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Sharon Stone Talks About Karma, Fails to See Irony

Written by PETA | May 28, 2008
InklingBlog / CC

Here’s the quote, which came after a Chinese reporter asked the increasingly irrelevant Stone what she thought about the recent earthquakes in China:

“Well you know at first I thought I’m not happy with the way the Chinese are treating the Tibetans … and I’ve been concerned with should we have the Olympics because they’re not being nice to the Dalai Lama who’s a good friend of mine. And then all this earthquake and stuff happened and I thought, ‘Is that Karma, when you’re not nice and the bad things happen to you?”

A lot of bloggers have been justifiably outraged by her insensitivity to a national tragedy, though given her vocal support for turning anything that so much as meows into, say, a lapel pin, I can’t say that I’m all that surprised at her inability to empathize with the suffering of others.

Which raises a couple of somewhat disturbing questions: 1) Isn’t it just a wee bit dangerous for someone who’s responsible for the excruciating torture of countless foxes, rabbits, and unsuspecting viewers of Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction to be talking about karma? And 2) If karma really does catch up with her after this, will that mean that her days of dragging that dead beaver out in public will be finally at an end?

‘Cuz that’d be a real disappointment for her five remaining fans.


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  • Jane says:

    I am one of those people prone to headaches, migraine and colds. Usually, my first recourse is White Flower Embrocation (, also called White Flower Oil.

  • Mike Mitchell says:

    hikura when you said to understand chinese side you are probably did a research using documents provide by chinese govt. you have no idea history about Tibet so you need to stfu.

  • Brittany says:

    When she gets turned into somebody’s coat I’ll be commenting on this site saying “It’s karma baby.”

  • Lynn says:

    Believe it or not I’d always thought Sharon Stone was for animals and was a vegetarian!!! It’s obvious she’s not gettng enough negative reponsive from her repulsive actsor she does and she doesn’t care the crazed BITCH.

  • Shelley says:

    Shame on you Sharon! Are you proud of your heartless trash status? Your cold heart speaks volume of your true self. Frightening….

  • rose corletto says:


  • Daniela says:

    what a complete ditz!!! if karma really existed SHE and not those animals should have become a coat LONG AGO! she’s full of BS. and she sucks. if she thinks the fur makes her look “good” then she’d better spend her money on eye surgery and whatever instead of fur! yuck!

  • Linda says:

    She’s only a stupid actresswho cares that she’s an insensitve clod!

  • renee says:

    i strongly doubt that his holiness would be “friends” with this uncompassionate hag. she exudes ugliness and to be an educated woman and to still wear fur is disgusting….. maybe karma will find her one day also???

  • Marisa Varasso says:

    Thanks PETA for shedding some light on how destructive a high profile movie star’s words Stone can be. I too will boycott her movies and encourage other to. Until of course she sees the light. She will I have faith in her!

  • BL says:

    What an idiot!



  • Heidi says:

    I actually used to like her until I saw her wearing fur. Disgusting. I’ll never watch a movie with her in it again. Even my 7yearold can think beyond the hanger to wonder how they get the fur and what happens to the animals. Two more fans lost Sharon and piling up by the day.

  • Sara Alvarado says:

    Too bad for the poor animals and for her becouse she will have to pay Karma for her lock of compassion. Congratulations for Ingrid and her team. Good Work.

  • Shelly Campbell says:

    She probably eats the poor defenseless dogs that are brutally raised with no compassion when she visits KoreaChina….myself I would never go to a country that treats animals that way with the exception to go over there and help save the dogs with whatever cruelty to the HUMANS needed to save the animals……MAN IS GODS WORST CREATION AS WE CAUSE PAIN AND SUFFERING TO EACH OTHER AND TO ALL OF GODS CREATURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Denise says:

    the lapel pin is a grouse claw not a cat paw. It is a Scottish Kilt pin of a warrior. Not meant to be a fashion accessory. She has no business wearing it to begin with. And it looks as though she could lay off the red meat while shes at it too…

  • Sal Trap says:

    People suck!!!

  • joey says:

    OMG i laughed so hard !! unsuspecting viewers of Basic Instinct 2 lool and her five remaining fans…i couldn’t stop laughing i swear D

  • Mystie says:

    When I watched the aftermath of the earthquake on the news there was a tiny crying kitten standing and trembling alone on a floating wobbly plank. Everyone was simply walking past it not taking any notice of it at all. It’s fur was wet and it was obviously frightened and cold. No one picked it up or tried to comfort it. I hate to think of what became of that kitten. Just an observation. Animals have no human voice to ask for help.

  • Sharon Ridsdale says:

    What an airhead!It is terrifying that ANYONE would want to know Sharon Stone’s opinion on any subject. The very fact that she would so blatanlty wear a fur coat shows that she is ‘a kangaroo short inthe top paddock’!

