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Sir Paul McCartney Ditches Cruel Charities

Written by PETA | July 20, 2007

Showbizspy/Creative Commons

Paul McCartney is amazing. He has just announced that he will be boycotting any and all charities that conduct animal experimentation. This is even a bigger deal when you consider that the former Beatle has been a long-time supporter of numerous cancer charities since losing his first wife Linda to the disease in 1998. Here’s a quote:

“When Linda died I said I would support cancer charities. Animal rights groups wrote to me pointing out that many were heavily into vivisection – and it’s true. A doctor we knew out in America just admitted it as a matter of fact, innocently, like ‘Well, sure we do.’ What he doesn’t realise is that he won’t get a donation out of me for that very fact. There are better alternatives but you’re not allowed to challenge the status quo.”

This sends a clear message to animal experimenters and the charities that fund them that it’s high time to pull their heads out of the sand and embrace modern effective non-animal research.

Brittanica/Creative Commons

As PETA Europe’s Alistair Currie put it: “Animal testing charities don’t just miss out on big money; they miss out on medical progress. Animals are not furry little humans and their bodies cannot reliably predict results for human conditions. While we know a great deal about cancer in mice, we don’t know anywhere near enough about cancer in humans. Thankfully there are plenty of charities that go for the triple win: they don’t cause animal suffering; they do support modern non-animal research that increases the chance of finding cures for humans; and they get the money of smart, compassionate donors.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself, Alistair.

For a list of charities that do and don’t fund animal experiments, check out this link.

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  • Lesley Robinson says:

    So we hail another ‘celebrity’ in this case Paul McCartney for his caring ways. Did the silly man not realise at the time his wife died that what keeps cancer charities in business big business is the cruel and often repeated tests on animals? I despair I really do.

  • Aernold says:

    While I don’t agree with testing on animals for cosmetics and household products a lot of medicines have been developed because of animal testing. Also for diabetics using human insulin has given them horrible side effects whereas pig insulin has been good. Just face it that some horrible things have to happen for the greater good. Only sickos revel in animal cruelty but I’d put people over animals any day. Also meat eating is natural. It’s been going on forever and I agree that organic properly reared meat is better than factory farmed we need it for iron and B vitamins. Not to mention that I’d rather turn my attention to the humanitarian crisis in Darfur which is real cruelty in action. AS a massive Beatles fan I heard about this Paul McCartney thing and found this link. But I think he’s wrong on this one. Also I haven’t heard his views mentioned in any newspapers or TV so it’s not getting the publicity you people would like anyway.

  • Rose Bellamy says:

    Thankyou Paul. Gentleman like yourself are very few. It feels so wonderful that we are not alone in fighting to bring an end to animal cruelty and abuse but have gentleman like yourself on our side to help us win the battle…. x

  • barbara says:


  • Georgina says:

    Hey Steve You still haven’t explained what the hell you’re doing here as you clearly don’t give a dam about animals. Just go away and tell your provivisection rubbish to someone who cares so we can ignore you in peace.

  • Anna Mincberg says:

    We should respect every kind of life.There’s no uglyor cute animalsEVERY KIND OF ANIMALS HAVE RIGHT TO LIVE! God bless You PaulYou are great. Sincerely Anna Mincberg

  • Cindy says:

    About ten years ago my mom and I was watching a tv show about animal testing and they showed this little kitten…well I won’t go into detail because it only makes me cry. I am a huge fan of Paul McCartney’s and I loved Linda and this only makes me love Paul more. There has to be another way so animals don’t have to go through this horrible pain. Thank you Paul for your compassion for animals. You are special beyond words. cindy

  • nico says:

    to the jackf james who wrote cows are ugly and useless your a real asse i hope karma gets you its folks like you who i wish would see the inside of a slaughterhouse and its cruelty i wish you could feel how that cow felt in fear throat cut while still conciouse and hanging from a metal chain alive james i could only wish it was a narrow minded ignorent person like you hanging from that metal hook in an unkind slaughterhouse its folks like your kind who deserve to suffer sir mcartney and his daughter are the best kind of people in the whole universe so pi on your kind and you james and your ignorence of animal cruelty and their suffering your going to feel the karma someday

  • Linda says:

    Maybe I’m amazed….but maybe I shouldn’t be! Thanks and blessings to you Macca!

  • John Mooter says:

    It is good to have an advocate with such popularity on our side. May all animals be free from suffering.

  • Diva says:

    We love you Sir Paul!

  • Ranjini Murthy says:

    Thank you Paul McCartney. It is rather wonderful to see someone such as yourself dedicated to a wonderful cause. GOD BLESS!!!

