiman

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  • richie says:

    i live on a sheep farm in south australia, and i have seen mulesing. its not pretty. but heres the alternative. i was driving around doing some odd jobs here and there, and i came across a sheep lying next to a water through. he was flyblown and couldnt stand up. i took a look at the poor bugger, and he wasnt mulesed. now for you people who dont have a clue what your talking about here, i will tell you what flystrike it. Basicly, flies lay eggs on dam parts of a sheeps body. the eggs hatch, and maggots begin to eat the sheep alive. the sheep becomes weak and suffers from blood posioning. Eventually, then cant stand anymore and hit the deck. now the worst part is, since the sheep is compleatly defenceless, crows actually peck their eyes out. while the sheep is still alive. once they get to that stage, you have to put it out of its misery. now tell me. would you incorperate mulesing, or allow a sheep to ddie like that, and trust me, its a long and horrible death. now you might say “new zealand doesnt use mulesing”. well…they dont have as many flies as we do. and you might also say that “you must check your flock every 2 days, or use the clips”. well for one thing, my property is 3200 square kilometers big. thats 3 times the size of hong kong island. and my property is just an average sized place. some are much bigger. So dont you tell me to go check 25 000 sheep, on a 3200 sq/km property every 2 days. its just plain rediculous. honestly, i find some of these comments just plain rediculous. i have to ask the question, would you rather perform the task of mulesing, or would you damn a sheep to a slow and painful death by flystrike?

  • Peachie says:

    I can think of something in particular that I’d like to clip on ranchers so it rots off… FOR SHAME, Australia!!! I can’t believe the inhumanity of people, and it appears to be getting worse all the time instead of better. How you could do something so cruel and turn a blind eye to the pain and suffering you caused, is beyond my comprehension. I happen to agree with Robert; it is pathetic, uncaring, horrendous, unfeeling, god-awful, disgusting, torturous, murderous, insensitive, heinous, sadistic, and goes against every fiber of my being! I don’t think anyone–me, Robert,…– intended for this to be taken as a personal affront. Let’s leave peoples’ medical conditions out of it also. Place all of it on your sheep ranchers where it belongs and quit with the “poor me; what about you” attitude! As for Mr. Copper-to-be: You worry me. Cops with your attitude are exactly what this world doesn’t need. I would be very, very concerned placing any thing that could be used as a weapon in your hands. If you can read into one small comment all the hate you have just spewed, then I’m happy to be continents away from you, sir.

  • Lauren says:

    Stop this disgusting cruelty to defenceless animals!! Would you do this to your child?

  • Kelley Dickey says:

    I’d never heard of this barbaric practice before I read this post. PLEASE BAN MULESLING as they have in New Zealand and elsewhere. How is this practice skirting humane cruelty laws???

  • Tom says:

    Anyone with voting rights in Australia please raise this issue urgently with your representatives. These animals are in terrible pain and left with untreated open wounds for no good reason. There never was and never will be a place for this cruelty. Please contact someone who can make it stop. And please don’t wear animal products because buying them puts money in the pockets of these unfeeling people and compels them to continue their barbarianism. Thank you on behalf of the beautiful living feeling suffering animals.

  • tylin perez says:

    i just want to know what the heck is wrong with them. i mean i just dont get it. i guess their like socipaths or something. i mean if my father did that to animals i wouldnt even talk to him

  • Eileen Schuler says:

    Please stop this incredibly act of cruelty. It’s nothing off your nose so please do the right thing and put a stop to this. Eileen Schuler

  • Wallace Ho says:

    Dear Peta Australian Wool InnovationAWIare doing without common sense so shame. NO need wool for this kind method to get wool.

  • nick says:

    this is so disrepectful to the lambs and you should be achamed of yourselfs

  • Dawn says:

    This is a shame! Avoid wool!

