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Sexual Abuse of Animals: A Recurring Theme on Factory Farms

Written by PETA | September 13, 2010

During our investigations, undercover workers document some seriously sick and disturbing events—including the sexual abuse of animals, from pigs to turkeys. Unfortunately, sexual violence against farmed animals is not an unusual occurrence.

I have to warn you—what you’re about to see and read is not for the faint of heart.

Our undercover investigation at an Iowa pig factory farm revealed that a supervisor rammed a cane into a pig’s vagina. That same supervisor said that he thrust gate rods into the anuses of pigs who frustrated him.

At a Butterball slaughterhouse, a PETA investigator saw—in addition to other horrific cruelty—a worker insert his finger into a turkey’s cloaca (vagina). Another worker mimed raping a bird whose legs and head he’d shackled.

At Aviagen Turkeys, Inc., in West Virginia, the “world’s leading poultry breeding company,” a worker was indicted for cruelty to animals after being caught on video pinning a female turkey to the ground and mimicking raping her. When interviewed by police, he reportedly admitted to having done this to dozens of other turkeys.

When writer Jim Mason worked for a day as a turkey breeder, he discovered that since turkeys have been genetically manipulated to grow so large that they can no longer breed naturally, workers must manually extract semen from males and manually inseminate females. On dairy farms, a female cow will often be forcibly restrained so that she can’t get away when an insemination instrument is shoved into her vagina. Pig factory farm workers confine boars to tiny “carts” and parade them in front of sows so that other workers can look at and touch sows’ genitals in order to determine the best time to insert a tube of pig semen into them.

Cruel, twisted, perverted, and sadistic—and this kind of sexual violence happens every day on factory farms. The meat and dairy industries even consider some of it “standard practice.” This is why we’re hoping to have this billboard placed very soon, but until then, we’re continuing to urge everyone to go vegan. Help end the horrific abuse of animals on factory farms forever!

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  • Sophia says:

    Disguisting!!!!!!!! In Dubai it doesn’t happen! I think this society has to clean its pervert mind on a global level!

  • ozlem says:

    please help this animals! it’s like a horror movie more disgusting… there are psychopaths in these farms.. thanks peta……….

  • Darkangel says:

    That’s insane

  • Athena Savva says:

    This is disgusting and disturbing. It makes you wonder what they do to their wives and kids!!!!!!!!!!!

  • abs says:

    On top that this poor animals are treated like shitapparently just for being “animals” and then are painfully slaughtered to feed peoplethey are horribly and disturbingly ABUSED like this???GOOODDSBDY STOP THIS CRUELTY PLEASE!

  • Kristina says:

    oh that is just disgusting… i cant believe for what i saw… it’s so cruel…

  • Mel says:

    What I really worry about besides all the cruelty you uncover how do your undercover workers can take all of this?! After such an investigation I would need to see a psychiatrist Oo

  • david says:

    so in Peta videos i am sure it is the Peta members fucking with the animals so they can seem right. because the average company doesn’t have the time or money to waste on abusing animals. skinning an animal alive would ruin the skin. especially if it is fighting back. and i have seen videos like this. common sense people.

  • Jennifer says:

    Just SICK!!!! I hope these people were punished and prosecuted for the abuse to these defenseless animals. I also hope that they are no longer running the streets where they are no doubtedly behaving the same way towards women and possibly children. Such a disgrace of a human being!!!

  • Barbara says:

    That is the most infuriating inhumane act of disgrace. I want to find out who that poor excuse for a man is and PLASTER his face and name on every tv channel. Then send him to prison where other inmates can replicate what he has done to thos pigs and turkeys. He needs to be removed from that facility IMMEDIATELY!!!

  • DH says:

    Sadly going vegan isn’t enough to stop this kind of cruelty. People have to be made more aware of what happens behind the scenes in the meat industry.

  • veronica viada says:

    This makes me so sad. Humans are just so sick. How can you do this to an animal? Animals are clean and simple No baggage they are just in the moment. People who do this should be in hell because they take an innocent and are cruel to it…

  • Cheryl says:

    Now does everyone see how our food is friggin contaminated and gets friggin recalled.. omg.. how disgusting.. those workers should be prosecuted and these farms should be investigated a hell of a lot more to find out wtf is REALLY GOIN ON AT THE FARMS.. WOW WHAT A SICK WORLD THIS HAS BECOME..

  • Christina says:

    This breaks my heart…what atrocities humans commit. Why would anyone behave this way???

  • kemal zuzo says:

    That has to stop immediately and all offender prosecuted as SEX offender and placed on the list with harsh penalties such as almost 1st degree felony rape.

  • Nikki says:

    This is AWEFULL I cannot imagine anyone being SO SICK!! That is why I don’t eat meat!!! They do not need to be hurt or killed!!!

  • Tee says:

    WTH kind of sick twisted people live in this world?! It makes me sick. I used to eat meat but the thought of it makes me sick now. Those poor animals.

  • Stacy says:

    I appreciate your investigations and the courage it takes to capture these kinds of horrific acts.

  • Barb says:

    Please join me by sending a link to this video to President Obama. Go here and fill out form httpwww.whitehouse.govcontact To President Obama Dear God..please watch this video and do everything possible to put an end to these atrocities! New undercover footage of factory farm…what the heck is wrong with people! Listen to the language of these dispicable men…if they can do this to animals they would have no problem doing it to humans if they haven’t already! Hard to watch I know it was hard for me too but if we all turn a blind eye to these atrocities because we can’t stomach to see these images NOTHING WILL EVER STOP THIS! httpblog.peta.orgarchives201009sexualabuseonfactoryfarms.php Thank you Barb Dunsmore

  • Rhonda says:

    I hope that they can make laws so these sick cruel people will be prosecuted and go to jail for life. I hope more celebrities will get involved in helping these poor defenseless animals. These people have no souls and belong in hell with the devil. Maybe this will happen to them in hell.

