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Simon Says . . .

Written by PETA | February 2, 2007

Unless you live under a rock and watch Antique Road Show on PBS every night, I’m sure you’ve been hearing an awful lot about Simon Cowell lately. American Idol‘s ratings are higher than ever, and we couldn’t be happier for Simon. So what if he is honest with the out-of-tune wannabe trying to sing “Beat It”? Stick to singing in the shower and open mic nights at your local strip mall coffeehouse, dude . . . I guess you can see where I fall on the whole “Is Simon too mean?” debate.

Anyway, all the hype about Idol and Simon reminded me of the great work he’s done with PETA, so I dug out a couple of the ads he’s shot for us in the past.

Simon Cowell.JPGSimon PSA.JPG

Keep telling it like it is Simon!

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  • laticia Gurion says:

    I live in Barbados and as an animal lover it pains me to see the cruelty which goes on here unchecked by any government agency. Thanks to the selfless volunteers of the Hope Dog Sanctuary although always short of manpower dogs now have a chance for a better life.

  • K says:

    Aw that is so cool! I haden’t seen that PSA. Simon plays a role on AI and he honestly isn’t as big and bad as some people think. I like Simon and like him even more that he is involved with PETA!

  • pcb says:

    I think is great to see Simon getting involved in animal rights. I think this is proof that despite what Simon portrays on XFactor and American Idol he is in fact a decent individual with a deep compassion for animals I like the idea that he’s trying to make a difference. Keep up the Good Work Simon PETA!!!

  • Cornelia Coulthrust says:

    Hi if you go on our website http://www.the you see Simon Cowell cutting the ribbon on our neutering bus. 60 of dogs in Barbados are permanetly tied and are often left whithout water. Please see animal emergenceis on our website. Thankfully the Neutering bus was donated but our Sanctuary is struggling badly. Laws for the protection of animals are not enforced. All 8 people involved in the sanctuary have fulltime jobs and we all spending our own resorces and time to do as much as possible. But it is frustrating not getting any back up. We receve a lot of complaints from tourists about animal cueltybut all we can do is advise animal owners and try to improve living conditions. Could you please highlight some of our cases on your website. Kind regards Cornelia Coulthrust