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Sir Roger Moore Takes On Selfridges

Written by PETA | September 17, 2009

As Agent 007, Sir Roger Moore battled the bad guys—but as a real-life Knight of the British Empire, Moore has spent the past several years battling the cruel foie gras industry.

When Moore heard about PETA Europe’s campaign to urge Selfridges to stop selling foie gras—he sent a private letter to Selfridges’ owner, Galen Weston, offering to buy up the company’s entire remaining stock of the cruelly produced food if Weston agreed never to restock it again.


Sir Roger Moore still reigns as our favorite James Bond.
Maple Sir Roger Moore


Always the classy gentleman, Moore gave Weston the chance to make this deal behind the scenes—but Selfridges has not responded to Moore’s generous offer, so he has taken it to the airwaves. Check out his recent interview on the topic.

Written by Liz Graffeo

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  • Lynn Cawkwell says:

    Would it be possible for Sir Roger to help stop other shops and butchers from selling this horrendous muck, such Bevean butchers in Longacres garden centre Bagshot Surrey, who claim they only sell it due to customer demand.I questioned the butcher why he is selling this controversial product while at the same time boasting through information leaflets how the pork, chicken ect is ethical!! he said the customers know about it. He imports it from France. I am in the process os emailing and writing to animal welfare organisations to help me get it off of Bevean Butchers shelves. Anyone willing to write to or email Longacres would be fantastic, or even better if kind people could go to Longacres and visit the butchers dept and tell the manager, Robin, what they think.

  • ELAINE says:

    YOU GO ROGER!!!!!!!

  • micia says:

    Thank you Roger for being so caring I wish there was more people like you in the world. God bless you x

  • Ana Silva says:

    Thank you!!!

  • Wendy Morris says:

    How can I personally thank him that is wonderful that a celebrity got involved and spoke out about it since most people think celebs are like Gods! Also can we thank that store somehow?

  • Sanjay Wadher says:

    Sir Roger hats off

  • Sally-Anne Francis says:

    I am thrilled to learn that Sir Roger is suporting efforts to get this vile product banned. Anybody who eats it or defends the eating of it obviously hasn’t seen photos or video footage of exactly what goes on. Most people think the geese are freely wandering around a pretty orchard with a kindly old farmer shoving grain down their necks from time to time. It’s NOT like that it’s vile and cruel and the french in particular turn a blind eye to the production of it.The brits however should know better than to sell or serve it. I live in St Paul de Vence in southern France and I am sick of how many restos serve it. I always tell the waiters every time we eat out that we don’t eat it if everyone did that that when they visit a restaurant either in France or the UK it would help hopefully.

  • aysimu says:

    Remember He was the star of “The Persuaders” even before 007…!

  • Jerry Howse says:

    Roger Moore must have raised a few eyebrows when he got involved in this campaign. A saint in more ways than one.

  • FASHIONRAT says:

    This comment probably won’t get shown but oh well. because the fact that Selfriges still sell foie gras shows that its managementdirectors are pretty much icey stone hearted compassionless people.. SHAME on Selfridges..!! My mom’s exhusband owns the store and he’s not icy stone hearted at all. I don’t like foie gras but I have no problem with people that do.

  • Antonia Symes says:

    Thank you Roger Moore for speaking up for the defenceless animals enduring mindless torutre. Carry on your excellent work.God bless you. Antonia

  • Joaquim Carvalho Mota says:

    Well done Sir Roger Moore !

  • chris beal says:

    Well Roger you were always the “Saint”! Time to get that Volvo P1800 coupe polished and ready for action! Oh and your “Bond” was exemplary!

  • jeanette Foster says:

    I think Roger Moore is a Saint!

  • Jennifer Linford says:

    I am disgusted and so proud of Roger Moore taking on the so called establishment.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    I gotta agree that Sir Roger was the best Bond ever. His dry sense of humour slays you every time and he’s a great animal defender. Tom It gets it quickly off Selfridges’ shelves and hopefully persuades other stores to also drop this abominable product or be seen as the heartless bastards they are.

  • kris shulfer says:

    Sweet!!! thanks 007!!

  • Edward says:

    I wouldn’t care if Roger Moore is the next Pope Sean Connery is the only James Bond.

  • Tracey says:

    Thank you so much Roger for using your high profile and your time to give these innocent creatures a voice.

  • lizbet says:

    Sir Rog Moore is DEF MY favourite 007!.. becasue he has a heart of gold.. and cares and is speaking up about the suffering of all these poor ducksgeese used or force fed should i say for the production of this so called ‘foie gras’ .. Selfridges.. do yourself a favour get rid of all your suppliesstock of this ‘delicacy of despair’ be.. animal cruelty free .. because the fact that Selfriges still sell foie gras shows that its managementdirectors are pretty much icey stone hearted compassionless people.. SHAME on Selfridges..!! and no.. I dont’ shop at Selfridges either..

  • John Carmody says:

    Well done Roger!

  • Tom says:

    I don’t see the difference between someone buying up the current stock of Foie gras or it remaining on the menu until it’s depleted as long as the restaurant doesn’t order any more. Whether Mr. Moore disposes of it or the restaurant keeps it on the menu that stock has been made and no ducks will be saved by him buying it himself

  • Claudia A. Cerio says:

    What a great guy!

  • Dawn says:

    What a nice and generous man Roger Moore is. Shame the owner of Selfridges is not half as nice. But then if the public did not buy foie gras then they would not stock it.

  • Pamela Ernest says:

    OK debate over Roger Moore was the best Bond ever!

  • Bluebell says:

    I cannot believe people still eat something that is produced in such a cruel way. It’s bad enough that those who eat meat are happy to see any animal reared and killed for the sake of a tasty meal but to support this cruel practice is sick.

  • Shari says:

    Thank you 007. You are the best!I love you! Keep fighting for the animals.

  • Callista says:

    i was watching “iron chef” when i first heard of “foie gras”. however i was unaware of what it was. so i “googled” it. i was disgusted with what i discovered! i am so glad to see something being done to stop this dispicable act of cruelty!