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Silk Nog!

Written by PETA | November 29, 2007
Silk Nog

Two weeks ago I e-mailed Jack and Amy, two of PETA’s bloggers saying, “If I wrote a blog I’d write about how excited I am about this time of the year because Silk Nog is in the grocery stores and I love it. If you feel the same way as me then maybe you could mention the awesomeness that is Silk Nog in your blog.” It turns out neither Jack nor Amy felt the same way as me…But the good news is that since Jack is busy getting naked for animals today I do have a blog for the day and I will share with the world my feelings about Silk Nog!Silk Nog makes the holiday meal. Silk Nog is better for you than dairy & egg-based nogs. Silk Nog tastes better than eggy non-soy nogs. Silk Nog doesn’t involve animal cruelty. And really, who wants to drink chicken periods? Silk Nog is a seasonal drink—so act quick before it’s off the shelf for another 10 months. You can usually find it—or another brand of soy nog—by the egg nogs in your grocery store.

Vegenaise: Like mayo, but good.

On the topic of vegan versions of foods that are much better tasting than the non-vegan version let’s chat about Vegenaise. I always hated mayonnaise. I thought it was goopy, yucky, rottenness. I couldn’t eat a meal that had a drop of mayo in it. I don’t know what possibly convinced me to get over my hatred of mayo to try Vegenaise, but fortunately I made the leap of faith one day. It turns out Vegenaise is far, far better tasting than mayo. It’s good enough to eat by the spoonful. It’s unfortunate that it’s marketed to vegans rather than just anyone who realizes how disgusting mayo is. Betternaise. Tastinaise. So to everyone who’s never been blessed with a mouth full of Vegenaise—do your taste buds a favor and try some today. What foods do you think the vegan version is better than the non-vegan version?- Joel Bartlett

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  • Elena says:

    The problem is that silk is owned by dean foods, one of the largest dairy manufacturers in the country. So support So delicious nogs or earth balance nogs instead!!

  • Kelly says:

    I can never find vegan mayo or soy egg nog in the boring city I live in sadly though. I do love So Good low fat Butterscotch Swirl Soy Ice Cream So Good chocolate soy beverage Yves jumbo Tofu dogs Toffutti cream cheese one of my cats loves to eat the plain kind.

  • Morgin says:


  • Debbiy Watson says:

    I’m not a vegetarian but I do like some of the products like morning star and silk soy milk. See I’m a diabetic and my doc wants me to try different products to help control my blood and weight. Plus I a have stomach problems that seem to be related to milk products. since going to slik soy milk my problems have have gooten much better. I have also gone to willow soy buttervery good. I know there are people that don’t eat animal products and for me thats there choice I will not cut them down but until you try the soy products you will never know for sure if you like them. For me I like not living with a puck pan and worring about losing my job because here I am again puckingand yes it happened at work too. Life is much better now so is my job.

  • Brandon says:

    thanks Michele My project is being presented tomorrow it looks amazing… and yea I like humus and peta bread haha and stuff like that but my mom will ONLY buy what SHE wants for the time being… thanks anyways and I will keep those suggestions in mind D

  • Tamara says:

    They have Silk pumpkin spice nog ??I have to try that!! I want to put in a plug for Silk Live! soy yogurt!! OMG it is SOOO good. I never was a yogurt eater because it always has a bitter aftertaste. Not Silk’s. This stuff is amazingly delicious! My fave flavors are Strawberry StrawberryBanana and Peach. They also have Raspberry Blueberry and Key Lime. My conventional grocery has a hard time keeping it on the shelves and they stock alot of it!

  • Caboose says:

    Quinoa haha

  • Jaclyn says:

    I finally got some Silk Nog and it is MM MMM GOOD! o

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Marysol Visit a bulk food storethey’ll have lots of veg items. You can buy lots of whole grains dirt cheap. Things like steelcut oat groats hard wheat berries hulled barley organic quinoa that one’s not so cheap brown rice spelt kasha etc. You can also buy dried beans kidney soy chickpea black and lentils or pick up canned beans at the grocery store. Eat tons of fruits and vegetables with special emphasis on things like kale collard greens romaine lettuce swiss chard cabbage and broccoli.

  • Jaclyn says:

    Yes Dylan we people are sickening. YUCK. I mean where do these people get these sick and twisted ideas like compassion?? I’m with you Dylan. Screw all these Peta people trying to make a better world with their talk of peace and kindness to all beings!! Forget ethics!!! Forget having a conscious!!! Forget being nice to all beings!!! They are such jerks! Digusting…

  • Michele says:

    Marysol it can be hard to find veggie foods in some parts of the U.S. and Canada but a really great online mailorder organization is Pangea. You can find them at I order from them all the time and they also have some great crueltyfree shampoos etc. Brandon that is fantastic to hear the project you are doing for school! Ingrid Newkirk and other PETA staffers have written some great books that you can find on their online catalogue and could perhaps find at your local public library and there are lots of fact sheets on PETA’s various websites. You can use any of their written materials to print or copy as they do not copywright anything seriously!. As for your food situation you could try some good recipes at that do not necessarily require special foods if you like lentils or chickpeas you andor your mother can make tons of great meals and it is WAY cheaper than meat maybe you can convince your mother with the financial aspect. Good luck with it all!