  • Pam says:

    I think people ignore what they are not sure about and are prepared to accept an excuse if it lessens their need to become involved. Put mulesing on tv let people see the cruel and disgusting process then show the options for good animal husbandry make people see the choice and see then if they can ignore it.

  • Nan says:

    Dear Peta Regarding Australia’s killing of camels by air. I’ve written to the Aust. Amer chamber of commerce to tell them I will no longer buy Australian wines because of this action. Australian American Chamber of Commerce

  • Sally Greenhough says:

    Its not just wool you need to stop wearing lanolin made from sheep wool is in many products get reading your labels. Go vegan boycott Proctor and GambelBody Shop etc hit em where it hurts…in the pocket.

  • Jean says:

    Poor sheep… I never wear any fur wool or leather. Go Veg! Be Green! Save the Planet!

  • Ryan says:

    “reneging on its promise to end mulesing by 2010.” its not 2010 yet

  • Eloise Ayre says:

    I am an Australian vegetarian grade 12 student and I am amazed to see that these primative methods of wool removal are still used. This is disgusting and I am no longer going to be supporting this industry by purchasing wool products and I will be encouraging my friends and family to do the same.

  • Jo-Anne Carlyle says:

    I’m a shamed to be Austraila

  • J. Nations says:

    PETA has its heart in the right place and for that I support it. It has literally changed my life as well as the lives of countless animals. However the organization does have a tendency to use extreme terms and thus hurt the cause it intends to promote. For example lumping all of Australia into a category of cruelty. It turns those away who were considering joining and provides fuel for the opponents. Please PETA keep up the good work but employ some common sense and especially accuracy to your wordings.

  • Matt Greenwood says:

    I feel so sorry for those poor Sheep. I think it’s absolutely disgusting what the Australian Wool InnovationAWIare doing they should stick to their agreement. I have no grudge against AustraliaAustralians because you can’t blame everyone for what goes on in their country for instance I’m English I’m against Fox Hunting but sadly it still happens. But hopefully if everyone speaks up wherever they’re from then The AWI will listen see sense!!

  • Kristina Lemon says:

    Animals have feelings. Treat your animal as you will be treated

  • Hermann Brandi says:

    I am shocked of these images. The greed of people goes beyond imagination and I am more impressed of the lack of humanity of this people. I cannot describe my disappointment on how I was living and how I was helping these b$$ to treat bad and kill animals.

  • Melissa says:

    This is very disappointing. AGAIN! First the uggs and now this. Austrailia is going to far with it’s sheep and if we can just take out ALL the sheep from there that would be the best because if there giving them a deadline that’s 5 months away they’ll probably finish with all of them while they can. Vegestarianism needs to spread fast there cause they eat those poor beautiful kangaroos like if they were candy. It’s ridiculous.

  • mitchell lester says:

    apparently they dont care if the deadline is met because “they” dont have to feel the pain the animals bodies feel.

  • Thea says:

    I live in Australia now but was born in the UK. The attitude of the majority of Australians I have met since moving here towards animals of any kind is pretty appalling. People simple don’t care and don’t want to know. They are happy living blissfully in there ignorant little world. So long as the lamb chops and veal steaks keep on coming they aren’t bothered WHERE it came from or HOW it got there. It does not suprise me in the slightest that the AWI has backed out of its promise to phase out mulesing. I couldn’t agree more with Linda Dicmanis Australia does ride on the back of cruelty torture and murder. They still employ farming methods such as mulesing and sow stalls shooting national emblems seems to be a widely accepted past time and if you don’t consume your own weight in dead animals monthly you are considered odd soft and ‘untrustworthy’. And Liz Sydney being with the times. Is it the same Sydney i’m living in?? Becasue I am sick to death of trying to find a restraunt out side of Newtown that gives you more than 2 veggie options on the menu. And what is with the super markets?? Someone needs to get on Paul McCartneys and Quorns case and get their vegomeat free alternatives exported to here. But back on the mulesing issue if NZ phased it out 10 years ago and everywhere else in the world seems to cope without its employment what is wrong with Australia?? I’ll tell you…as usual they are behind the times and are also putting their pocket before anything else.

