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Are Your Shoes Leather?

Written by PETA | December 18, 2007

For anyone who’s done animal rights protests before, you’ll know that—no matter what the issue—the first thing anyone ever asks you is whether your shoes are leather (seriously, the question is almost a reflex for some people—I’ve heard of people being asked that at naked demonstrations). So it’s always a bonus when the demonstration is focused on the treatment of cows in the leather industry—at least then, you can stay on topic.

And this particular topic is an exceptionally gruesome one in India (which, along with China, provides most of the world’s leather), as today’s protest in Bangalore showed to dramatic effect. The powerful demonstration was staged by a pair of PETA India members (in what appear to be canvas shoes, in case anyone’s wondering) and was covered widely in the Indian media. Great work, guys.



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  • Spinoza says:

    All you misguided people here human beings are hunter gatherers we have not evolved to be vegetarians. This is fact. Leather is the by product of the meat industry and no one kills a cow for its leather.

  • Tracy Martin says:

    Nature makes a perfect balance with population controls. It’s humans that screwed up the whole system. Leave animals alone and let humans eat what they are designed to eat plant food not animals! We do need a huge reduction in the humane population to get everything back into balance…but that is a simple solution too just don’t have kids! I don’t and I won’t and I have been vegan for 2 years now.

  • Tracy Martin says:

    There is no humane leather. Animals are being treated as products and that is wrong. They are living beings have have lives of their own…it is NOT our right as a species to enslave all the animals. Go vegan it’s the only way to save the world! Don’t believe me? Just do some research it’s true!

  • Caboose says:

    Ian No thats not a good option at all. Strict birth control is better in the long run and it shouldnt be kept to 500000 but somethig much higher.

  • Ian Wrifford says:

    So. Let’s review a moment. No killing of any animals ever? Do you realize that we’d soon be overrun by them? There are too many people on earth for that to be plausible. The population should be kept under 500000. Ever heard of the “Georgia Stone.” Google that. I’ve been there I saw it. The man who bought it did so via a private holding company who gave the landowners alot of money for the land. It was not coverage in the media very much at all. How do we get from 6 billion to 500000? Alot of people are going to have to die. Are you hearing me? No one will talk about it..Even teachers. But I read book mu nephew have me He’s 35 called A People’s History of the United state”…and I can’t remember who wrote it. It really made me think…not like school at all. By the way I’m 13 now.

  • Caboose says:

    Ariel dont act as an environmentalist PETA isnt meant for that.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Hi Anthony! I’m sorry I don’t represent PETA but it’s rare although certainly not unheard of that Jack responds to comments I can tell you as an animal rights activist though my personal understanding of it. If you look under PETA’s FAQs they very specifically say that they have no problem with native peoples like tribal groups killing animals for food and clothing and survival in general. The reasons are obvious these people will die without this practice and the animals live in freedom until the day they are killed. Compare that with factory farming. It’s wonderful that you try to buy from humane sources but cattle also produce methane which creates more global warming than methane although rice patty fields create even more methane. Also cow manure pollutes streams and kills lots of habitat that is needed by endangered species. If your son can tolerate it a vegetarian diet is great. Consult a nutritionist a good one. Be very careful. He’s not at as much risk as a vegetarian reproductiveage girl but he’s still growing. Proceed with caution. And don’t force it on him. Going vegetarian yourself will set a good example. Again consult a nutritionist first. Don’t cheat yourself. I was a careless vegetarian for 23 years and now have a bit of heart trouble for it. Again probably because I ignored my anemia for 15 years. But again female. My wonderful Native American Apache friend rehabilitates wildlife and if one of her patients passes away she honors them by using their skins and feathers in ceremonies. It’s beautiful. But she acquired those skins by doing everything she could to save them. If a Native American kills an animal for food they will thank it for its sacrifice they do this with plants too!! and do all they can to avoid polluting the Earth and they make sure the animal lives in freedom before its killed. If you follow these ancient principles you can’t go wrong. Of course those of us living in modern society would do well to consider vegetarianism first. Great questions!!

  • Ariel says:

    animal friend to Anthony Wrifford Thanks for mentioning me but you also do a great job! You explained to Mr. Wrifford so beautifully about why you became a veg. I too became a veg. for ethical reasons rather than health reasons. For so many years I always said I loved animals but being raised to to eat meat well it’s not something we consciously think about. Then it either suddenly or gradually hits some if us that we are being hypocritical especially when we learn more and more about the animals’ lifelong tortures and sufferings who only end up to temporarily satisfy a habit. And when we change that habit due to ethical reasons it snowballs into even more beneficial reasons such as a veg. diet is healthier safer and contributes to having a better world by having more compassion sympathyempathy for all living beings including the environment. It really opens us up to wider and deeper views concerning this one world that we all share. Although in itself animal rights’ is not particularly for and about people who love animals it’s about justice realizing that no sentinent being should be tortured abused caged exploited or enslaved for mankind’s unconcienable purposes. As I always say ALL life is interrelated including the environment. And ALL of us are affected for the better or worse.

  • Kristina says:

    Carla That is not ‘cute’ that is blindly following the leader. I thought the elders would want to ‘educate’ the younger. I use the term ‘younger’ in quotes because at this juncture even someone who is 40 seems young andor uneducated Just because it is the LATEST BANDWAGON DOES NOt MEAN you need to sell your soul andor mind to join. Amazing how infurating the world is. Anthony Do your research learn and form your opinions for yourself. ProPETA and AntiPETA will regurgitate their own agenda to make you join their side. Find your own path … believe in what you want to believe in … Love respect laugh cry do what you need to learn about yourself and you will find your path. Just keep a clear mind and respect everyone no matter how difficult. You will be light years ahead of anyone on this blog. Good luck.

