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Shackled, Lonely, Beaten

Written by PETA | January 28, 2009

Once again our band of beautiful activists braved the winter weather to throw an eye-catching unwelcome party for circuses all across the South. The attention garnered by their loveliness was directed at the ugly circus industry.

Using abuse to force majestic elephants and big cats into performing humiliating tricks is depraved. That fact that circuses pawn this off as family entertainment just makes us tear our hair out (and our clothes off)! Take a look.



Whew—and I have to wear a jacket just sitting at my desk sometimes. Thanks for your dedication!

Written by Missy Lane

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  • Tonia says:

    I am VERY SAD this barbaric treatment of God’s creation is happening even as I write into this comment box.I wish I could stop it right now! Every child that saw what was really happening to the circus animals would be horrified of this I am certain.I will never go to the circus. Thanks to all of those brave caring people on the front line demanding better stewardship of the animals God has blessed this earth with.May we seek peace for all animals as well as all people.

  • amanda says:

    heey everyone. The circus has come to my city and its here for only one more day. I just had a talk with my parents asking them if i could peacefully hand out leaflets at the last show. And they said that i couldn’t and tried to justify the circus and my dad was accusing me of tellign lies about the circus cruelty and they both didn’y believe a word i said. No matter what i say they wont budge. So i need another way to help out the circus animals. Anybody got an idea?? And my parents wont let me donate either becuase they dont want to give away their credit card number. UGH. anyways…any ideas???

  • amanda says:

    hey everybody. I just found out that a circus is coming to my city and i really want to go there and spread awarness…but i dont know what to do! i was thinking about setting up a table…but i’m not too sure. Does anybody have an idea of something simple i can do?

  • KIRSTEN says:

    everything has its place in this world. it was not Gods intention for his creations to be treated like this. i think the trainers are cowards to beat on a defenseless animal!!!these are not people they are monstersand anybody that condones or supports this are monsters too. this is something so sickining! animals cant talk so we have to be thier voice.! LETS BAND TOGETHER AND STOP THIS HORRIBLE ABUSE!!!! SOMETHINGS GOTTA BE DONE!

  • Heather says:

    I think many would agree that nothing would be better the “sinking that hook” into the alleged trainer in the video. How do these sadistic people ever get into businesses like this. Disgusting and infuriating. I only hope that he and people like him keep the hell out of the gene pool. Less of those in the world the better as far as I’m concerned. I don’t know any intelligent people that still go to circuses are there any? I don’t know anyone thats been to one in the last 20 years! How are they still even able to function? So many humans never cease to disappoint.

  • Tiffany Bell says:

    I never truly understood what people were talking about when they talked about animals being abused in the circus. I watched a video of the man training the elephants and it broke my heart. This man is a cold hearted person in every way. People can’t understand 100 until they see it for themselves. I heard about this many times before but had no idea until I actually saw it. Something needs to be done!

  • Lillian Just says:

    WHEN WILL THIS CIRCUS BE PUT OUT OF BUSINESS????WHO will take the lead and have the courage to leagally put this business to an end and free its animals to sanctuaries? HOW many outcry’s and undercover reports do we have to see and hear before this is stopped? Please can someone do anything?

  • kris shulfer says:

    it is sad that with all of the BAD publicity that the Ringling Circuses gets that they would be out of business by now!! obviously there are still many ignorant people left in the world who consider dancing elephants along with the other animals a form of entertainment for them and their children!

  • Anita says:

    Kudos for fighting against the cruetly of show animals. Was it necessary to use the exploitation of females to achieve this cause though?

  • jolene says:

    there are no words the dictionary is too small. what i always have wanted to wonder is what the hell did they even do to you. how do people grow up to act like this?? what the !!! sure they look impressive if you really do go to a circus they look wellytrained but whats really behind the scenes. i wish i could just kill everyone who thinks its fun

  • Karen Saucedo says:

    To me the concept of “performing” animals is so outdated that it just seems outrageous. I can’t understand why the whole concept is not against the law. As for Ringling Brothers they are lower than low. They are not welcome where I live in California. Cities everywhere should close the gates to this abomination.

  • maryelizabeth king says:

    these peoplesorry not peoplehow dare they use animals in their circus. lets do it to them. They are nothing but cruel bastards and they should be put down. these poor animals have feelings.we need to put a stop to this. full time.

  • Debbie Barnes says:

    Circus animalsbull fightinglab testinghunting etc comes down to one thing L E G A L I S E D ANIMAL ABUSE!!!!!!Well done to the brave people who have the courage to stand up and speak for those who cannot.Keep it up.You have my utmost respect.Love and light to you and all the poor hapless creatures at the hands of these filthy rotten bastards who have the nerve to call themselves human.

  • Missy L says:

    Animal abusers in circuses should be shot!

  • felix says:

    What ringling brothers does to elephants should be a crime. I better not see this circus in NYC because I will stand at the entrance from morning to night handing our flyers and voicing my outrage.

  • lynda downie says:

    Great way to show how animals are treated behind the scenes under ‘The Big Top’.

  • nicole says:

    did peta send miss britney spears a little letter about her use of elephants and lions in her film clip???