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Side-Dish-Only Holidays Are So Last Year …

Written by PETA | March 11, 2008

Photo from Ms. Amy Cook of the VegCooking Blog

Hey again everybody! Now that I’m writing the blog while Jack’s in Texas, I thought about the fact that I can post almost anything… hey, if Joel can write about Smiles, then I can certainly write about yo’ mamma! Well, not your mamma necessarily, but I do want to share a couple little secrets from my mamma!

My mom is a Cajun woman straight from the dirty south. She’s loud and proud and makes food so spicy it’d make you slap your grandma. When I was 13-years-old I announced to my parents that I had made the life decision to never eat meat again (ya know, the whole decomposing animal flesh just didn’t appeal to me). My parents were both very supportive, but one question remained… what on Earth would I eat?? We were so used to the heavily meat-based world of Cajun delicacies that it was tough at first.

However, being the wonderful mother that she is, my mom and I started inventing vegan versions of the most delicious soul food that I’d been used to for so long. One of the recipes even made it to (check out my mom’s vegan gumbo recipe by clicking here). Dirty rice, gumbo, jambalaya, cornbread dressing, every traditional Cajun dish eventually gained a vegan version. I was thrilled! No more side-dish-only-Thanksgivings for me!

When I moved to Norfolk to start my job at PETA, I discovered another world of delicious vegan substitutes for other traditional dishes (which you can read about here). My point is, vegetarians and vegans are hot and we deserve the best. I urge you to remember one of your favorite meals from before you took the pledge to be veg and recreate it vegan-style because I guarantee that not only will it be delicious, but it’ll be way better for you this time around (not to mention there’ll be no animals harmed in the process).

From one fried food lover to another,Christine <3

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  • josh says:

    hey gen just support ur arguement with a few facts. dont give up they will relent soon! good luck non veggy josh. P.S. plz dont kill me for being non vegetarian. i beg u plz dont kil…..

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Christine You’ve got great parents. Your mom’s recipe sounds amazing. I agree with Darylyou and Amy are much better looking than Jack! lol

  • caitlin says:

    HEY GEN! U there?i know that peta will have tons of facts and help but i just wanted to let you know another way. when i was eleven my parents refused to let me be veg. what i did was shove the meat in my napkin while pushing some other food in my mouth to make it look like i was eating the meat. u have to do that part fast though. another thing i did was put the meat in my mouth and then wipe my mouth with a napkin and secretly spitting the meat in my napkin. after a little less than a year they let me be veg. i also said things like “oh i dont really like chickenor any other meat” or “i’m not really hungry”. i am know almost thirteen and definetley a veg. i know you wouldnt be getting that much protein but you have to lots of grainsand if your not vegancheese. i know you have to eat tofu and peta will completely fill you in on everything but thats just what i know in case you needed to use any of my methods. keep us posted gen! oh yeah i know everybody is giving you facts on being veg but just in case your mom doesnt think it is healthy tell her that a lot of vegetarians are vegs because of health reasons. p.s. my parents said the same sort of things. i just wanted to let you know that they were not push overs and you would think that your parents are a lot harder or anything. good luck!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Peta Lover[not real name] says:

    dear gen if you wants some help 2 go veg show her mean yo meat also tell her 2 respect your views i went veggie wen i was 10 and im 6 ft and i’am girl!

  • Jaclyn says:

    Hi Gen load up on as much information as possible regarding the health benefits of being a vegetarian especially since she seems concerned about issues as your growth. Appeal to your mom in that sense. Often times not everyone is open minded about animal cruelty and find those issues to be silly or not important at all. However when you start talking about health issues no one can tell you that you’re being silly because you’re concerned for your well being. has tons of information. Keep us posted and good luck!

  • Daryl says:

    Just wanted to say Christine you are hot!! Thanks Jack for posting the pic a couple of blogs back You see veggie girls are the best us veggie guys are a lucky bunch!

  • kelly says:

    Christine your mom should publish a cookbook!! Or do a Food Channel show!! Gen go to and click on “Boards” at the top. Sign up and post your question there. There are many people your age dealing with the same issues.

  • Christine says:

    Hi Gen! You should send an email to as they are trained to help teens with these issues. They’ll have tons of suggestions for you! Take care and thanks for your compassion for animals I know you can do it!

  • Gen says:

    Help! I’m 14 and for weeks I’ve considered going vegetarian but when I told my mom she refused to let me! She says it will stunt my growth and isn’t healthy and I’ll get over it! I am detirmined to be veg but my mom continuously orders me meatbased food! I try to do this behind her back but its hard! Help!