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Sexy PETA Ladies Kiss and Tell

Written by PETA | February 10, 2009

NBC may have stopped us from delivering an educational sex talk to Super Bowl viewers, but they can’t stop us from taking the veggie love on the road with a Katy Perry–inspired “bed-in.” Our lingerie-clad beauties hit the streets to show the public that vegetarians make better lovers, and these ladies do kiss and tell.


Vegetarians make better lovers
Vegetarians make better lovers


Eating meat has been linked to all kinds of health problems. Let’s just say that if you still eat meat, Cupid’s arrow might not fly quite so straight this Valentine’s Day.

Want to impress your special someone? You could start off with a weekend getaway followed by a box of delicious (aphrodisiac) chocolates, and then move on to a sexy vegetarian V-Day meal. (Don’t forget to comment and thank me later.)

Here are some other pictures from our recent “Fur Out, Love In” demos in Santa Fe:


Fur Out, Love In
Fur Out, Love In


Written by Lianne Turner

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