  • stefan ireland says:

    I now love Paul Mcartney….Even as a child i could never understand why they would put shampoo into rabbits eyes and still do to this day. It never helped the sting then and it doesn’t now. Together we can stop this useless cruelty. XXX

  • kathleen turnbull says:

    thank god someone as big as sir paul in our society is making a point that must be made on all of these consnot charities.many of the charities are having the public think it is for research in a lab on little trays and bottles.when in fact as the great man with a heart as said sir paul its for even more agony on poor little innocent animals .and these monsters dont even p.t.s. peacefully they continue to make them suffer unbearable fear stress agonies.and the final end for them is to be dumped or slung on a cold bloodvomit flooded floor left to die alone no love care just pain.the billions these companies have and are makingand its too much to give the animals a humane painless death.other charities are alzimers deaf cancerall catorgeries of cancer the british heart foundation and even thomas cook travel .the public should be made aware of all of these rouges cruel vile evil ones at that.i think by law all of these companies and ANY company etc.that have any form of animal experiments tests whatever we choose to call itshould pay the cost of humane p.t.s.injections and no more than two tests if at all any but that is asking too much i supposeand in any case why after all of these years has no one ever thought and asked if the products need to be tested then some ingrediant is harmfull to why put it in the products?take money away from the horrific oicture and less than 20 of these tests etc would not even be happening.but again it the poor innocent animals that pay the long agonising torture to make there abusers the cash and they have no saytaken and bred for this purpose only.what a sad cruel evil monsterous world we have became.keep bringing these greedy cash grabbing monsters to our noticesir paul.i hope you every success and hope in the course of you save thousands of the little innocents all over the world. and ideally ban the tests in all forms on all animals forever. i for one can do without most of the items that are killing the animals in tests society does not deserve to be conned any more .make these cons public and give them all massive fines so there cant continue.but the goverment will still continue to pay as there get a big chunk of the murderous cake.

  • Donna Stevens says:

    Sir Paul you are a fantastic human being.

  • Joan Faszcewski says:

    I don’t believe in animal testing myself there are other ways animals don’t have the imumne as humans.

  • Mike says:

    Okay Steve I couldn’t find much out in cyberspace about the creation of the HL machine. So provide me with the info referenced so I can confirm it that the heartlung machine development was dependent on animals rather than just parroting verbatim from a provivisection website. The ball’s in your court. You made the statement now back it up. Read Dr. Doalot’s post of July 27 on the number of human deaths from animal testedapproved drugs. I’m happy for your nephew but what about all these other people dying unnecessarily? It’s got absolutely nothing to do with being on a high horse. Animal testing unless for vet purposes is not reliably predictable for human beings.

  • Dr. Do-a-lot says:

    Rojo The problem is that animal tests are not reliably and consistently predictive and weren’t in the early days. Part of the idea of animal testing was to try out potentially dangerous drugs on animals first thus potentially sparing human lives. But we don’t know what reactions humans will have to animalapproved drugs and these subsequent reactions can be lethal. So we are still the guinea pigs and even then each human will react differently to a given drug thus the importance of microdosing pharmacogenomics etc.. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association adverse drug reactions are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. So animal drug testing is not only not predictive but it can be detrimental and deadly. On the positive side animal testing gives drug companies some legal protection in case you try to sue them.

  • steve says:

    wow mike i’m so impressed…. you forgot to mention about my nephew’s life being saved by the heart lung machine…what no fancy quote about that you know what…. if i or my family’s life needs saving…. i’ll do whatever it takes and how ever it was derived… you and your petaphiles can sit on your moralistic high horses and make sure you only get treated with nonanimal tested advances…. and if there are none i guess you can protest by just dying…..

  • Mike says:

    Steve If you’re going to basically plagiarize you paraphrased slightly directly from a web page like I do sometimes at least put the info in quotes to indicate it’s not your original writing. “Dr Albert Sabin the inventor of the polio vaccine swore under oath that the vaccine was long delayed by the erroneous conception of the nature of the human disease based on misleading experimental models of it in monkeys. Penicillin the worlds first antibiotic was delayed for more than 10 years by misleading results from experiments in rabbits and would have been shelved forever had it been tested on guinea pigs which it kills. Sir Alexander Fleming himself said How fortunate we didnt have these animal tests in the 1940s for penicillin would probably never have been granted a licence and possibly the whole field of antibiotics might never have been realised.” Above from ” In the early 1920s two scientists J. J. R. Macleod and Frederick Banting were given credit for isolating insulin by extracting it from a dog. For this they received a Nobel Prize. Macleod admitted that their contribution lay not in discovering insulin for which they are often credited but in providing evidence from the animal lab. BMJ Aug 2 1923 pp165172. Macleod and Banting were not obligated to extract insulin from a dog because certainly there was ample tissue from humans. J. B. Collip a biochemist in Macleod’s team said the administration of the dog insulin to a 14year old diabetic was “absolutely useless”. Even Banting’s and Charles Best’s supporters said they were “unqualified to do good work” Bliss Michael. The Discovery of Insulin. It was concluded that Banting and Best’s dog experiments had not been vital. It was the chemistry of Collip and Macleod that had isolated and purified insulin using in vitro nonanimal techniques.” Above contains excerpts from Sacred Cows and Golden Geese by the Drs. Greek.