  • Ana says:

    marysol Start simply rice beans and vegetables with side dish of salad for dinner soy milk with cereal and juice and tea for breakfast avocado andor hummus with lettuce and tomato on a pitawhole wheat bread. I hope that helps a little.

  • jenna says:

    Dylan if you hate peta so much why do you even bother to come to the site and post offensive comments. Being vegan its a choice we want to make and I don’t appreciate you bring offensive to the people who make that choice. Mind your own business!!!

  • Chelsea says:

    Dylan Ha haYou must be joking. Was that sarcasm in your comment or just pure unnecessary malice? Okay it was malice. For what now? Because we are against violence? Oh the horrors of peace! Im feeling extra wicked tonight I think Ill go eat some soy ice cream.

  • Jennifer says:

    Not sure where you live in Las Vegas to Marysol but any of the Super Walmart’s I have had to visit do have Morningstar Farms items as well as Boca brand food products. The Tofutti Sour Supreme might be a challenge to find there but making a request to a manager will help them to carry it. Hope this helps. For my picks VitaSoy and Silk soy nogs are awesome and preferable to the dairy based versions. Especially the new Pumpkin Spice flavor from Silk!

  • Brandon says:

    Wow… I am not a vegan or either a vegitarian for that matter. I am just 18 and I have discussed with my mom becoming either a vegan or a vegitarian but she said she wouldn’t make me seperate meals or buy the food… However in the near future I will be in college and look forward to trying all of the foods that all of you recommended I hate normal mayo maybe vegenaise will be better! Also I just started visiting the PETA page because I am doing a project in my AP US GOvernment and Politics class on special interest groups and chose PETA… I am to make a video project on PETA with the goal of educating the public what PETA is all about and trying to recruit more supporters. If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them. Thank you all!

  • marysol says:

    I’m trying to be a vegetarian but its really hard to avoid animal products specially chicken!! I live in las Vegas and I don’t know of any grocery stores that sell the products you guys are talking about except for silk soy milk which is way better than cow milk!!! I tried the plain one light!! But I need some help! I don’t want to be a contributor to animal cruelty!

  • dylan says:

    wow i hate peta not only is it bad enough that they are constantly trying to ban hunting for the simple reason that they believe that it is unethical but now your trying to turn people away from products that are made by animals. you people sicken me

  • K says:

    I think ALL vegan foods are better than the nonvegan versions!

  • tatiana says:

    i’m actually juz stopping by to get some tips on starting a rather veggie life. I”m 23 now but i was raised vegitarian by my mother and father and i love all tha ideas and food products that everyone is throwing out there. Thanks for the info and also for the products info….one love!!!!

  • damon says:

    i tried faux egg nog and i’ll be honest it was pretty bad i didnt like it so i will stick with the real thing i’m not a vegan but my girl friend is so i compamise once in a while like with boca bugers pretty friggin good not as good as the real thing but pretrty damn close

  • Carla says:

    Chelsea “Great Post” Nov.29 951pm

  • Kelsey says:

    I and a few other people I’ve talked to never liked egg nog until trying Silk Nog including Lite Silk Nog which is definitely fabulous! Cheescakes SO MUCH BETTER when they are vegan! Silk Chocolate Soymilk is also better than any other chocolate milk that I’ve had! Tofutti’s French Vanilla “icecream” is the best flavor and texture icecream I’ve ever had it made me like vanilla. Lightlife’s ground “meat” taco seasoned is amazing and so are Morning Star’s Meal Starters in “chicken” and “steak”.

  • Jessica says:

    My mom got me like three faux eggnogs last year can’t remember the brand but it wasn’t Silk even though all I said was “yeah it’s alright.” I ended up giving a carton to a friend who LOVED it and drank the whole thing when she got home.