  • Giovanni Sciuto says:

    Man she is one sick person but as they say “what goes around comes around”. Maybe one day we will see her insipid hide draped around some beautiful animal. It doesn’t matter what you wear STONEHEART you will never be beautiful.

  • Carl Johan Svedjeman says:

    I thought Ms. Stone was clever as I’ve heard that she’s a member of MENSA… As someone put it humans are cruel intelligent or not. I must admit that I hate the CommunistGovernment in China and I also hate the fact that millions and millions of animals are tortured in China but Ms. Stone’s words sounds rather idiotic to me. I hope she wakes up. I forgive her if she admits that wearing fur is cruel stupid and disgusting. Best wishes Carl in Sweden

  • Paula says:

    I am with Alexa when it comes to the Chinese government. The oppression of Chinese people alone nevermind all the atrocities they perpetrate alone makes them viable candidates for mass execution of the Chinese government.

  • Beverly says:

    Wow a crappy actress and an idiot all wrapped up in one self centered package…what goes around comes around I still believe in that…she will get hers.

  • JJ says:

    Such a lame pseudo concerned ugly brainless woman…

  • monique williams says:

    I think it is cruel and awful that people wear furshunt animals etc. where is their compassion and heart? I don’t care for people who do those things to animals.they think they’re so cool. China isn’t much better either they kill tigerscats dogseat them tooalso for fur and other atrocities to animals so I don’t think any better of them either.

  • anne helm says:

    Sharon Stones dew is off the rose. She is old and getting older by the minute.Best to let her hang herself. The fur “blanket” was made out of Fox pelts. Really sad to countimagine how many animals died so this scrawny bitch could make a fool out of herself. I know her bad Kharma will get her and she will come back in a next life as a veal calf or better yet a fur bearing creature living in a cage.

  • Willow says:

    all I can see is her saying “not being nice” and “karma”. Hmmm… think lady. Oh and the Dalai Lama is a friend of hers… and she screams in the face of all things Buddhist…. ESPECIALLY Ahimsa bet she doesn’t even know what that means!

  • cheowfern says:

    karma is true. everything will come back to her. i’d be waiting.

  • gemma says:

    people should see the correlation between humans and animals suffering.. yes.. it’s the same !.. it’s double standards caring and being kind to humans and causing immense suffering to animals .. in any country.. haivng siad that there are organizations out there now trying to help the catsdogs or lost stray animals of the earth quake.. in any calamity.. both humans and animals suffer.. guess this Sharon Stone feels all the animals not to mention pets and millions of livestock too that perished had to pay by bad karma too also? doesnt’ this woman ever think before she opens her mouth?

  • lou says:

    Well How do I feel? I feel bad for China and the innocent children but does China feel bad about all the animals they torment for their fur? I don’t think so I do whish that all the cages came open during the earthquake and freed all the animals

  • lynda downie says:

    Love your last statement Jack!

  • yesi says:

    she is soooo stupid

  • Tamra says:

    I really never had a problem with her until I saw her in fur and read things about how she doesn’t have compassion enough to stop wearing the skins of dead animals. The fur doesn’t make you look any better or make anyone envy you for having the money to purchase such things. It only makes you look ugly. And I’m not just talking about the outsideI’m also talking about from the inside.I guess having the last name Stone really fits her. When I see Sharon in furit makes me sad to know she’s so heartless about this issue. I do hope she can one day put aside her need to try to impress people she thinks shes impressing and have a change of heart… or at least get one.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    This woman is nothing but a WITCH!!! Peace for all animals!

  • Aurita says:

    Karma is such an overused misused word. When a natural calamity happens everyone suffers and its ridiculous to think that its god’s will or karma. But it is insensitive to wish ill on anyone including the Chinese Govt.

  • J. says:

    “because they’re not being nice to the Dalai Lama who’s a good friend of mine” First of all she’s talking like she’s five. Time to grow up and act like a big girl and take responsibility for the crap that comes out of your mouth. Second the Dalai Lama is everybody’s friend. It’s the whole point of being the Dalai Lama. He just loves everybody. You dear obviously do not and should maybe THINK about LISTENING to your friend’s advice every once and a while.