  • adri says:

    what kind of sick people do that to animals?

  • John Carmody says:

    We’re standing by here in Ireland to protest Australian Wool. Animal Rights Action Network ARAN.

  • drew says:

    Maybe there can be a more concerted effort to get Australian businesses to help oppose this cruelty? I know things tend to be in their own little worlds whatever they are but it makes a good show of a company to the public if they step out and try to do good for a cause.

  • Liz says:

    I’m Australian and to be honest I am appalled but not surprised. While Sydney and other major cities are quite ‘with the times’ and accepting of vegetarianveganism each and every time I have visited rural towns I have been greeted with shock and disgust that I have chosen to be a ‘freak’ and ‘go against nature’ by abandoning animal products. They have to be so desensitised to animal cruelty to do their jobs that they can’t imagine the possibility that a sheep is anything but a paycheck waiting to happen. Every time I think Australia might be getting better something like this happens and reminds me I’m living in a country decades behind the rest of the world.

  • Cassie says:

    I could never imagine what that would feel like. How dare you! Human rights? Pish Posh people need done to them what they bestow upon others. I doubt this would be a problem if we were fighting fair.

  • Copper to be (hopefully) says:

    Listen Robert it won’t do you any good to condemn and label another nation as “pathetic” and needing to smell some “compassion” because I can tell you that Australians in general are very compassionate gets me thinking about a comment about most Americans being on prescription drugs if indeed that is where you hail from although whatever country you hail from has issues of one sort or another recruit cops being mowed down like flies only a few weeks after attesting yet I am not saying I hope more and more get shot or stabbed am I? Not to mention the endless examples of animal cruelty that exist wherever you live. I do not recommend you even ATTEMPT to join your local police force you would fail.

  • Linda Dicmanis says:

    I live in Australia and am appalled. I used to wear wool but from here on in I won’t be buying ANY wool products. I won’t support this industry. And I’ll be spreading the word. I love Australia but this country rides on the back of cruelty torture and murder. I became vegetarian two years ago adter seeing Earthlings. I am almost vegan. I have drawn a line in the sand I will no longer cross and will be convincing as many people as possible to join me on the noncruelty side. It’s not just big International retailers who can boycott Australian wool. It is us the people. Shame on Australian Wool Innovation. The only innovative thing I can see about you is your innovative cruelty to animals. Shame on you.

  • Darien Midwinter says:

    The AWI should demonstrate it’s integrity by enacting it’s promise to end the nasty practice of mulesing by 2010.

  • Shannyn says:

    Pathetic Australia huh? For your information some of us do have compassion. We’re not all heatless monsters thankyou very much.

  • stoptorture says:

    This is just mind boggling complete lack of care for what these beings suffer. It is greatly outrageous and it is like something from the dark ages in its cruel stupidity. Because they can get away with it they take feeling individuals and just treat them like objects and cut or rot off their flesh and also ship them in horrific conditions to experience horrific murders too. There is no conscience at all. What these industries and these human devils do to feeling individuals is like what we would expect to find many ages ago in the most horrific and notorious periods yet these atrocities are actually now far greater in scope than ever before in the vile history of humanity.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Steve Kilbey the dynamic lead vocalist of “The Church” is always performing at vegan and crueltyfree living festivals. He’s the most compassionate Aussie rock star. Daniel Johns and the Seekers Judith Durham are also Aussie vegetarians with great vocals.

  • Robert Caruk says:

    Pathetic Australia. Wake up and smell some compassion.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Putting a clip on an animals skin so that the skin rots and falls off??? Apparently these people have never been severely pinched by anything…now imagine not being able to remove what is causing the painful pinch compounded by gangrene and exacerbated by fear. I will never wear any kind of wool.