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Shane Victorino’s Foul Favorite Food

Written by PETA | October 14, 2008
Shane Victorino
philly / CC
Shane Victorino

Okay, hold the phone—during a recent Philadelphia Phillies/Los Angeles Dodgers playoff game, commentator Joe Buck mentioned that Phillies player Shane Victorino’s favorite food is Spam musubi. A few reactions here—one: gross; I can think of a hundred different fillings I’d like for my onigiri, and canned meat ain’t one of them.

Two: Why? The Phillies’ Citizens Bank Ballpark has been ranked the “Most Vegetarian Friendly Ballpark” two years in a row for its impressive vegetarian offerings, such as Philly faux-steak sandwiches, “crab-free crab cakes,” mock-chicken sandwiches, and veggie dogs. With all of these delicious, cruelty-free options available, why would you choose to go cholesterol- and cruelty-heavy? (Okay, so Spam musubi is a popular food in Shane’s native Hawaii—but as my mother would say, what’s popular is not always right.)

And finally (and most importantly), three: SPAM is made by Hormel, and Hormel is supplied by factory farms like this one in Iowa. You remember—the factory farm where the pigs were beaten and vaginally and—according to one bragging supervisor—anally penetrated? Where their tails and testicles were cut off without anesthetic?

We’re giving Shane the benefit of the doubt here: He probably didn’t know about the torments faced by the piglets destined to be slaughtered for Hormel and possibly end up as SPAM. But hey, knowledge is power, right? So PETA Assistant Director (and major sports fan) Dan Shannon has written him a letter giving some background info on Hormel and the way its suppliers and that Iowa farm treat pigs. We suspect that the cruelty in every can of SPAM will make Shane madder than a high Hiroki Kuroda fastball—and that a change in snack foods might be in order.

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • Lee says:

    Many many chilren and adults are starving to death in this world. If only as much time and energy went into these topics as with this obsession with what others are putting in their mouths!

  • Wes says:

    That’s why he’s called “The Fryin’ Hawaiian”

  • tamasii says:

    Dan Shannon JennShari and Gloria What is wrong with eating spam? Let me tell you something about spam. Spam was food for WW11 Heros and one of them was my Grandpa so get you story right. Now come to Hawaii and make a plate of spam musubi because it might be better then you ever had.

  • Jessi says:

    I can understand that people are upset about certain cruelties to animals.. There are some instances that have enraged me. I am a meat eater.. and I dont see what is wrong with that. I mean come on animals eat other animals. This all started for me tonight because I was looking for the ingrediants in spam. Not that i eat it.. i am picky about what meat I will eat. For instance I will not eat KFC for the inhumane way they treat chickens. But honestly eating meat doesnt make you a bad person.. hurting animals does. And the horrible thing that happened on that farm was an isolated case and Hormel had no idea what was happening. I am all for the rightful treatment of animals. But I honestly dont understand why you are all fighting so much with people who eat meat. There are animals that eat other animals.. what about ravens? They eat the eyes and anus of roadkill! Are they evil and ugly? Are they going to hell simply because they eat flesh? No. They are beautiful right? Just think about it. I am not trying to fight with anyone… I’m not saying anyone is right or wrong. Everyone has a right to choose. I just wish people wouldnt fight so much.. thats all.. and anyway…. does anyone know what the heck is really in spam?!!?!?

  • David Tremain says:

    Whether it’s Spam musubi from Hawaii BBQ from Tennessee Kansas City Texas etc. hot dogs from Chicago or Philly Cheese Steaks to name only a few the fat and cholesterol among other serious health problems will eventually bring you to the point where you are suffering as much as the animals slaughtered to provide you with this poison in the first place.

  • anne says:

    i love animals. i grew up poor and i remember that the closest my parents could buy to meat were the ones in cans…like Spam and Vienna sausages. it kept us full. let’s keep in mind that not everyone has the time and luxury to think of other options. culture background…differences in us all. it’s amazing we judge people by their looks intelligence blah blah blah.get a grip world.i have a bigger point to bring out. with what’s been happening to wall st. lately do you all still feel like going to a baseball game even if the ticket prices go up and our fave stars’ salaries go higher? hmmmm…food for thought. that will leave us with nothing to eat on the table…except for maybe SPAM??? so take it easy guys. prioritize your gripes!!! and i still love animals.

