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Sexy Senoritas Storm Capitol Hill

Written by PETA | July 14, 2010

It’s that time again! Every summer, our Lettuce Ladies station themselves at the U.S. Capitol to serve a free lunch in honor of National Veggie Dog Day. This year, our leafy lovelies were joined by model and smokin’-hot vegetarian Vida Guerra, who spiced up the event by wearing a red chili-pepper bikini as she handed out veggie chili dogs to congressional staffers. Although some legislators recently hand-delivered chili seeds to the arctic “doomsday” seed vault, our duly elected officials had probably never encountered peppers that sizzled quite like this before!


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Vida Guerra


Even Washingtonian wonks want to look and feel good, so we’re glad to promote such a great way to improve fitness. Or as Vida put it, “In my business, looks can make you or break you, and nothing has helped me stay fit, trim, and energetic more than kicking the meat habit. The best way to safeguard your health, reduce your carbon footprint, save animals’ lives, and look your very best is to go vegetarian.”

Written Posted by Jeff Mackey

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  • scienceguy says:

    Utopian? Yes. Divine? Notsomuch. Homo Sapiens are unique in that we are vastly more adept at manipulating our environment than any other known species – often to our detriment. Homo Sapiens are omnivores. This is not a matter up for debate. For your reference (from science departments at universities, not vegan sites such as the one listed above): There are dozens more if you only bothered to look. Vegetarianism is a choice made possible for humans precisely because we are omnivores. Unlike a cow, humans do not have the digestive organs needed to ferment and break down raw materials such as grasses and other plants with high cellulose content. Omnivores have evolved because they are able to eat animals that feed on the plants they cannot – thereby gaining indirect access to a wider variety of food sources. This allows them to survive under conditions that would wipe out purely carnivorous or herbivorous species. This is high-school level biology stuff. If you are happy and healthy living as a vegan – wonderful. I wish you all the best that life has to offer. Spreading misinformation in an attempt to support your rational only serves to reinforce many of the negative stereotypes pertaining to PETA/Vegans. You do bring up a good point concerning HOW beef and animals are raised, esp concerning corn. For the record, beef cattle are not grain eaters, they are grass eaters. So the problem is with agribusiness, not meat itself.

  • Shawna Flavell says:

    troller We don’t hand out people’s personal information. If you’d like to continue your discussion with Antoine it has to be through the comments. Thanks.

  • troller says:

    Hey owner of the blog can i ask a favor? Commentor “Antoine” has some really interesting things to say and i would love to continue this discussion outside of this blog. Would you kindly forward his email to me if you have it?

  • dott says:

    I love vegan yummies D

  • troller says:

    it’s so nice to see that my comment has actually gotten some responses. Let me be absolutely clear I don’t care what choices you make about your life just don’t inadvertently condescend on an omnivore like myself. Any hoo i think the issue is that vegans are against the inhumane treatment of animals during their raising and slaughter. But if the meat is free range and slaughtered humanely would that draw less fire from the more active vegans out there? or will they be satisfied with nothing more than total elimination of the meat industry?

  • veganpornstud says:

    To Bstreets Good luck but it’s going to have to be a very OPEN marriage given how every vegetarian male on the planet now wants to hook up with her! I researched other photosvideos of Vida on line. In these street scene candids she appears more beautiful than ever absolutely stunning!! But surprisingly she was rather pudgy at one time. Just goes to show how much the right food values improve a person’s life physically and otherwise. To Troller You need to rise above your “law of the jungle” view of this planet. Yes humans are subject to it. But we have been given the heart to never EVER be satisfied with it. Going vegan is the most demonstrative act of defiance a human can make against such an evil system. We were ultimately designed to do the right thing and to serve as an inspiration to the rest of the animal kingdom. We were obviously designed to NOT succumb to it and exist on a higher plane. You should also note that in order to feed a vegan even the host plant doesn’t have to die much of the time. In fact we often spread its seed. But an animal victim always has to die in order to feed a meat eater. I began evolving toward veganism in 1992 and each month the benefits and understanding become a little more apparent. Veganism is about affirming LIFE! It’s about bodies becoming sexier and thinking becoming clearer and people who are worth sharing the planet with for a change. In fact that’s was Vida’s name means LIFE!!

  • Melinda Chedid says:

    Vegan pride! Vegans rule!

  • Wibke says:

    troller…no..we are a perversity of nature we disturbend the balance were cruel and without respect and compassion for the animals who “feed” us….do you want a future of cruelty and pain and pollution by mass factory farming? it doesnt have to be a nut and berry exclusive future but it has to be a better world for all the animals who feed us…at least they should have the chance to breath fresh air and walk on green meadows and see the sky….and so itll be a better world for us too….

