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Shocking Video Captures Brookstone’s Cruelty

Written by PETA | September 17, 2009

Imagine being sealed inside a clear coffin, bubble-wrapped, packaged in a box and sent through the mail on a terrifying journey to an unknown destination. Jostled around, forced to endure the summer heat while sitting in a delivery truck, and living in your own waste. If you can imagine this, you have some idea of how the little frog in this video feels.



This traumatized or now dead frog is a ‘replacement’ for another who died in a Brookstone Frog-O-Sphere. Despite public outrage and PETA protests, the body count continues to rise as Brookstone refuses to stop peddling live animals.

Urge Brookstone to send these Frog-O-Spheres packing and immediately implement a policy against selling live animals at all of their stores. If you know anybody who has misguidedly purchased these poor frogs only to watch them helplessly suffer and die, please inform them to request a chargeback on their credit card as Brookstone defers responsibility and costs for deaths and ‘replacements’ to the breeder.

Written by Amy Elizabeth

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  • Giovanna says:

    That’s very sad. How can someone do that to a helpless animal. I read this article after my friend bought one and i was watching over it while she was away. I will surely tell her about this and expect she gets a better habitat for them. Peta is doing a wonderful job with all this so i wish them luck!

  • BirthdayGirl says:

    I got one for my birthday in October and thought they were a little inhumane but I had no idea they traveled like that and were in such bad conditions prehome. I’ve been planning on buying mine a new tank when I can afford to only about three more weeks now! so at least two more frogs will be well taken care of!

  • NicNac says:

    Okay so UNFORTUNATELY my daughter received a FrogoSphere for Christmas from our neighbors. I do NOT agree w the way these frogs are living and want to save them btw we have a beta that lives in a 5G tank and is super spoiled w beta water water heater plants rocks etc. so you KNOW I will take every precaution necessary to ensure a healthy lifestyle for these living froggies. Please help! What do I do w these things? What is the proper environment that they should be inhabiting? Thank you! CONCERNED PARENT OF KERMY PIGGY

  • David says:

    I work at Brookstone

  • Elisabeth says:

    I suggest that all Brookstone stores by boycotted for selling piles of tiny rogs trapped in these little plasic containers it is a SHAME! I will NEVER buy another thing at Brookstone! Elisabeth Strauss

  • carol says:

    Well now it’s not only Brookstone selling these awful “aquriums it’s Hallmark greeting card store and Coach house gifts. They will be losing my business from now on too.

  • Ligia says:

    ‘um guys its just a frog calm down its not like the world is going to frickin end!’ Posted by pat September 18 2009 0327 PM Right and this is why people keep doing these stupid things oh hell yeah is just a frog lets stick to a recipient and watch it die cause you know its fun … when will people stop labeling lives as they please … all life if important it being a bug or a big animal why is it so hard to respect that Really dont you brookstone jerks have better things to do …..

  • JuanMa says:

    I CAN NOT BELIEVE is outrageous SEE THIS …

  • Edward says:

    Unless if those frogs get sent with a nuclear reactor there are bigger things to worry about. Like lightning strikes.

  • Roberta Roccella says:

    People who enjoy this sort of torture only deserve to go through the same treatment… The Biblical expression “an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth” seems pretty appropriate!

  • Megan Ayers says:

    Poor frogs. You are truly a source of enlightenment for me.

  • Jill says:

    Hey Pat lets say we send you through the mail like the frog. It was a living breathing creature just like you before it was sent to its death.

  • pat says:

    um guys its just a frog calm down its not like the world is going to frickin end!

  • C. Breaux says:

    A lot of people like them? Hmm.. a lot of sick people like to beat torture starve and murder other humans too.. does that make it right?

  • Alexandria says:

    Hey PETA and PETA lovers! I’m new to PETA new to being a Vegetarian and new to learning about animal rights! This story saddens me! But it also inspires me… I currently own a turtle I got years ago in chinatown as a gift from my mom. He’s huge now and maintenance is not as easy as it was when he was tiny. I like to think that having him all these years was better then him dying the way so many of those little turtles do. A person once told me to throw him away when he learned it was a chinatown turtle like he was garbage. I was so offended! What I’m trying to get at is how I can legally and safely release him into someones care where he will be safe or is there a turtle haven somewhere he can have a happy life with his own kind? I hope that exists! i no longer wish to keep him in captivity but at the same time I won’t drop him off just anywhere. Any advice will help! Thank you!

  • Arleta says:

    this is sick!

  • Ali says:

    So I was on a trip to California this summer and remember seeing this for the first time. I was thinking “How do the frogs get out?”and then I realized that they did NOT get out. It was just horrible. I was so mortified I left the store.

  • Heather Hopkins says:

    Wow Brookstone should be boycotted. Good thing I never shop there anyway.

  • sarah says:

    Poor little froggy.

  • Danny says:

    A workmate purchased one of these poor creatures several weeks ago…. Another has a goldfish in a 5 inch stickon bowl on her wall… Educate these people!! Ask them how they would feel if they were in the same place.

  • riley says:

    BROOKSTONE!!!!!!!!! WHY?

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Very severe karmic ramifications are awaiting all who are affiliated with the anathema Brookstone.

  • Acinorev says:

    If they had dogospheres Im pretty sure it would be illegal. They always treat the more “importent” pet much better than a poor innocent frog snail hamster or bird. People need to see that all animals are importent just like all human beings are importent.

  • Kathleen says:

    As if we didn’t already know that all that matters to Brookstone is money. Another mindless insensitive way to teach our children that animals do not have a voice they don’t really “feel” anything that’s being done to them and that they are here for our entertainment. How sad. MY child sees the PETA picture of the elephant chained to a post in the circus on our refrigerator every day. patting myself on the back P

  • Susan T says:

    Gee I guess the next step for Brookstone is the Embryosphere. A great little selfcontained aquariam complete with an unwanted human embryo and the chance to nurture it and watch it grow! I’m sure they’ll be people who’ll like those too! What absolutely sick greeddriven morons! Keep hammering them people! Don’t give them a minute’s rest. Get your friends to call blog about it complain to the stores send emails to customer service! Never give up. Never give up. Never never never give up! Winston Churchill

  • John Carmody says:

    They are sickos animal abusers!!!

  • PanDa says:

    Hey Brookstone What did frogs do to you! I love peta. You guys even stand up for the tiny frogs and snails. incredible.

  • Julie says:

    I just called Brookstone and they said “a lot of people do like the FrogOSphere.” What a lousy justification for selling this cruel product! Guess money is all that matters to them…. they have lost me as a customer.

  • Estela Moreno says:

    I have almost nothing left to saythe horrible unjustified worlwide war on the animal kingdom continues every day every minute every place. It is the saddest most horrifying characteristic humanity.