  • Michelle says:

    I think this part of the blog is being overlooked Okay so Spam musubi is a popular food in Shane’s native Hawaiibut as my mother would say what’s popular is not always right. Also LOTS of people stop eating meat because of what they read on the PETA web site that’s how I became a vegetarian. Finally just because it’s part of heritage and tradition doesn’t mean he has to keep eating it. Don’t you think vegetarians get read the riot act at ThanksgivingChristmasEasterany other holiday where it’s “tradition” to eat an animal?

  • Kurt K says:

    Spam was an essential part of the K rations for our GI’s back in WWII. So one could argue that Spam help win the war.

  • Dan McLaughlin says:

    What about them Dodgers??? My grandfather used to eat Spam right out of the can. I dare someone to say something about that!!!!!

  • Muffy says:

    Okay see everyone isn’t veganvegetarian so we can’t bash this allstar hottie for eating a traditional dish. l’m rooting for the sport and Phillies my home team but I am not rooting for the cruelty behind the Hawaiian dish. Let him eat what he pleases and let us hope the canned meat does not affect his heart during the World Series. Go Phightin’ Phils!

  • gloria says:

    I think you guys are missing the whole point.. baseball star eats crap.. kids look up to alot of the stars..Even his dumb ass…

  • jenn says:

    meat is gross and nasty and so are the people who consume it

  • Kate says:


  • Animal says:


  • Mustafa says:

    Hey Mel you come in the second inning leave in the seventh inning pathetic Dodger fans got your asses handed to you. Wait…do you know what an inning is? On a different note PETA needs to start picking its battles more selectively. Making a stink about something as trivial as this takes impact away from bigger issues they are involved with. It turns people away.

  • JL says:

    Let the man eat what he wants. I am sure he enjoys “more tastier” “more healthconscious” and “less controversial” food more often than an occasional craving for the island classic. Geez it’s not like he eats it everyday!

  • hawaiiguy says:

    The kid is from Hawaii and spam musubi is about as Hawaiian a food as there is. Find another cause to get excited about because musubi is here to stay.

  • 808pride says:

    omg the guy is from hawaii. u peta people gotta respect this man’s culture and where he was brought up from.

  • thaxdk says:

    Dan Shannon must have nerves of steel how else can you explain someone having gull to challange a man on his culture? Though I can’t stand spam it’s idiotic to think that someone who has eaten spam all their life is going to stop just because PETA says so. That would be like an american getting into trouble for eating apple pie in another country that has a problem with apples. Attacking corporations is one thing this man and his culture is something else.

  • Ginger says:

    I have never been to PETA’s website until this story. I can not even believe what I saw on the pig video. What is wrong with these men that work at this place? Can’t you raise pigs without hurting them. Isn’t it a sign of having been sexually abused when a person is cruel to animals. Maybe these men should seek counseling.

  • guy from the 808 says:

    Hey shari let’s put your picture up and see how bright your star shines! lol

  • Judith FFFA says:

    PLEASE WATCH OPRAH TODAY! SHE WILL BE TALKING ABOUT PROP 2 AND THE AG MONSTERS WILL BE THERE!!!!! Peace for all animals! Most of my heroes wear masks!

  • SASHA says:

    I hope after reading the letter he will stop eating meat and START helping the animals. Wouldn’t that be great! Let’s all pray for this to happen!

  • mlo says:

    we need to flood his fansite with letters and ask him to reconsider…. or as the Godfather would say “make him an offer he can’t refuse”.

  • Jon Snow says:

    don’t have to be bright to play a sport.

  • MeL says:

    Phillies suck…Go Dodgers!!!

  • Ryan says:

    “A few reactions hereone gross I can think of a hundred different fillings I’d like for my onigiri and canned meat ain’t one of them.” You’ve obviously never been to Hawaii.

  • HonoluluDodgerfan says:

    Before you lecture someone about their diet habits remember spam musubis are a part of Hawaiian culture. Your comments are ignorant and offensive. We are proud of our food and heritage. Its a shame you’d rather mock it. Mahalo.

  • Shari says:

    Well LOOK at him…doesn’t look like the brightest star in the sky ‘