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The Shoe’s on the Wrong Foot, Nike!

Written by PETA | October 5, 2009
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While Nike the shoe company is named after Nike the Greek goddess of victory, unfortunately, in dogfighting, there are only losers: Even the victors end up in the grinder at the end of the day. Nike seems to have forgotten that little fact, as the company is reportedly now supplying Michael Vick with “product,” although it says it has not signed a promotional contract with the disgraced former dogfighter and current NFL QB.

This begs the question posed in a letter sent by PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk to Nike President and CEO Mark Parker: Why is Nike giving free swag to a guy who admitted laughing when he tossed “family pets” into the ring and watched them get ripped to shreds by trained fighting dogs? Is this a guy you want parading around Philly displaying the Nike swoosh? Unless Nike aspires to corner the bottom-feeding dogfighting market, this plan seems designed to have the company’s competitors cheering.

We hope you’ll contact Nike, too, and let the company know that if it aspires to alienate anybody and everybody who’s ever loved a dog—and to encourage them to change their brand away from Nike—it is sure to be, er, Vick-torious.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Jimmy says:

    HA. you kidding me with this? this is pointless. nike could sign the unibomber and people will still buy their products. you really want to make a difference talk to your local congressman. talk to your local mayor and state governors. Stop being reactionary and become proactive.

  • Florencia says:

    I do not care if people think he paid his dues. It takes an extremely cold “person” to do such a crimes. Not only for any Human with a heart this is painful but also it affects me as a woman. The guy had rape stands for the female dogs for god sakes among other torture devices. The fact that the Eagles and Nike are endorsing him it is the utmost form of disrespect for the female community is like they are saying rape in some cases it is O.K. I refuse to have anything to do with Nike. It makes me sick to my stomach… Of course Nike will not be affected by my sole choice but if enough people pick the right path we can make a difference. I will do anything in my humble power to spread the word about this issue and boycott any Nike products. Believing in Karma is what helps me cope with this world of cold blooded inhumane money hungry companies and heartless beings.

  • Tammy says:

    I will not be tuning in…

  • Payton says:

    You are referring to the BET reality show I presume? And you are suggesting that the group of people to whom that show would be of great interest would boycott it? This being the same group that clammored for his release no actually greatly supported him and expressed he not even serve time? This group of people that forgave now there’s a word that’s in the dictionary that most people don’t know and understand the true meaning but are quick to use it in theory aka verbally on paper though never in truth aka it’s what one DOES truly feels in the heart not what one says him before he even entered a courtroom? Yeah maybe they will after supporting him every step of the way suddenly have a change of heart and boycott his show!

  • June says:

    What Vick did was incredibly cruel and I don’t personally think he received the punishment he deserved. And yes whether it makes a “difference” or not I am boycotting all companies that support the Eagles and NFL. It’s a matter of principle with me. I wrote NIKE right after the news came out. I now read that Vick is to be in a new reality show. I encourage everyone to boycott that as well perhaps it won’t be on long. While everyone does indeed make mistakes and so deserve a second chance Vick doesn’t deserve to make millions of dollars. Sometimes I think we are too fast to forgive the wrong things.

  • Payton says:

    Who are you to judge whether or when a person had paid hisher dues? Have you paid yours? Every person breaks a “law” of some sort be it legal moral or spiritual. NO ONE is exempt grow up about the caps I am purposely emphasizing my point. How limiting and self serving it is to only see the wrong in the one area you have chosen on which to focus. Michael Vick went to prison. His life now goes on. Nike the Eagles BET caps again and whatever other companyorganization that wants to support him have that right. Not going to the games will stop the team from playing and Nike? Believe me that company will be fine. Probably even have an increase in sales especially since no other recreational shoe looks nor wears as well. They won’t know you left them.

