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Showing Skin in Spain

Written by PETA | December 7, 2010

As the song goes, I’ve never been to Spain (but I’ve been to Oklahoma). They say the ladies are insane there, but folks visiting Madrid’s Plaza Mayor on Monday’s Constitution Day holiday were still surprised—and delighted—to encounter two PETA lovelies wearing little more than body paint on the latest stop of the now-international “Animal Prints, Not Animal Skins” tour. They were eventually joined by “Charlie Chaplin” and a group of superheroes chanting, “No pieles animales!” (“No animal skins!”).

But the real superheroes are the folks who opt out of cruelty by refusing to buy clothing and accessories made from the skins and fur of animals. As one woman in the crowd remarked, pointing toward the demonstrators’ signs, it was “muy, muy bueno!”



Written by Jeff Mackey

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