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Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?

Written by PETA | March 16, 2007

420-gw.jpgApparently Joe Schreibvogel isn’t.

He runs a place called the G.W. Exotic Animal Sanctuary. You may remember the name because we did an undercover investigation there a few months ago. The place is a total hole, with more than a thousand animals, including tigers, lions, cougars, bears, primates, wolves—you name it. The shady joint bills itself as a “sanctuary” for rescued animals, but in reality the principal reason it exists is to line the pockets of the owner Joe Schreibvogel. They drag baby animals to malls for photo ops, the animals are punched, kicked and starved to keep them in line, and unlike any real sanctuary, they are constantly breeding the animals to ensure a never-ending flow of “cute” babies.

Anyway, the place is a pit and should be shut down. But that’s not the point of this post. Really. The point is that on the joint’s website, they boast:

“The G.W. Exotic Animal Park Now has Sponsors From 54 States and 37 foreign countries.”

54 states, huh? I didn’t know they even had that many! Must be a hell of a place. If these guys are anywhere near as good at animal care as they are at geography, maybe there’s nothing to worry about after all.


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  • Carole Baskin says:

    If you watch PeTA’s undercover video you can see that he does beat his cats and with shovels. Check it out at TigerCubAbuse dot c o m

  • Imachihuahua says:

    I think that Joe is terrible. I mean, what kind of “conservationist” throws away big cats that are 14 WEEKS old, and apparently, “show worn”? It just angers me to think of all the animals that have been maimed, hurt, or killed in his supposed “care”.

  • Tanja says:

    People who support Joe’s actions are animal abusers as well for letting it happen. If Joe has so many sponsors, why does GW Exotic have financial problems? They keep breeding more and more cubs, and it’s difficult for them to pay their bills!

  • Oakr says:

    I realize the original is an old story but I had to post. I managed a Petco here in Oklahoma several years ago. The previous GM had set up an arrangement to have this group out w their tigers for fundraisers needless to say she did absolutely no research other than how much $’s it would bring in. These three “rescued” cubs were left overnight in our grooming salon with NO water and one 5 oz. piece of raw beef to split. Two of the three were missing pads on their paws as in exposed bloody flesh and the third had “doublejointed” fore limbs. This was most likely a birth defect due to inbreeding something their employees informed me just happened some times being caged together. Their facilities may appear nice and fun to the casual visitor but those who have first hand knowledge of their practices can offer a more exact judgement. P.S…That visit was their last w my store during my short tenure I informed them at that time they were not welcome back which was a very unpopular decision with Petco’s Companion Animal Coordinator for Oklahoma just another example of what’s important to Petco….

  • missy says:

    Well..maybe if joe would treat his employees better and uphold his word..they might be able to run a rescue park. My daughter just walked ou after not even 24 hours of being an employee for gwpark or joes exotics. The conditions are horrible unclean would’nt let them take a brek or lunch. If he can do this to humans that can talk can u even imagine what happens to animals that can’t. So to all of the ones making this comments it’s really what’s under the surface not on top! you have no idea and The man is not one of his word!! So beware!

  • Betty says:

    The real problem is that they are not rescuing animals now they are breeding them. That way they can get the title of the “largest big cat sanctuary” and in turn get big sponsors. It’s all about the money! Everything is not what it appears to be. When you visit there you only see what they want you to see. I know been there done that!

  • Emily says:

    This I agree is bad but having exotic animals isn’t always bad. Alot of them now are bred in United States. I have 2 pet hedgehogs I love VERRY MUCH and spoil them rotten. I also have a tortoise who stays inside in winter but goes outside in the summer. We have 2 Boston Terriers 2 Zebra Finchs and 4 chickens. I take care of all these animals I am 15 and get up at 6am to feed and water all of them. I got my 2 hedgehogs from a friend who breeds them. She would NEVER DO ANYTHING TO HARM THESE GORGOUS animals. I just have a real promblem finding a vet in Kansas that takes hedgehogs. If anyone in Kansas is looking for a place to purchase these animals the best place would be “Tails and Scails” on K15. I know the owner. They get all their animals from people who just can’t take care of them anymore like a pound for exotic animals.

  • Poet R says:

    i juss seen diz dude perform at my mall and he is cool…hes not a bad guy i think da PETA is a bunch of bull and should reconcider

  • Lori says:

    What those who visit fail to understand is that anyone who claims to run a “sanctuary” then breeds and breeds to “conserve” endangered species is a fraud! Look up to see how many endangered tigers or lions have been moved from captive “sanctuaries” to help save wild populations. It doesn’t happen. Zoos don’t even try any more to save Bengal tigers by breeding because they are so inbred in captivity because of morons who keep breeding them for profit! If they breed they are NOT a sanctuary.

  • katie says:

    yea i think what they are doing is GREAT i have been there lovely place and it does need a little work but it is still lovely and they are working on it ok and they don’t beat there animals or else all of them would be handshy and from what i know…..there not hand shy alright and even if they did beat there animals and they werne’t handshy…then “joe exotic” would be dead because the animals would attack because they would feel cornered alright so PETA you can kiss my fat butt ok they are doing a wonderful job

  • John says:

    I agree 100 if PeTA as the answers why dont they put the money up front to change things at that park. I have been to this park and I think it is one hell of a job they are doing. you should try to do what they do with everyone complaining and no one willing to work for free…..

  • sarah says:

    Kim do you know how much that would cost? Me neither but wayyy more than PETA can probably afford lol. PETA could sponsor sanctuaries but I guess it kinda goes against their goals.

  • Kim says:

    Maybe he included Puerto Rico and Guam as states. And uh Christmas Island and Bikini Atoll I know they are all protectorates or something but still. Why doesn’t PETA build sanctuaries for animals? Then you can show people how it’s done and lobby the government to use your sanctuaries as the minimum standard of what animal treatment should look like?

  • jojo says:

    hilarious! this blog deserves comments.

  • veganlove says:

    what a hellhole. what the bleep is wrong with humans these animals MUST be left alone to live free as nature intended! i’m sure those 54 ha ha ha states have no clue how disgusting and unethical it is to beat breed and cage these magnificent animals. i’m looking forward to new legislation that will ban any human tampering with exotic animals other than giant natural preserves for their sanity to remain intact and ofcourseNO BREEDING rescue only.

  • K says:

    What an embarrassment aside from the fact they had some not so nice things to say about a “certain animal rights organization” on their website. Very professional indeed.. I sent out a letter to Dr. Gibson urging to revoke Schreibvogel’s license when this story came out. What they claim on their website either from their park or their employees and what was shown in the undercover video are so contradictoryhow can you cover THAT?!