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Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

Sexy Pilgrim Costumes Go Missing!

Written by PETA | November 20, 2008

It’s a chilly South Dakota afternoon. You and a friend are scheduled to help save turkeys from a horrible fate at the latest head-turning PETA demo, but your sexy pilgrim costumes have yet to arrive. How do you resolve this nail-biter? Do you (A) go home and have vegan hazelnut hot cocoa? (A cop-out, yes, but oh-so-scrumptious.) Or (B) take matters into your own hands and get all fashionista on it?

Well our down-for-the-count campaigners were certainly not to be put off by some teeny trifle like not having any supplies for their demo. Pshaw! Thinking fast and on their stilettoed feet, they trotted off to the nearest Target and whipped up these stylish numbers.

Impressive, n’est pas?


pilgrim-sioux falls 068.JPG


By the time the original costumes showed up, the turkey-defending tour-de-force was already in full swing! And, as you can see, suited up in their proper gear, our resilient campaigners are keeping it going.


Sexy Pilgrims
sexy pilgrim- salt lake city 019.jpg


So bonnets off to you pilgrim beauties. You’ve defended turkeys with your craftiness rain or shine—and all the while in heels! You can also see the pilgrims in action here.

Written by Missy Lane

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  • Shari says:

    Because pardoning turkeys this Thanksgiving ALONG WITH all the other living creatures SUBJECTED to the VILE meat industry 365 DAYS A YEAR is the ONLY moral and ethical thing to do even though this in NO longer a nation UNDER GOD ‘ CORPORATISM GREEDBARGAIN WITH THE DEVIL Thanksgiving is also a ‘pilgrim myth’ NO such thing as pilgrims just ANOTHER illusion you were ‘programmed’ to believe and accept what would this nation do WITHOUT its sheeple to BELIEVE in their fairy tales as Thanksgiving is nothing more than mere THEFT of this land from the Native Indians along WITH the genocide of its people! SOUND familiar? NOW tell me just WHERE HOW does the symbolized ‘Turkey’ come into play of these crimes corruption? Hmm answer me that? If you are apart of the MAJORITY of the ‘dummied down society’ that STILL senselessly celebrate the ‘traditional lies’ of Thanksgiving TRY celebrating this year by NOT eating the ‘so called’ mascot! aaahahahaaa I’d LOVE to see what would happen if ‘they’ created a holiday where jumping off a cliff was the theme for the making of tradition LOL! It would definitely SOLVE the problem of OVER population THAT’S for sure ‘ Peace Love TRUTH

  • charlet says:

    Those costumes need to e cut shorter if there supose to be sexy.

  • Mac says:

    the costume looks to be more of a modified “French Maid” costume more than anything else…

  • Jay X says:

    They look fabulous. Go Veg!

  • Candis says:

    Smart passionate and beautiful Must be a vegetarian thing

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Beautiful compassionate and resourceful. Thank you ladies!

  • David says:

    SexyokHOT! intelligent vegan and a heart for animals what’s not to love?! Vegan women rock!

  • kelly says:

    Thank you lovely ladies!!

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