  • Chelsea says:

    The egg industry is cruel because the hens are treated horribly. They are debeaked so they dont peck each other in frustration crammed into a cage about the size of a standard sheet of paper unable to spread their wings are denied freedom sunlight and being able to perform natural behaviors such as scratching the earth for food taking dust baths and being part of a pecking order. Most eggs come from factory farms like this. Some people resort to freerange or cagefree eggs which sound a lot nicer for the animals but farmers often take advantage of ignorant consumers by finding loopholes in the system which allow them to mislabel products as being humane even though the living conditions of the animals werent greatly improved. Remember that many hens are in the egg industry and they dont produce eggs forever. The average hen on a farm lives two years before she stops laying as many eggs and is considered worthless to the egg industry which sends her to the slaughterhouse to be processed into pet food or cheap pies. This happens to both factory farmed and free range or cage free hens. There are no retirement homes for hens. Also you must think about what happens to all the male chicks. Alive they are tossed into a grinder or are suffocated in plastic bags because they dont make for good business in an industry that demands the production of eggs. The most effective way you can stop this cruelty is to not support it and become vegan. If you still cannot seem to leave eggs out of your diet you could adopt some rescued hens to live in your backyard first ask your local animal control or city ordinance if it is allowed and you could collect their eggs. This way youll know where your eggs are coming from and youll be giving a home to some animals who would otherwise be sent to slaughter. Just remember that since they are spent hens they wont lay too many eggs and if they come from a factory farm they might have some health issues. Below is some information on the egg industry httpwww.farmsanctuary.orgcampaignbatterycampaign.htm httpwww.goveg.comfactoryFarmingchickensegg.asp

  • Joan says:

    Health is Wealth brand make the most incredible VEGAN “chik’n” patties. I defy anyone to be able to tell they don’t taste just like chicken.

  • Courtney says:

    ANONYMOUS You should be able to find these things in like Zehrs or Sobeys If I can find em in Sarnia 2 hours away then you’ll definately be able to fine them in Hamilton! Look in health food stores as well they’ll for sure have em. Happy eating!

  • Susannah S says:

    Michele Also try the Tofutti cream cheese recipe for pumpkin “cheesecake”. I made it for Thanksgiving and everyone LOVED it! You can get the recipe from And Vegenaise! YUM! It’s better than Hellman’s! I like Earth Balance too better than butter. So now I’ll run out and get Silk Nog. I drink unsweetened plain Silk all the time and it’s great.

  • rojo says:

    joel you’re not a advertising guru in your other life are you? just thought I’d throw this review in. httpwww.slate.comid2111338

  • Anonymous says:

    how are chicken eggs creul… i mean essentially they are chicken periods but they are unfertilized eggs that will essentially rot if not used anyway.. ps. chicken periods taste good.

  • Michael J Caboose (I babies) says:

    Soy milk in my opinion isnt very good compared to real milk. in taste

  • Jaclyn says:

    OOOH!!! I LOVE veganaise the one with the purple label. I’m from New Orleans and I have trouble getting New Orleanians to understand that there is something better than Blue Plate mayo. Once they taste veganaise again the one with the purple label people agree that it is a darn good mayo. I never have tried silk nog but given the excitement I’m in! Bullydog I agree with you on the veggie corn dogs that they TASTE good not that they smell like LSU fans!!! If I ever said that I would be disowned from my family! I saw a recipe in People magazine for a vegan “egg” nog wait I think it is vegan the only questionable ingredient was a pack of vanilla pudding mix. Is that vegan???.

  • Carla says:

    After work I’m going to get myself some silk nog can’t wait!! “VEGENAISE” yippy! Growing up as a child I had mayo on just about everything from sandwiches to french fries untill I realized what I was eating would eventually clog my artries and I would die lol! So to relive my childhood desire for mayo but without all the extra fat is wonderful news can’t wait to go for that either!

  • Karen says:

    Earth Balance butter tastes better than butter too! Cookies Bears makes awesome chocolate chip!! Smart Bacon and vegan cheese all taste better than the original. I agree completely with vegenaise! I hated all mayo until I tried that!!! Oh! Soy yogurt! I like silk the best but my girl likes o soy better AND if you like silk nog try making your own almond milk. Its super easy and you can get the great “nog” taste with spices

  • Anonymous says:

    Buddy your hilarious ! LOL I Will keep my eyes open for both of these products but considering the LAME city I live inHamilton Ontario it probably isnt evolved enough to have it. We will see !

  • Michele says:

    “Sour Supreme” instead of sour cream… “Better Than Cream Cheese” it comes in plain garlicherb and garlicchives. I make a wicked “cheese” cake with the plain version and no one can believe it’s vegan. Both are Tofutti brand. Also “So Good” brand ice “cream” cones quite fattening but good to indulge once in awhile.

  • BullyDawg says:

    I love vegan corndogs…even though they smell like LSU fans… Oh sorry I got my blogs mixed up! I actually also prefer Morningstar Chik’n Nuggets to real chicken. I remember my grandmother would make me chicken nuggets when I was a kid of course I wasn’t a vegetarian then. They taste just like them! Crueltyfree AND flashbacks to my childhood? Who could ask for more?