  • sandy says:

    This is sick of all sick!! Obviously these individuals have some issues!! More issues than you and I can correct in a day!! They seriously are ill and need help! It is all about power and control that is what I am getting. I think that molesting animals and children should be on the same plane because they can not speak up or fight back and defenseless!!!

  • stefani says:

    Disgusting! Absolutely pathetic!!

  • blink 182 fan says:

    Wow people are like creeps from Hell. Who would do such an insanely disgusting thing like this?

  • Pat says:

    what the hell is wrong with these thingsI refuse to call them human because they certainly aren’t humane cant’ call them animals because NO animal is cruel and sadistic to anyone yet things sound toooo nice. I only hope their day of judgement comes sooner than later. I pray so much for God to stop their suffering and anyone who is being abused. God help us all.

  • anna Guizar says:

    Someone is going straight to hell! Hope they like fire and brimstone….sick bastards.

  • Becky says:

    I grew upon a farm my whole life around many different kinds of animals. This has got to be the sickest thing that I’ve heard. How and why would someone do something so vile and disgusting?? These people need to be charged to the fullest extent of the law and then some!!! Sign me up to place judgement punishment on them!!

  • randi gray says:

    I wish I had words for this crap but for the life of me cannot find any appropriate enough. I’m appalled at the least. My heart falls down into my stomach at all of these undercover videos of these tortured animals. I just can’t understand and certainly don’t want to.

  • kristy says:

    My god its hard to believe we share a planetcountry with people who can afflict this type of horror on a poor animal. I’m devastated

  • Patrick Barrett says:

    this cannot go oni applaud your vigilanceive been vegetarian for about 6 weeks.going to go vegan.keep up the work.

  • Renato says:

    God! What is wrong with the human race?! I can’t even think clear now this is so sick and sad.

  • Ashley says:

    this is sick! anyone who could do this to animals would have no problem doing this to kids. i think they should be locked up!

  • Holly Payton says:

    How sick is this!! I love my hamburger but I’m finally opening my eyes to the true cruelty going on these sick MF’s need to go to hell for the things are doing!! I’m going to try to go vegan!!or at least vegetarian!

  • Noelle says:

    I’d like to know why these mother fckers are aloud to live? They injureabuse and rape these innocent animals and they probley would do it to a human too. Some kind of law should be put into place on the abuse of these animals. Its just inhumane treatment….I’m so sadmad disturbed by this.

  • Juu says:

    wow not only is that cruel but its also wrong….in so many ways. very very disturbing indeed! D

  • Audrey says:

    This honestly made me cry.

  • K Robertson says:

    People do worse to. I have seen some bad stuff in my day.

  • sharon DiGenova says:

    As with other species human for example these perpetrators MUST be charged arrested and justice for the animals and payment for their crimes must be fulfilled. IT IS NOT OK TO SAY “THAT’S THE NORM” OR “THAT’S ALL TOO COMMON” IN THE FARMING INDUSTRY. IT HAS TO STOP AND PEOPLE HAVE TO PAY FOR WHAT THEY HAVE DONE

  • Danny says:

    This is really messed up the way they beat and apparently rape some of the animals. BUT good luck on getting people to go vegan haha meat great.

  • Ivette says:

    i am sick to my stomache ow dare they do this to our precious animals those ppl who do this to our animals i hope tye rot in hell for sexual abuse and torture and may these ppls souls turn black

  • CK says:

    i am ashamed to be human.

  • Jumbie says:

    Barf bag please?? This is discusting!!

  • Hella says:

    That is so discusting what the hell is wrong with people? i went vegan earlier this year and never looked back!

  • Tracy Santos says:

    I hope that first guy does hard time and gets abused. Maybe he can learn the art of empathy that way.

  • Erin says:

    There’s obviously something mentally wrong with those people they need to be put away.

  • Patriziah says:

    You know what folks? we have no clue what is the TRUTH because it is even mor ehorrible than this!! this is awful and shows how the values morals and ethics of our society are dissapearing! animals are precious! and our kids future as well….we cannot leave this world in this condition for them! we have to do something about it!

  • tiffany says:

    this si so disgusting i have been molested and raped. and no one not even animals should have to be put through this. It needs to stop!

  • Denise Geremia says:

    I spend so much time being disgusted at the cruelty animals have to face before they are slaughtered… I’ve never once thought about them being sexually abused. I’m just speechless. How can these people go home to their families after what they did that day?? Is there no decency left in this world??

  • patricia kaminsky says:

    I can not tell you how sickened and horrified I am upon hearing the abouse these animal must endore. What kind of sick human being sexually molests and animal. Then goes home to their families like doing is know. Another day at the office. Aren’t these people prone to other acts of violence. How do they live with themselves? That is the lowest form of life possible. But nothing will happen to them. I mean rapist of women aren’t even punished enough. These are crazy scary people and they live amongst us. Someone stop them.

  • Rebecca Beasley says:

    Ok…Just when I think it can’t get any worse? Sick sick sick and SICK. You can’t tell me that anyone that would violate an animal sexually wouldn’t also do that to another human! it’s been proven that people who violently abuse animals are more likely to also abuse another human! I am sure it’s the same with sexual deviant behavior! SICK SICK SICK

  • Carrie says:

    Oh my goodness that is disgusting! I can’t believe anybody could or would be like that!! That’s just horrible.