  • michael says:

    troller it’s not about science ethics are not really guided by science at all. i understand that life feeds on life but i also believe that we can choose between eating animal products and not eating animal products. whether or not this is a struggle is irrelevent i have chosen not to eat animal products because i believe it is more cruel than eating plant based life. it is nothing of believing we are above nature please think about your assumptions more and go question a sensible vegan directly about them rather than making strawmen out of us. besides that vegans are about as different a group as any jews blacks gays whatever they are not homogenous groups and are what they are for a variety of reasons each.

  • Antoine says:

    troller. There are SO many things wrong with what you wrote you are mixing science philosophy and religion. You make a fallacious and unproven statement “until you understand that humans are omnivores” until we understand??? what? NO. That is for YOU to prove. Especially here. Humans are definitely herbivores. You should do your own research httpwww.ecologos.organatomy.htm As for humans being “adept” sic to bringing order to creation there is no “divine OR otherwise” by definition any such claim is religious…divine. And the divine prescription is that our JOB is to take care of creation and all the animals within it How do you think we are doing? Think about it this way by that divine defintion humans are like the janitors of creation NOT the kings…but we are acting like kings…even worse despots. What YOU need to realize is that factory farming is a brilliant economic idea therefore all roads lead to it. If you consume animal products. they come from factory farms. All small familyowned farms will eventually become factory farms. Now as for your cycle of life argument. BTW any child who has seen Lion King can quote this “theory”. 1. YOU are not in this cycle. And neither am I. Neither is any of us. More than 99 of humans are not in this cycle. We do not live wild in nature. We live in communities. Unless you are a native living along the banks of the Amazon I doubt you can make this claim…your usage of the Internet proves that you are not. 2. How is eating KFC part of this cycle? Life does on a larger scale feed on life bacteria being at the top of te food chain But the issue is that we are DESTROYING the balance. Our consumption of animal products is destroying all ecosystems. A real cycle is circular. And therefore should sustain itself forever. We have been consuming animal products on such a large scale for only about 100 years or so and things are already starting to fall apart! Finally to respond to your “feel free” comment this is the thing. We CAN feel free to be vegan because our veganism is BETTER for the planet the people the environment the animals and the survival of the human species. But you CANNOT feel free to consume animal products. Because your “choice” is killing OUR friends destroying OUR planet and on topic with the health issue of this demo COSTING US in health care bills. So when you meateaters ask us vegans to RESPECT your “personal choice” to consume animal products you are asking us to do the impossible. How can we respect someone who is killing OUR FRIENDS? How can we respect someone whose actions will ensure the extinction of the human species??? the planet will be fine without us by the way probably in a few million years bacteria will evolve into another species and only the cockroaches will remember us By virtue of the fact that YOU are HERE I think it is YOU that NEEDS to understand things…feel free to navigate the site with an open mind. The first step to intelligence is accepting the possibility that you MAY be wrong. You may also be right…but you need to PROVE it every time you sit down to think…sit down to eat. No one is claiming that veganism will solve all human problems but it is the necessary FIRST step.

  • troller says:

    I’ve always found the utopian beliefs that guide veganism to be strange. Perhaps they have forgotten one fundamental rule that allows us and every other living thing on this planet to survive. Life feeds on life. I’ll never argue that meat processing plant is humane and I like most would wince at the sight of any kind of torture but I also understand how nature works. Nature by default is chaotic and the denizens of nature struggle to survive against one another every second of every day. Humans by design divine or otherwise are adept in this struggle. We defy nature by bringing what we consider order to the world. Regardless of our efforts to shape the world we must understand that we are part of it not merely observers. We feed on life just as every other living thing before us has just as every living thing after us will. You can keep the wool over your eyes or whatever fabric suits your idealogies but until you understand that humans are omnivores consumers of animal and plant life and that consuming either one is neither wrong nor right but is simply part of life you will remain hopelessly oblivious to reality. Feel free to eat as you choose and assume that healthcare woes are exclusive to the omnivorous but spare the rest of us the fanciful tales of a nut and berry exclusive future. We acknowledge that we are part of nature not above it as you would like to believe.

  • Nirupama says:

    Hi I love these campaigns by PETA. These r like ” U can hate them or U can love them. But there is no way u can ignore them” Which is all tat is needed. No matter what awareness is spread. Awesome work girls!!…. beauty for kindness. wat cud be better..

  • Mike says:

    Good work girls keep the suite’s on you look very sexy..

  • bstreets says:

    Vida is soooo hott.. And Peta is my favorite organization I’m gonna marry Vida and we’re gonna be the future head of Peta

  • Karli says:

    Vida looks amazing!! I love her!