  • Isabella Marks says:

    I absolutely adore Paul McCartney and this is one of the reasons! Good on you to both PETA and Sir Paul!

  • WEDEL ENTERTAINMENT, "Your Band Connection" says:


  • rojo says:

    Dr. do It’s all very well to say “tragically misinformed” but there weren’t the same options before computer modeling and tissue tests. How can you be sure that current drug developments or surgical treatments are safe beyond mere theory. Seems like common sense to try a drug on a mammal prior to a human even if the results are not definative.

  • Michele says:

    Thank you BullyDawg you are asking some good questions and that is very refreshing after reading the various postings from people who automatically disagree with anything said by PETA just because the information is being presented by PETA. It’s true that there are still laws in place I know for sure they exist in the US and Canada not so sure about other countries though that require animal testing even though there have been so many examples that show how ineffective and even dangerous this “proof” can be I also don’t have time to go into it all but Vioxx is one recent example. And there are so many nonanimal methods of testing now so companies are just wasting billions of dollars taxpayers $ and from people who make donations for research on pretty much useless results. not to mention the billions of animals who have to suffer in the name of research it is just utterly shameful that supposedly intelligent beings can cause such horrific cruelty I once wrote a letter to ColgatePalmolive about animal testing and their form letter mentioned how in addition to the required testing they do extra testing so that they can give their customers confidence in knowing they are getting a safe product. Give me a break! It’s all about covering their asses at that point so even if a product turns out to cause adverse reactions they can say “well we even went beyond what the law requires for testing so we’re really really sorry that we hurt you but you can’t sue us because look how conscientious we were!!” FUCK THAT!

  • coffeemaster says:

    Thankyou and God bless you sir Paul…. and steve go away

  • JC says:

    Now I heard they delayed giving penicillin to humans because it killed the guinea pigs that the researchers were using for tests. Please correct me if I’m wrong but animals and humans were not built the same. You cannot give dogs chocolate because it could kill them yet we humans eat it with no problems. Also we know cigarettes are bad for you but why are we still forcing animalsbeagles to inhale this smoke. The world needs to change before humans destroy it. I love you Sir Paul please keep speaking out for the animals.

  • BullyDawg says:

    BTW I did the training so that I could do survey researchyes even to “just ask questions” you have to be IRBcertified! No worries you won’t see me testing on animals ever!

  • Dr. Do-a-lot says:

    BullyDawg It basically all started after the thalidomide tragedy “Spurred by demonstration of teratogenic effects of thalidomide in humans the HarrisKefauver Amendment to the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act was introduced in 1962. The act mandated preclinical animal trials before the testing of drugs in humans and the demonstration of drug efficacy for a specific use before market release” with the mistaken belief that testing drugs on animals would ensure no subsequent harmful sideeffects in humans. “Animal testing became legally enshrined in response to the thalidomide tragedy. The UK Medicines Act 1968 followed the US KefauverHarris Act which was implemented in 1962 in the midst of the thalidomide furor to ensure that the FDA received proof of safety and efficacy for all new drugs. The intention was good but the reliance placed on animal tests to ensure safety was tragically illinformed.”

  • BullyDawg says:

    Question…I recently went through IRB training Institutional Review Board to be certified to work with human subjects. During the training video it was mentioned that scientists are REQUIRED to test on animals before testing on humans. If this is true then we need to start change at the VERY TOP with the FDA! Could someone clarify this point for me?

  • Mike says:

    No Steve you wrote “…all of peta’s propaganda and repeat it like parrots…. and it is too bad that sir i have no mind of my own paul would listen to peta over the medical experts…”. All I’m asking for is a specific quote directly from a PETA website that you can disprove with substantiating references. You’re accusing PETA of disseminating misinformation. Fine give me a for instance. And your provivisection examples you’ve already mentioned before in other posts. Is that all animal research has been able to come up with spending billions of dollars and years of research? I do intend to verify your claims but I don’t have time today. And if you can’t name and post a single good thing that PETA has done then you are a PETAbashing extremist and I seriously question your motivation for posting here. While posters here may disagree amongst themselves or with PETA’s stance most are working toward a better life for animals. What’s your motivation for being here?

  • Alexandra says:

    I’ve never been a big Beatles fan but I have recently become a huge fan of Mr. McCartney’s compassionate principles. Not only is he a lengendary music talent but unlike some others his heart shines like gold.

