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Written by PETA | March 30, 2010

Things that nonbelievers thought were never going to happen but did: “Octomom” saying “Yes” to our spay-and-neuter billboard, the Large Hadron Collider smashing proton beams into one another, and (drumroll, please) author, social entrepreneur, and longtime vegetarian Michael Mann agreeing to donate his half of the hotly sought-after $50 million domain to PETA (pending IRS approval of this tax-deductible donation, of course).


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Mann’s offer to donate his share of has us poised to tell the world that a vegan diet supports a lifetime of good health and great sex. If all goes as planned, visitors to the new site will see our sizzling ads such as “Veggie Love” and get information that will help turn on carnivores to the power of “veggie Viagra.” Mike’s generosity makes everyone a winner: He’ll score a huge tax write-off, meat-loving men who tend to limp through their later years (thanks to their artery-clogging diets) will learn how to make their sex lives sizzle by going vegan, and countless animals will be saved from the horrors of factory farms and slaughterhouses.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Ritesh says:

    If Peta has such big donations and funds now what’s the problem in not setting up vegei eating houses ? Listen to the demand of millions and increase your funds thru these joints

  • Rajender Sethi says:

    Is Peta listening the voice of Andi of April 2nd ?

  • Jack says:

    where vegetarians and vagitarians come together!

  • rajender Sethi says:

    The comments and idea given by Andi is commendable wonderful and realistic. He sounds a genious. Peta has enough funds and if a chain of such absolutely pure vegan eating joints are opened they not only shall cater to the need taste and faith of the vegans but also shall bring in heavy profitable revenue and publicity unbound

  • michelle says:

    THANK U PETA and THANK U Mr.Mann we need more people like you in this world were poor animals are not respected the way they should be respected.

  • John says:

    Awesome donation but are we saying “exploit women not animals”? I hope not.

  • Nancy Wokich Abdallah says:

    Whatever it takes to SAVE ANIMALS! And stop the abuse!

  • Leslie says:

    vegans taste better!!!

  • Andi says:

    PETA I am still waiting for you to start a chain of vegan fastfood restaurants as Heather Mills vowed to do years ago but it never materialized. Instead of giving Burger King accolades for their processed vegburger fried on the same grill as meat! and what vegan would go there anyway? Why put more money into their slaughterhouse pockets? PETA really needs to get into the ring and rival Burger King McDonald’s! Throw some vegan KFC mockchicken in there too! What are you waiting for? Once people can go to a cool convenient fast food place to get nonmeatdairy fun meals that taste as good as the “junk food chains” you will convert so many people.

  • vivi says:

    that so great…really cool they help in that way really thanks…!

  • Patty Bowers says:

    PETA uses tons of sex to sell and attract people so what difference would one more thing do? I think whatever can increase PETA’s fight against animal cruelty is worthwhile to a point and INCLUDING It’s a good thing. Patty B.

  • chander kumar soni says:

    thanks you

  • Rajender Sethi says:

    Ohh ! That’s great ! Love and Compassion are human traits which are so much missing at present. Persons like Mann still exist for those speechless creations of God. God Bless you always Mann.

  • Cary Hoffman says:

    Mr. Mann Thank you so very much. This was a very generous gift and will do much to help the suffering of our fellow animal friends. Your good deed was appreciated by all.

  • liaqat says:

    very good

  • satish kumar karna says:

    this is really a teachable donation for every kindness true love for animal save program.thanks to the donator.

  • Chrystal says:

    That is fantastic!!! Please pass it through IRS!!! Good karma coming your way!!!

  • Zaida says:

    Thank you so much Mr.Mann God bless you!!

  • Divineshaman says:

    Thank you for the generous donation and all that comes with but … does it have to have links to site? what does it say about sexual promiscuity and online pornography? are we being earth friendly and animal rights activists but we say its okay to encourage this at the same time? If Mr. Mann is really intent in supporting Peta it should be without strings attached. Now that’s true philanthropy!

  • Samantha W. says:

    It IS true that vegetarians do it better!

  • Ginger says:

    April Fools?

  • Ava says:

    Dear Mr. Mann Thank you for your deep generosity. Myself and millions of Americans sincerely appreciate your support for doing the right thing for animals in the world. Thank you! All the best to you!

  • Lorraine Panagos says:

    That is fantastic! What a generous gift! That site is probably seen by thousands each day so it should really raise awareness of PETA’s mission. What a caring guy!!!

  • Pooch says:

    We need more people like him! Hes great!

  • utopaline says:

    one more reason to LOVE Mr. Mann. WOW

  • Andre Inglis says:

    This is probably the coolest thing I’ve heard in a long long time. XD Michael Mann you ROCK!!!!

  • John says:

    Who knew? Mike Mann is actually a saint!!!!!!!!!

  • roxanne says:

    Thank you Michael Mann!!!! Thank you for the nonhuman animals. thank you so much. May al the Good Karma in the world be yours.

  • myshkin says:

    This is absolutely brilliant. Thousands and thousands of people must go to every single day and now they will learn about animal suffering and healthy veg diets. Brilliant!! This Mike Mann guy is amazinglove him. Thank you Mr. Mann and thank you PETA!

  • Rad_Rosa89 says:

    This is really awesome news!

  • Anelies says:

    Wow! What a generous donation.