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The Sims 3: Most Animal-Friendly Game of 2009

Written by PETA | December 30, 2009

The holidays are almost over, and after days of small talk with friends and family, there’s nothing I want more than to go bleary-eyed from playing video games. With the announcement that The Sims 3 has just won PETA’s Proggy Award for Most Animal-Friendly Game of 2009, it’s obvious which digital world I’ll be inhabiting well into the new year.


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Sim 3


In the latest version of the biggest-selling gaming franchise ever, Electronic Arts allows players to choose a vegetarian lifestyle. According to game testers, vegetarian Sims, like their real-life counterparts, live longer, age more slowly, and feast on cruelty-free delights—from tofu dogs to ratatouille. And, like all great art, The Sims 3 imitates life—if your Sim eats meat, it will get sick.

EA’s compassionate update to its perennial favorite shows commitment not only to animals but also to the game’s players. In Sims 2, players who wanted vegetarian Sims had to manually create mods to meet their cruelty-free standards. Now, digital life—featuring an official vegetarian lifestyle—is a lot easier.

Last year, the Proggy went to Fable 2—the epic journey in which fruits and vegetables give you purity points and meat gives you corruption points. My holiday gift to myself? Purity points and digital tofu dogs galore. I’m about to hole up in room with these totally guilt-free pleasures for a very long time—no more actual socializing until 2010!

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Justin says:

    lol cool I have this game and I made my Sim family vegetarians.

  • Ben says:

    Sims can’t age slower. They all age equally. Though I do like having the vegitarian option it makes Sunset Valley more realistic.

  • Victoria says:

    This is such a great concept…I remember playing SIMS when I was younger and I wish this version had been created sooner!

  • Rad_Rosa89 says:

    Ah I love The Sims! And to her that they allow you to live a vegetarian life style is amazing!! I wish I had this game!

  • Kylie says:

    Lol! I got this game for my birthday in July I was so excited when I saw the vegetarian option! And it’s a really fun game.

  • Amber <3 says:

    OMG my cousin has trhis game and a ton of kids my age ove this game which is a good way to spread the choose of a vegitarion life

  • Shelly says:

    Nice! I received this game as a xmas present and was soso excited now I’m super excited! I can’t wait to create my SIMS veg family. That’s a bowl full of awesome.