  • steve says:

    ok mike….. developments that led to Nobel Prizes involved animal research including the development of penicillin mice organ transplant dogs and work on polio to a vaccine mice monkeys…. insullin and the heart lung machine that saved my nephews life…. that just names a few advances that the animal extremist world loves to ignore and i suppose your comment was detailed and not vague…..

  • Mike says:

    Okay Steve please disprove just a single item of PETA’s “propaganda”. Instead of speaking in vague dismissive generalities come up with a specific refutation referenced of course.

  • Amanda says:

    This is a great move by a Great person Sir Paul McCartney! It is one thing to support the idea of cancer research but many dont know that nearly all drug research uses animal models and cancer research orgs are heavily invested in that. I admit there have been some advances in cancer treatment not really proportional to the billions spent on research though but think about it is it really meaningful to sacrifice animals even if animals were a good human research model? What makes us more entitled to life?

  • Nancy says:

    I’m no medical expert neither are most doctors but no amount of scientific evidence will convince me that humans have the right to use abuse torture and kill other sentient beings for our own dubious benefit. How is it that we are somehow more worthy of comfort contentment and life than other creatures? Is it because of our capacity for language? Other animals have that ability too. Is it our intelligence and ability to reason? If that were the case the labs would be full of involuntary human subjects. The only quality I can see that humans have over animals is our capacity for mercy and compassion. If only we would exercise it more often. Kudos to Sir Paul McCartney and all who stand up against the status quo… THAT is the way to progress.

  • Michele says:

    Steve you have really got to get a hobby besides trying to debate with animal rights activists on their own site it’s getting pretty old! And we have yet to see you come up with an original thought… PETA does not come up with their information out of thin air they actually do base their statements on real research from scientists they even have their own medical experts on staff. PETA is the largest animal rights organization for a reason and they have helped save the lives of billions of animals with their education and other programs. So why don’t you just FUCK OFF!

  • steve says:

    i still wonder how all of you petaphiles are such experts on science and biolgy… or is is the fact that you read all of peta’s propaganda and repeat it like parrots…. and it is too bad that sir i have no mind of my own paul would listen to peta over the medical experts… that is truly a scary thought!!!!!

  • Mike says:

    Biomedical research will progress a lot faster once we leave the incompatible and misleading animal model behind. Humans themselves vary widely genetically so why are we wasting our time and dollars on other species? Anyway many thanks to Paul for using his celebrity to make the world a better placeand he’s a pretty good musician too Besides other great antivivisection websites are and speaking of Brits is a great site.

  • James says:

    I don’t agree at all. And no I don’t think cows are cool. They are rather ugly and their only value is as meat and leather.

  • Vitalis says:

    I’m posting here on Sir Paul’s site because he deserves my whole attention! I prefer to spend some more time with him rather than on the Vick blog because in the world we got millions of Vicks but just one Sir Paul! With his great spirit and compassion he is UNIQUE!

  • Patsi says:

    We can always count on Sir Paul to lead the way with his compassionate actions. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if everyone behaved as he does?

  • emma says:

    him and Stella are angels. i love you both 3

  • robert says:

    Paul THANK YOU.

  • Maureen says:

    In this day and age Sr Paul is surely one of the best friends that animals on this planet have. I cannot think of any other high profile person alive who has done so much for them. Actually makes me proud of being a Brit.

  • Jaclyn says:

    I am very impressed with Sir Paul. He has such compassion for animals!!! Thanks Sir Paul!

  • kaori yamanaka says:

    this i call real courage surely he shall again be insulted and reproached by the pharma industry and other animal experiment organizations who always try to intimidate and ridicularize the famous animal rights activists but as far as i know not one of them was afraid but they make it like sir paul their message is loud and clear stop abusing animals!!!

  • animalfriend says:

    Sir Paul has a big life experience and he travelled also to India so he actually is the personification of ‘AHIMSA’ non violence. I got three big teachers in my life Gandhi Albert Schweitzer the Dschungle Doctor from Lambarene who never refused to give also animals his medical assistance exactly in the same way as for humans and the third example Sir Paul McCartney! These three personalities truly bring the sunshine into my life!

  • Sacred Cause says:

    Sir Paul McCartney is a great Gentleman! Since years I’m his fan because he does everything with his heart! I’m so proud and happy to read these lines with his personal statement! I love you Sir Paul and your lovely daughter Stella! You are a tree who brought us really a top fruit! Thank you for everything and GOD’s blessings!!!

  • kelly says:

    And how right he is! The universitycompany research status quo is an outdated dinosaur filled with lazy minds that keep doddering along in the same rut making the same mistakes. Not to mention there are too many greedy researchers performing useless repetitive experiments that prove NOTHING and help NO ONE except themselves and their bank accounts! We have drugs released that “passed” animal experimentation but now are killing or harming people. When will these idiots expand their horizons and actually move society forward?