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Showdown at Denny’s HQ

Written by PETA | November 16, 2007

Since Denny’s refuses to listen to us about their continued promotions of the Ringling Bros. Circus, we figured we’d take our message straight to their headquarters. Check out the pics from Wednesday’s demonstration outside Denny’s HQ in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Thanks to everyone who came out to the protest—and especially to my friend Jenna, who played the part of the baby elephant’s backside to perfection.

Nice work, everybody.



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  • Caboose (Combine Slayer) says:

    Yeah the red or green hammer and sickle shaped snowball.

  • Joseph Cruz says:

    Hey guys and gals great work. Just know that by protesting Dennys you are inspiring other to so the same like myself. Its great to see that we as caring loving human beings are not going to sit back and allow this to go on. Just remember change happens gradually on the other hand the snow ball has started to roll down the hill.

  • Joe says:

    What is wrong with you people? Can you not accept that you are standing for a hypocritical society. Millions of years of evolution and this is what you present the world with? Can you not understand that with out humans eating meat there would be no humanity? I can see treating them nice but for an atheists sake don’t pamper your chickens before you put them in the fryer. You bomb buildings and half of you don’t even believe its true. Don’t condone violence. Support peace. Protest what matters…like war.

  • Ariel says:

    Tina Brown I’m not familiar with that book so I can’t address it other than to say that animals ARE treated atrociously from their births to their horrible unmerciful deaths. It all defies imagination and is unconscienable to say the least. Tina seriously you really should research the FACTS about circuses as to how they TRULY treat animals. Briefly freeroaming wild animals are taken out of their natural habitats caged and live miserable lives traveling for hours in hot uncomfortable train cars whipped and prodded into submission to do silly unnatural tricks just for the purpose of the almighty dollar by “entertaining” crowds for a few hours here and there. Basically they suffer GREATLY despite what you or anyone else would like to think. RBBBB circus has more lawsuits against them than they can count for animal abuse. They have lost a LOT of lawsuits due to courtapproved undercover videos and former employees’ eyewitness sworn testimonies about the animal being treated with cruelty.bleeding and torn flesh. Some go mad try to escape and are shot RBBBB has been banned from an increasing number of towns. And when the animals are no longer $$$functional$$$ for them they abandom them at nonprofit sanctuaries without putting a dime towards the animals’ care. This is consistent with ALL animalinclusive circuses. This is an ANIMAL RLIGHTS’ blog site and all life is interrelated however we are not going to change our “image” to please people who choose not to be educated about animal rights. They see us as “extreme” because they would rather put a label on us for what they choose not to learn admit to accept FACTS and change their outmoded way of thinking. It is so much easier for them to avoid the TRUTH. But again there is no pleasing everybody and we have very very deep passionate irreversible convictions especially obtained through educating ourselves about ar’s documented UNbiased indisputable FACTS. Therefore we are not about to be hypocritical just to appease some people. I HONESTLY apologize if my comments seem firm or whatever but animal rights is a VERY serious issue since it involves animals sentinent beings that are captured enslaved tortured abused killed slaughtered and experimented on unmercifully and totally for no other purposes than mankind’s greed vanity unconscienable evil acts and refusal to change from barbaric times. This is a movement that is getting stronger and stronger as time goes on through education. Speaking for the animals THANK YOU Tina for your support!

  • Chad Fullmer says:

    I think you all need to get a life its a damn circus as american as apple pie as long as we’re nice to the apples right? Come on stick to something constructive like trying to get a job.

  • Caboose (Combine Slayer) says:

    Anonymous It no job you dont get paid idiot. I woulnt miss you.

  • Ariel says:

    Hi Gabby! You are way ahead of your age with your insights and deep convictions and I tremendously admire you for that! I read once “A cause is not worth having if one is not willing to die for it.” and I believe that In this case animal liberation the STRONG belief in JUSTICE for sentinent beings to be free from mankind’s enslavement tortures and killed. This speaks volumes which is known from historic causes whereby brave and courageous advocates willingly put themselves in the public in harm’s way while knowing the price they might have to pay for their deep convictions. And indeed they remained steadfast in their beliefs and cause despite being persecuted imprisoned mistreated andor killed. That definitely proves that they were not hypocrits their causes were worthy and true and their causes truly did bring about positive changes for society. Thank you Gabby for your inspiring input!

  • Tina Brown says:

    This is my first time to look at the PETA website and to send in a comment. I recently read the chapter in the book “Skinny Bitch” called “You are What you Eat” and read horrifying stories of the inhuman and sickening ways in which farm animals are slaughtered. I don’t know if the author had her information correct or not. It was absolutely shocking and I am not unable to eat meat. I would be curious to know if PETA is familiar with the book and the information contained within. If it is true everyone in America should be told. I do enjoy the circus and have seen videos put out by Ringling Brothers showing how they take good care of the animals and how they are into animal conservation. I support PETA but I think that many see you as an extreme organization. I wish you could somehow change your image so that more people would jump on the bandwagon. All the Best Tina Brown

  • Anonymous says:

    You guys have the best job in the world. I personally wouldn’t consider it a job more like a hobby to help animals in needand I’m only 14. And I’m a vegetarian too! I love animals and I’d dedicate my life to them. That’s why I’m planning to be a veternarian when I grow up. By the way You guys rock this planet! Speaking for the one who cant even talk. I love animals and I’d die for them if I had to. You guys are my biggest fan in the world. Gabby

  • Anonymous says:

    its really cool of you guys to stand up 4 the poor elephants being abused!!!!!!!!! GOOD JOB!!!!!!

  • Caboose (Combine Slayer) says:

    why couldnt u just walk to the ceo’s office and talk to him? bring chaff ‘nades to disable security

  • Maya, Master's candidate, wildlife biology says:

    Denny’s is gross I went a few times in my college years and the place smelled like a sewer. Most of these fast food joints are gross with very questionable hygene. You’d really think that in the year 2007 people would realize how terrible circuses are except Cirque de Soleil not to mention petting zoos and fairs. I was at a fair recently and I was shocked to see they had a travelling shark tank so some guy could show off how he “bravely” swims with this poor shark in this really lously tank. It’s really sad when you see local fairs displaying this kind of crap. I go to my local farm stands and fairs because they ARE supposed to be better for the environment and have fair treatment of animals. At least if it’s local I can talk directly to the person running it and tell them to knock it off.

  • kelly says:

    Oh yeah smart Denny’s. You’re racist AND you support animal abuse. Does Denny’s have the dumbest executives or what?

  • Cheryl says:

    GOOD JOB!!!!!!

  • Isabella, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Thank you you wonderful and beautiful people.

  • Carla says:

    I love these demo’s you guys go straight to the horses mouth no pun intended! It’s bad publicity for Denny’s maybe now they might reconsider. Once Peta starts they’re like the energizer bunny!

  • Michele Armour says:

    BRAVO! I detest circuses and would like to convince AAA the Motor Club to stop promoting Ringling as well. Keep up the good work on behalf of the animals.

  • margie varesko says:

    Thank Goodness that there is someone out there to finaly speak up on the cruelty of theses aniamals. Not only for them there needs to be an investagation on all the cruelty of slaughter house aniamals that I have been hearing about. I have almost quit eating meat and chicken due to this. I refuse to eat Veal and haven’t for years.