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Sex Dolls Agree: KFC Blows

Written by PETA | December 28, 2007

File this one under “hilarious.”


PETA Asia-Pacific, which may or may not be comprised of drunken frat guys, had a clever demonstration planned in which inflatable sex dolls would assert the fact that “KFC Blows”. Unfortunately the dolls were confiscated by customs officials in the Philippines, who may or may not be lonely men.

PETA Asia-Pacific had planned to take the dolls on a tour of red-light districts, including Pat Pong in Bangkok, Kings Cross in Sydney, Kabukicho in Japan, and the Philippines’ Angeles City. The dolls were confiscated by customs officials when they arrived in the Philippines via U.S.-based package carrier UPS en route to PETA Asia-Pacific’s office in Makati.

“The blow-up dolls were a trouble-free prop because KFC also treats chickens like inanimate objects,” says PETA Asia-Pacific Director Jason Baker. “KFC profits from using crude killing methods—the company has an international obligation to stop torturing the birds who end up dead in its buckets. We’re calling on people worldwide to boycott KFC until the company implements minimal animal welfare standards.”

Next maybe PETA Asia-Pacific will challenge KFC’s executives to Beirut to decide the fate of the 850 million chickens raised and killed for KFC.

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  • Nefarian says:

    WTF!! how do you expect people to take PETA seriously when you are making jokes like this… its not even taht funny… its just showing how tastesless you can get… just for this i am gonna go eat at KFC!!! way to go embarassing yourselves…

  • Sandra Deneault says:

    I think every way to attract attention to KFC is worth the effort….

  • Jack says:

    This is a joke!

  • Natalie says:

    RED LIGHT DISTRICT Literature? Studies? Grad school? And no I don’t think anyone is going to decide to go vegetarian for the rest of their life after seeing an antiKFC demonstration….but they might not eat at KFC next time! Your expectations are set impossibly high all or nothing. Very little will be changed with that approach. Small and gradual changes must be sought after and appreciated. “If I can stop one heart from breaking I shall not live in vain If I can ease one life the aching Or cool one pain Or help one fainting robin Unto his nest again I shall not live in vain.” Emily Dickinson

  • jay says:

    stop crying Nefarity it’s for the animals not the sex slaves. You know They should but a flatscreen tv in front of the kfc showing videos from the slauterhouse maybe people will respond to that better

  • Nefarity says:

    Nope. Not funny. +1 for being anti KFC 3 for touring blowup dolls in red light districts its offensive to the victimized sex slaves.

  • mairena says:

    “El” explains it shorter and better than all of us. Why damage your image by using already controversial subjects porn dolls etc on a already controversial issue meat eaters vs vegetarians. PETA should not have to waste their time on “clarifying issues” instead of plainly showing people what the problem with torturing animal is in a realistic way.

  • El says:

    The KFC Blows stunt really damages PETA’s reputation and credibility. Instead of gaining the intelligent public’s attention in a positive manner this type of campaign reinforces the “those peta people are just nuts” image that exists still today. Education is key but people listen to credible sources. Let’s take the image up a notch PETA!

  • matt says:

    bottom line KFC needs to stop.

  • lordWig says:

    Just like greenpeace and many others trying to animate teh public we need media attention and positive or negative critism is great but lets’s not get on each others backs. Actually KFC sucks.

  • Shayla says:

    The ad grabs your attentionin a vulgar way. All advertising sends out a message. This one says nothing it just places an opinion. What we need to do is find a way to get the message that KFC is cruel to the animals across to people who would not fully understand how inhumane some companies can be.

  • elphaba says:

    Why don’t all the folks here who seem to think they can do it better do a google search of peta in the news. Check out all the easily accessible coverage this and other ridiculous peta activities have garnered and quit your bitching. Maya you aren’t ever going to be right all the time so please come down off the pedestal you’ve placed yourself on. You might enjoy Wayne Pacelle’s bloghe never speaks up about anything so you’ll never have to disagree.

  • Dana says:

    Natalie lets not forget that I am on this website all the time so I read everything posted…. therefore to say it caught my attention is not a fair comparison.. These ad needs to reach people that are not already aware of the KFC cruelty and it needs to be an ad that people outside of ARAs need to take seriously. I am all for Petas campaigns that use shock to get attention. I personally do not think this one even has shock value it is just plain pointless. As for using newdifferent ideas to get KFCs and their customers attention I agree with you…but come on there are better ways than blow up dolls……………..

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    I do think that this campaign grabs attention and probably gets PETA some donations. That’s fine they need money. I get that. But does it change BEHAVIOR? Before you say yes what proof do you have? I’d be shocked if some weird horny guy who stopped by to check out the blow up dolls actually went vegetarian the rest of his life after that. If the motivation is shock value it’s a novelty and shortlived. Again I’d love to see a study which showed that this kind of campaign changed behavior. If someone just yearns for KFC one day of blow up dolls won’t change that and the literature gets forgotten. In grad school some people are studying what’s called Conservation Psychology that studies what kinds of things actually change people’s behavior for a lifetime to live a more ecofriendly life. It’s not simple. Personally I think ongoing peer pressure has something to do with it if some guy’s friends are all vegetarian he’s more likely to consider that lifestyle. Obviously all just my opinion I think the bottom line is what will change people’s behavior so that animals are treated better?

