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Senator Introduces Bill to End Seal Slaughter

Written by Michelle Kretzer | May 2, 2012

Following a meeting with PETA just weeks ago, Canadian Sen. Mac Harb introduced historic legislation today to end Canada’s seal slaughter, stating that the “end of the commercial sealing industry is now inevitable.” Sen. Larry Campbell seconded the motion, and it received an overwhelmingly positive response from other senators who want to see it debated.

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Sen. Harb’s bill comes on the heels of Russia’s decision to ban seal-fur imports—a move that came after Pamela Anderson led an international appeal on PETA’s behalf. Russia (which had been importing 95 percent of Canadian seal pelts), the U.S., E.U. countries, and many other nations have banned seal-product imports following years of intensive international campaigns by PETA and our affiliates.

Celebrities such as Pamela Anderson, Pink, Olivia Munn, Russell Simmons, Tommy Lee, Alicia Silverstone, Dave Navarro, Joanna Krupa, and many others have set the Twitterverse on fire by pushing PETA’s action alert calling on support for the historic bill.

We have an opportunity to end the barbaric annual bludgeoning and shooting of baby harp seals for good, and we cannot let it pass us by.

If you are Canadian, contact your senator.

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  • Kim says:

    We are suppose to have the intelligence to know what is right and what is wrong. It appears we have learned nothing from our past. I praise PETA for standing up for what is right. I am embarrased to be a Canadian, knowing my government endorses this kind of brutality. Stop the seal slaughter now!

  • Sandra says:

    The Goverment has to find other incomming resources for the Canadian people and NOT KILL SEALS. Im am from Europe and it is a shame than in Canada this happens.

  • John says:

    End the seal hunt in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan and the coastal shores of Edmonton! Peta is so intelligent to make sure this brutality go un-noticed!!

  • Brenda Armour says:

    I live in Prince Edward Island, Canada PLEASE Canadians share the action alert. Twitter the link ! The Canadian Senate need your feedback. Use Hashtag or search #sealhunt and follow the debate. This is a critical time and SEALS NEED OUR HELP !!!

  • Jodie Watts says:

    Stop seal slaughter now!

  • Simon Dymond says:

    Stop the slaughter!

  • De Moya says:

    Please end this barbaric act