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Update: Sheep Perish on Death Ship

Written by PETA | August 19, 2011

Update: After the Australian RSPCA was at last permitted to board the disabled ship, they discovered that at least 200 sheep had already died. The surviving sheep are being unloaded and sent to a feedlot, a process that is expected to take several days. Australia’s agriculture minister acknowledged that hundreds of sheep had died but shrugged off the deaths as being “expected.”

The following was first published on August 16th.


For the past week, 67,000 sheep have struggled to survive inside a crowded, filthy multitier ship in Australia. We’re betting that not all of them have made it. The sheep―either discarded by the wool industry or bred for meat―were bound for slaughter in the Middle East, a grueling journey, but when the ship experienced mechanical problems, the captain turned the ship around and returned to Australia.

Now the ship is sitting at  the dock, and the sheep have been left on board to suffer in cramped quarters, mired in their own waste. Eventually, one supposes, it will be back out to sea again for these unfortunate animals.

The voyage from Australia to the Middle East can take weeks, during which time many sheep commonly starve to death, are trampled, or become ill and die, their bodies tossed overboard. Upon arrival, the survivors are dragged from the ship, thrown into the backs of trucks, and driven to slaughter, where they have their throats cut while fully conscious.

Please urge Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard to put a stop to the immense suffering endured by millions of sheep and other animals every year by banning live export. 


Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • S says:

    The form is only accepting petitions from Aussies. So the rest of us are unable to speak up and stop this horrible practice. There are plenty of kind Aussies who are appalled by this. I hope they can speak up and stop this suffering. I will also vote green in the country where i live. they seem to be the only party interested in animal welfare. Apart from the dutch animal rights party and policitian. Good job holland. Sheep are awesome. I have had alot of dealing with pet sheep and I find them as intelligent and affectionate as dogs.

  • Gemma McCoy says:

    Our government only worries about pleasing those that can make a profit for them. It is a billion dollar industry where they put money before right and wrong. They have no values or compassion regarding the lives of these animals. Recently they tried to ban live export yet with pressure from those that lost money who are in this business backed down and allowed it to start again. On one news article a female farmer(animal breeder for murder) complained her business had lost/could lose 1 million dollars if the ban continued. Just think how much profit she and others in the industry have already gained(poor her) couldn’t the government offer a retraining into other industry for these people who can would no longer profit from these cruel deaths? As a child i always wanted to have a farm yet not the type that bred for murder, only now i realise how selfish and heartless some of these farmers are. Maybe they will sell their children for profit next?

  • Jessica COnti says:

    Cruel, Disgusting, Barbaric, Inhumane, Deplorable……I could go on and on