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Shocking Investigation at a Turkey Slaughterhouse

Written by PETA | May 21, 2007

Mercy for Animals, an animal rights group based in Ohio, has just released video footage of an undercover investigation into a House of Raeford Farms slaughterhouse in North Carolina. House of Raeford Farms, which is one of the biggest turkey processors in the country and supplies companies such as Denny’s and Arby’s, turned 250 million pounds of live turkeys into dead turkeys in 2006 and raked in about 276 million bucks for their efforts. If this video is anything to go by, they’re not putting an awful lot of that money back into animal welfare. But, as Mercy for Animals point out on their website, the workers responsible for the abuse can’t even be charged under federal law, because the USDA’s Humane Slaughter Act doesn’t protect turkeys and chickens. The blasé attitude towards unbearable suffering and the outright sadism that you can see on this video turns up again and again and again when one of these hellholes is exposed, but you can bet that the poultry industry is going to act like this is an isolated incident and do everything they can to fight the PR fallout, and the absolute bare minimum to correct the abuses this investigation has uncovered. There are hundreds of great reasons for going vegetarian, but honestly, this is the only one you’ll ever need:

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  • non meaters says:

    too bad we can’t see the video any longer. maybe we should stop war too because it kills women and children. good luck! America feeds the world!

  • Thomas Cole says:

    Hello PETA kids! I’m an old guy from way up in Minnesota. I foster rescued dogs. I stopped eating beef and have been considering a meatless diet for some time. Thought you all might like to know that MFA’s video I saw it on Cleveland’s Fox News site expose is the final straw. Coupled with Michael Vick and his torture of dogs and the disgusting expose on foie gras cruelty in Montreal Elevages Perigord it is time for middleoftheroaders like myself to take action. Thanks for keeping these awful disgusting subjects in front of us I’m getting my hundreds of dog rescuer friends involved. We’ll be writing the US Congress to revamp the federal inspection of these plants. Thank you for all you do. Tom Cole Minnesota

  • Maya says:

    You know people are scared to death about the bird flu yet authorities are yelling “don’t fret you can still eat poultry!” The only solution to bird flu is a worlwide ban on eating poultry. I’m surprised PETA has not jumped all over this. True it would probably lead to a massive slaughter but at least these animals would stop being bred and people would realize that factory farm conditions are dangerous for everyone.

  • The Minstrel says:

    An angel whispered in my ear To protect all life on earth! Things turn bad now year by year. Me I tell you that life has worth! Not just people also beast and bird Have an eternal right. Creation is a mighty word! Look onto nature it’s a divine sight!

  • nino capula says:

    hey meat eater who are you to tell us that animals have no rights? from your poor language i conclude that you are no god to decide this!

  • cappuccino says:

    to meat eater did you fucker ever go to school and learn something i don’t think so or are you a vivisector?

  • Meat Eater says:

    I love eating meat it is so good. I dont understand you people animals dont have any rights. They cant fucking talk. Meat is so good. For every animal you hippies dont eat im gonna eat three.

  • one last blame says:

    again criminal actions should be called criminal actions and everybody who stands behind them or allows them like governments or is hiding them or is afraid to call them what they are is a criminal! sic!

  • Anita says:

    Ok so if not chickens turkeys or cows what shall we feed our carnivorous pets? Fish? I have a very loving kitty cat.

  • Maureen says:

    To see videos like this is actually very scary the people who enjoy inflicting torture are supposedly normal everyday people. To know that the law actually protects these sadists must encourage them in their grisley fun and games. It is disgusting.

  • doug says:

    so its been a while since ive watched any videos and it just makes me feel so much better and reinstills the beliefs of why I am vegan and make such Fing good food! Why would anyone want to eat death like that?