  • Jade says:

    I agree with Mel and Anthony the person’s paid his dues at least legally. Sucks sure that the penalties are minor right now however that doesn’t mean that they won’t change. Now moral dues? we have to wait and see. I’m someone who’d say that he does it again into jail and throw away the key. What I don’t get is that Nike like other shoes are given to these players to wear just for games. Well unless there’s a new rule saying you have to run in bare feet. Question is are you going to boycott everything that sponsors the NFL because Vick’s still playing? You’d have to do that because he still plays in stadiums sponsored by businesses and wears several brands of clothes with his uniform because that’s standard issue clothing. You’d have to pretty much go generic to really have an impact on Vick being there because too many brand names are worn by these players no matter who they are and even without sponsorship on a daily basis.

  • shanda says:

    This was enough for me to boycott Nike. I got rid of my tennis shoes as soon as I heard and will not buy Nike again…ever.

  • mel says:

    Carla he did pay his dues because he served the jail time that he was given and paid the fines. I know that dues means different things to different people which is clearly showing here but by law he’s done that and has moved on. Yes I hate what he did too which is why I don’t get why people like to call me names here but you can’t say LEGALLY that he didn’t pay his dues. Morally sure you can but until the laws change to become stricter there’s not much anyone can do. This is why I’m bugged I could care less what you guys think about him from a moral standpoint I too find it disgusting. However legally there’s nothing we can do until the laws themselves change to make things stricter. Heck even in my state where there was a case worse than Vick’s and yes I actually went to this one and had trouble stomaching it the guy got the maximum penalty 1 year in jail and a $1000 fine. I DON’T support the fellow not one damn bit but as I have said I would rather let people succeed or fail on their own right after this be it him or say a PETA member being arrested for taking a stand on something. Moderator I know there are people here who do not like my postings but please at least post this.

  • Shari says:

    Rev. Meg Schramm I LOVE your idea! We must do this! Not to mention the Federal Charges on him and he didn’t even serve his full prison sentence and that was after the plead bargain and getting a easy jail sentence and have on their the following “VICKjust do it… the rest of your jail time!”

  • anthony says:

    Fans of PETA please get the picture.carla mel is right he paid his dues and did his punishment a prison is supposed to be like rehab it punishes you and helps you get over your wrongdoings he has done that. In our society just because a man is a felon doesn not mean he is a bad person it means he did something bad. Please understand that would he did was wrong but he did his punishment and should be left alone. I support michael vicks new life and NIKE for taking a bold chance. People try and understand.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I have the inspiration for a PETA parody ad such as the classic “What Becomes A Loser Most?” antifur campaign! Publish a full page full color picture of one of Michael Vicks’ injured dogs with the heading “JUST DO IT!” and this for the copy “Nike is supporting convicted dogfighter Michael Vick by supplying him with free shoes and equipment. Let Nike know you disagree with this practice by boycotting all Nike products. For more information contact”

  • carla says:

    Mel. Vick did not pay his dues.. he is still a felon and a sick individual and he is not sorry for what he did. Get off this board and onto another board.. Jerk.

  • Courtney says:

    Is this really such a shock? This is a major company whose bulk product is made from sweat shops in the most poorest of countries. If they don’t care them they’re sure as hell not concerned about the welfare of animals. All they see is dollar signs…makes me want to puke.

  • kattiep says:

    I was so utterly disappointed to hear that NIKE was even considering sponsoring Michael Vick. I just wrote them a letter so hopefully they get the message.

  • Aneliese says:

    Wow Nike. You should put him in a nice pair of shoes and make him encouage everyone to “Just do it”.

  • Bluebell says:

    What next? A child abuser perhaps or maybe a mass murderer to promote their brand. I’m not sure which is more worrying the fact that such a massive company couldn’t care less or that some twisted individuals may actually be encouraged to buy their products thanks to Vick’s endorsement.

  • Tracey says:

    This is horrible..Nike should be so ashamed!

  • david says:

    Pls MKF no allcaps. It’s despicable and degrades the integrity of the posting.

  • mel says:

    You are saying he’s being supplied with NIKE products… … Well duh the group helps sponsor many players and you have to use shoes and such to play football. You would and probably are going to protest any company that Vick is wearing even if he’s not being sponsored by them in order to protest something he paid his dues for.

  • MKF says:


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