  • Michele says:

    Anthony it is refreshing to read your comments and questions here. There are so many closeminded individuals on these blogs at times that it gets very frustrating like why are they here if they really are not interested in learning??. Anyway there is definitely a LOT of info on PETA’s various sites and FAQs about being vegetarianvegan and you can also check out for nutrition and medical info. Basically humans do not need animal protein and it is actually harmful to humans. There are so many fantastic recipes out there for foods that give you all you need for iron calcium protein etc. If you are vegan the only nutrient that is missing is vitamin B12 but you can easily get that from a supplement or fortified foods like some soy milks if you don’t like the taste of plain soy milk try vanilla or my favourite chocolate!. Other than veggie convenience foods you can make veggie meals for way less $$$ than with meat and other animal products. Anyway best of luck with your endeavours and hopefully you can learn a lot from PETA and the animal rights folks who comment on the PETAfiles. To “Cannot say” I wish I had realized what you did at such a young age. I only became vegetarian at the age of 37 I am SO glad that I did but I feel guilty for all of the animals that had to die for my food consumption in the past. All the best!

  • Carla says:

    Cute!! Cannot say!

  • animalfriend says:

    hi Anthony Wrifford every new person is welcome here and specially when they are so nice! i just try to do my best on this blog in order to give newcomers a warm feeling! concerning myself i’m a vegetarian since almost 40 years now and i never had difficulties with it! the reason why i became veg was among others a report in a journal here in europe about slaughterhouses with very cruel pictures. so i said to myself that complaining every day about this misdeed is idiotic and that i should take some positive steps myself towards a better situation for these poor creatures! but i know that we are still very few veg in this world compared to the others! i’m not so much into health but rather ethics because i think that humanity has come to a new turning point concerning our ethical lifestyle because the human being is not a predator and should protect all forms of life! if all this is still new for you so try to enter slowly into peta’s daily program and watch and check out what’s the best for you. as i see you know already about the cruelty towards animals and could take your personal responsible steps! but i’m just a blogger here and no spokesperson ! we got great bloggers here like ariel ana mike quinoa judith carla and many many others! you can read their statements and look the videos study the peta files! ok?!

  • Kristina says:

    Cannot say By your logic then the wolf that kills the bunny should feel guilty as well. Or the cat that kills the mouse. It’s admirable that you have found your morals and beliefs but your argument is a little askew.

  • Carla says:

    Anthony Wrifford Please watch the footage… Go on Peta’s home page at the top click onto TV then Video Archives. This may help you understand what animals in other parts of the country have to endure! And why we are here!!

  • Cannot say says:

    I’m surprised that only a couple people menchend that humans are animals. I’m 12 and I was able to look at my morals and realize that eating animals went agenst almost all of them that was 23 years ago. Please think you are related to every animal so you are just hurting a reliting when you eat meat or buy lether. If you still don’t care you have not love in your heart.

  • Anthony Wrifford says:

    I have another question…please believe me I’m just trying to understand certain things. If an animal dies..then would it be okay in your organization’s view to use its fur or skin for clothesshoes? I’m not trying to be funny or anything I’m really just trying to understand…thanks

  • Anthony Wrifford says:

    I am new at this…trying to understand the concepts PETA holds. Please help me to understand why it is wrong to eat meat? I’m very much against the corporate farms and I have seen how horrible those are I try not to eat meat from those kinds of farms but to not do so is very expensive ! I guess not eating meat at all might be even less expensive but do not humans require the protein in meat? As humans we have always eaten meat right. I’m on the edge here…trying to do the right thing with my 13 year old son.

  • Caboose says:

    Sherry Crocs dont protect feet very well.

  • ryan says:

    for anyone uneducated enough to think that carnivores have eyes on the front of their head let me remind you of velociraptor the nastiest most dangerous carnivore of all time it has eyes on the side of its head and could own TRex and his forward facing eyes anyday. and when a Lion kills its prey it does not hang it from wires or hooks it does not cage them or farm them so it can eat its offspring less than a year after they are born.


    Christopher Cochran is it because of your giant monster brain that you are unable of any normally developed human feelings? I suppose that you are a hunter or a vivisectioner i feel sorry for you i mean!

  • Jessica says:

    I really don’t understand the apeople that comment these things to talk Peta down or tell people they have leather shoes. It’s not a shocker no one could care less that you don’t support. Quit being so close minded and silly. If you don’t agree with it don’t read it. I don’t go on football sites to talk crap on sports or anything like that. You’re not proving us wrong you just make youself look ignorant.

  • Scorpion says:

    Jus went over the comments….so for a few ppl i understand its jus hard not to cause pain to a living being ppl grow up. There are so many good things to eat not animals pls….jees ur eating some ones body parts wat could be yuckier than that…don gimme excuses also don gimme “everybody has done it at some point” crap.Forget the past start today. All praises to PETA. Save the planet.

  • Ana says:

    Jay Nothing wrong with emotions it is what enables us to feel compassion for both nonhuman and human animals. My heart is big enough to feel empathy for both with or without videos. Tender feelings should be nourished not ridiculed.

  • Michelle says:

    Did anyone notice the nice suede sandels the guy in the right was wearing?