  • Natalie says:

    Maya the pamphlets may be well written…but how many people in red light districts do you think are actually going to READ them??? They were targeting a specific group of people whom you probably would not even bother approaching with animal rights issues. And Dana “It still stuns me that with all the media attention and awareness the KFC cruelty campaigns have gotten they have not moved to make changes.” Clearly newdifferent methods are needed!!! This seems like a brilliant method for getting attention. It certainly got yours!

  • laya says:

    furthermore people who don’t use sex toys are “creepy.” Again this is one of getting attention for a worth cause and I don’t think it was “boring.” Again i’m sure that some small portion of the people who eat at KFC are not sophisticated clever original or smart as you think you are…they are normal…normal being that it’s possible they don’t see blow up dolls every day nor associate them with “porn” do you even know what porn is? here’s a tip you’ll love me for check out “cherry magazine” that’s Good Porn…anyway…like i was saying…in this day and age stuff like that gets attention. it’s a marketing strategy it’s working i’m going to show this page to my less sophisticated college buddies who are lowly porn lovers it’ll get a chuckle and now they’ll know about PETA and the plight and it won’t be boring informational packet…they’ll just wanna help cuz it was funny and it sounds worthy you know? peace.

  • laya says:

    what do you mean “this educates people how?” Every industry targets different people based on what appeals to that particular group. These people were using a clever way of getting attention…maybe not “sophisticated” but the people that eat at KFC are not ALL SOPHISTICATED they are young and old and children and poor or notthey just like chicken…whatever…the point is in this case you’re targeting people w a sense of humor or you’re getting ATTENTION because the display is not B O R I N G. please most people who bitch about propriety have nothing better to do…complainers complainers no imagination no tolerance no understanding that we live in DIVERSE world and life is short so just relax.

  • Ivonne says:

    Any protest is better than none. At least they are making themselves known posters and flyers work for some videos for others and blowup dolls reach another group of people the point is too inform people and thats what happened.

  • candice says:

    i had no idea about kfc. but i really don’t think that the blow up dolls attract the right attention to the real message. instead show something a little bit more true. the truth opens eyes and opens minds. get a picture of what really happens to the chickens that are killed in inhumane manners and that would possibly shock the people to the point that they’re disgusted with kfc.

  • Kristina says:

    See this is what PETA does … Fine let’s get some controversial issues and then further it by a sometimes controversial campaign against it. Sarah and everyone elese who thought this was a ‘good’ thing ‘”KFC Blows” blow up dolls’ … no it’s not wonderful it’s frat boyish moronic and pointless.

  • farah says:

    this is just plain stupid

  • Katherine says:

    lol. I like it. I think it’s creative. And it will definitely catch people’s attention.

  • Anonymous says:

    wow you people who don’t understand the value of shock in advertising are really missing it this is GENIUS!!! PETA has to appeal to ALL groups of people so if there is an immature subset of disgusting male pigs as a member of said subset i can assure you that we exist this is aimed for them get over it

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Bill Point taken! LOL

  • elphaba says:

    Blah blah blah I’m Maya and I always have to remind everyone of all of my credentials and how holierthanthou I am. Get over yourself. You don’t seem to like the way peta does anything so why are you here?

  • Bill says:

    LOL!!!! and uh Maya as a horny slob I can assure you we do not drool over blowup dolls. Naked women sure. Inflatable dolls no.

  • Sarah says:

    This is why I love PETA. They can take anything and make it into a campaign and with humor. Cant forget the creativity. KFC BLOWS blow up dolls.its just wonderful.

  • Dick the Whale says:

    I think that KFC directors’ brains and hearts are blown out of their carcasses and are rotting in hell! THE BLOWERS ARE BLOWN!!!

  • Morgan says:

    haha this is pretty funny!

  • Jaclyn says:

    Yeah… not my favorite either…

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Hi Johnny! I think humor is wicked important. However here’s a quote from Jonathon Alter about swearing “The words themselves bother me less than the lack of imagination behind them as if offending people was a function of laziness and the absence of anything else to say”. I’ll translate that for you boring! Anyone can writhe around waving a blow up doll around and call it humor. It’s unoriginal. It’s sad because the informational packets that PETA has are wonderfully written stellar information. Then they promote it by creating a porn website? Yuck! If they were promoting human sexuality fine. It’s appropriate. But waving around sex toys while promoting animal protection is just plain creepy. Peace and cheers to Suzannah and Dana.

  • Dana says:

    I have to agree with Maya on this one…not my favorite at all! This goes too far away from the message intended. I totally agree that things need to be done to keep the KFC cruelty message going just think there are better ways to get the message across for I am afraid this way blows! It still stuns me that with all the media attention and awareness the KFC cruelty campaigns have gotten they have not moved to make changes. I just dont get it half the people I talk to if they know one thing about Peta at all it is the that KFC is cruel to chickens…yet these same people even after watching videos still stop and grab a bite at KFC… just does not make any sense to me in a conversation with a girl I know all she talked about was how bad the KFC abuse is then a week later after taking a vacation I overheard her telling someone else about how her her husband stopped at KFC on the drive back??????????? Guess some people just never will really GET IT no matter what you do.

  • Susannah S says:

    Did I miss something here? What do blowup dolls have to do with KFC’s policies of cruelty? I hope I’m not being too starchy here but this is a deadly serious subject. Are frat boy props the most effective way to bring attention to it?

  • Johnny says:

    I think it’s pretty funny! It’s almost 2008 Maya. Sense of humour?

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    And this educates people how? I’m sure most of these KFC protests attracts plenty of horny slobs who drool over the naked women and or blow up dolls charming! and then troll straight into KFC for some good old dead animals. It’s almost 2008 PETA. Sophistication?