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Seven Puppies Dead After Flight

Written by PETA | August 5, 2010

On Monday, we blogged about the risks posed to animals who are stowed away like luggage in the cargo holds of planes. On Tuesday, those warnings became a heartbreaking reality for seven puppies who died after being shipped from Tulsa, Oklahoma, to Chicago in the hold of a commercial airline.



Shipping animals as if they were duffel bags or cosmetics cases is wrong for many reasons, one being that the cargo holds of airplanes are often not temperature-controlled. During the summer months, the temperature in this area of a plane can be deadly. Investigators are considering heatstroke as one possible cause of death for the puppies. It’s believed that temperatures in Tulsa were already 86 degrees before 7 a.m., and the puppies were loaded into the cargo hold and left there as the flight was delayed on the tarmac for more than an hour. If this is the case, the puppies may have been baked alive in temperatures well above 100 degrees. A dog can succumb to heatstroke in just 15 minutes, and it’s not a pleasant way to go.

We have set up a memorial page for the animals over on our True Friends Memorials site. Please take a minute to leave some kind words and consider donating to help other animals in need. And the next time you travel with your animal companions, only fly if they can fly in the cabin with you—or make it a road trip, and let Fido ride shotgun.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • Piper says:

    For anyone considering transporting a pet on a plane, read the following Federally required reports from every carrier regarding their death, injury, and loss statistics. The info is current through September 2011.

  • Continental says:

    Best Friends Animal Sanctuary uses Continental and to quote them “Continental has never so much as made one of our animals sick much less kill one of them.” Coming from the largest nokill animal sanctuary in the country world? who ships out dozens of animals every week… I would say these are pretty strong statistics . Also to the person who said that breeding cats and dogs is wrong… I think you have a misunderstanding. Breeding for profit is wrong puppy mills are wrong but breeding in order to improve the breed to try to weed out all the crap genes that puppy mills cause and spread throughout the country that is not wrong.

  • Ohmi says:

    This post made me more upset about the shippers than the airlines but out of everything this post made me think about what the best way to travel with pets is. Though most expensive I do like the idea about using a pet airliner. I have a friend who is severely allergic to both cats and dogs so I can’t imagine what would happen if she were ever on a plane with pets in the cabin. Even so I would NEVER send my pets in cargo. Luckily when I travel I have a wonderful neighbor who loves animals take care of my pets and whenever he travels I gladly return the favor. Without him I would try to find a respectable shelter in the area to care for my pets.

  • Kathryn says:

    American Airlines is one of the corporate sponsors of the Cheyenne rodeo animal cruelty and torture for entertainment. So why would AA give a crap about pets in plane holds? Watch the thugs manage to break a horse’s neck and the hind leg of a bull. SHARK rodeo animal cruelty on YouTube.

  • Rachael Games says:

    Both owners and airlane are at fault here. Any animal owner who cares for their fury companioncompanions would do their research familiarizing themselfs with how airlines handle pets as cargo and hopefully choose what’s humame for their animal and not just the most convienent route. And any boycott that would happen you’d have to boycott most airlines cause they all have similar policies for pet travel. Just Do the humane thing and take the extra few days and drive to your destination for the sake of your pet!

  • Azami says:

    Sad but not tragic. It’s better to know you couldn’t have stopped it that way you won’t have to regret your actions. Any way people make mistakes. Not that mistakes are acceptable but they do happen. Not under our control. boycotting the airline won’t do much especially since it’s wasn’t human lives in danger and it’s not a common occurrence and most people don’t fly with pets.

  • elisa says:

    i remember waching a commercial on buying dvds on what hitler did it showed some clips of it. the evilness was so bad i actualy got stomach cramps. waching what people can do to animals is like waching what hitler did

  • Cindy Wines says:

    There is no excuse for not have a temperature controlled pressurized room for animals that are being shipped. Either heat exhaustion or exploding from the pressure. If we shipped humans that way how do you think they wouldlike it? No excuse American Airlines no excuse !! You have lost my business. I am an animal lover!!

  • ISABEL says:

    this is so sad …