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Sexy Sirens (as in ‘Ambulances’?)

Written by PETA | August 11, 2009

As a result of budget slashes in Los Angeles, 15 fire trucks and six ambulances will be collecting dust instead of responding to emergencies. That news got our wheels turning.

Faster than a team of strapping firemen could slide down a pole and hop into their non-decomissioned truck, we had an idea. PETA’s sexy “nurse” should grace the side of the one of the ambulances in our “Bypass Heart Surgery—Go Vegan” ad, which would be seen all over Los Angeles.


Sexy Sirens


The L.A. Fire Department gets money for the ad, an ambulance gets back on the road, and residents get the lifesaving message that a vegan diet can help prevent heart attacks—and even reverse existing heart disease. Everybody wins!

Written by Karin Bennett

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