  • liz says:

    I quote what she says.. “…. because I don’t think anyone should be unkind to anyone else” and ehr.. may I be permitted to ask.. does animals come into this equation too also Ms Stone hearted Stone?.. ie.. how about.. “…… I don’t think anyone should be unkind to anyone else.. but it’s okay to be cruel.. very very cruel to animals.. ” well that’s obviously what she thinks.. apparently having been made fully aware of the horrors animals go through from beginning to end.. caged up for an entirety including even being skinned alive for their fur.. and STILL she thinks it’s okay to keep supporting this ghastly of all ghastly industries.. she’s a phoney through and through.. she wants to say all the ‘rigth words’ to appear kind hearted.. ie. “… I don’t think anyone should be unkind to anyone else” oh .. how sweet! but her actions and couldn’t care LESS attitude to the suffering of other BEINGS ie. animals.. says it all.. speaks volumes.. all beings are the SAME.. but in her case.. she obviously.. thinks not so!!! she is such a phoney!!!

  • migo lito says:

    Isn’t this the lady that showed her crotch off before Britney to get famouse. And all you people actually care what this airhead has to say? Incredible..

  • Rachel says:

    While her comments were preposterous and ridiculous the rest of her statement is worth including with the repeated snippet. It is worth noting that our right wing congressmen and senators said the same thing about the residents of New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. They claimed that the “heathens” got what they had coming a revenge from god. People have a tendency to try to make some “moral” sense of the terrible things that happen to people. It is human nature. Afterall humans are cruel to animals to each other to themselves. That is what you battle daily isn’t it?

  • Hikaru says:

    Dear Alexa In researching the Tibetans you have not looked at the Chinese side of the issue. Until you do so please do not say that you wish the Chinese goverment had been killed in the earthquake or judge the Chinese in any way. To wish that anyone would have to go through such a disaster is callous of you. Thank you.

  • Brian W. Lockyer says:

    irony is lost on some I guess… WoW is that beaver coat? ever hideous people are insane. Peace Brian.

  • Canaduck says:

    Sharon Stone is an idiot. If it had been karma don’t you think the earthquake would have affected the people in poweryou know the ones who are responsible for the Tibet issueas opposed to EVERYONE ELSE? Duh. And yeah for someone who has no respect whatsoever for life preaching about karma is pretty ironic.

  • Luna Quinn says:

    When I read what she said about the quake on msn I was first stunned then I nearly soiled myself with shock and rage then I got a headache. I thought I couldn’t hate her more for being the leathery washedup walking bag of Botox that she is but I was wrong. Jack you just put into words what I could only fumble inarticulately for. Cheers.

  • Alexa says:

    haha your right about the fur but her comments about the chinese were completely correct you need to watch the entire interview before you judge her and educate yourself about the tibetans because at the end of her interview she says that when the tibetans wanted to help the people in china after the earthquake she said she learned a lesson i just wish the earthquake killed the government in china not the innocent children

  • Annalena says:

    She has always been an airhead. Not to mention her acting is horrible. I do not agree with everything that China does either but that is a really ridiculous comment9 completely insensitive! There are plenty of great people in China human and animal activists. I read about this sweet old lady the other day who rescues any cats that she can find to save them from the market. I think that she has lost any connection to the suffering in the world outside of the hollywood hills. Ew. Those pictures are so trashy. What is she doing with a giant fur blanket?The great d.l would not approve of her lifestyle…

  • lizbet says:

    of ALL people. this 100 dead raccoons or whatever animals they were that this skallywag of a woman draped over her ghastly form.. this callous stone hearted.. feeling less.. compassionless person.. of ALL people HER to pontificate aginast the Chinese ps. I’m Chinese too.. re. the horrendous deaths and suffering to thousands upon thousands of people and children killedmaimed in this massive quake .. of ALL people HER! ps.. I guess she has some other KARMA explanation for all the other thousands upon thousands of people killeddrowned in the Burmese cyclone.. not to meniton the other KARMA explanation for the thousands upon thousands Thai’s and other nationalities killed in the Tsumani a few years ago.. not to mention all the hurricans and cyclones in USA alone.. and what about the New Orlean inhabitants re. the Katrina hurricane.. what about the great quakes in California in the 1800’s ? not to mention all the other natural earth disasters in history.. this air head woman puts notions or ‘explanations’ together simply to please herself .. this ghastly heartless.. revolting species of a human being.. is unbelieveably insentitive.. and blindly follows this so called spiritual leader the ‘Dalai Lama’.. who showed pretty much as less concern as this horrid woman re. his own Tibetan victims in this Quake.. the main quake itself in on the border of Tibet…. Chinese soldiers were actually in the quake hit area doling out relief supplies to Tibetans for her own knowledge .. if she’s such a die hard believer in ‘KARMA’.. then I truly await the day HER TIME comes for all her stoneheated callous and heartlessness for all those poor defenceless tortured and killed animals that she grins from ear to ear when she drapes her grotty being in so many murdered animals for their skins and furs.. she has plenty! of blood on her hands too you konw!!.. definitely BAD KARMA there for HER!!!!! lots and lots of it..!! of ALL people .. HER to preach KINDNESS and COMPASSION!!!!! HA!!