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Selling Out Homeless Animals

Written by PETA | June 9, 2010

Thanks to a recent undercover investigation in which PETA revealed that the University of Utah (the U) had bought more than 100 homeless animals from animal shelters and subjected them to invasive, painful, and deadly experiments, a law was passed so that shelters in Utah are no longer required to turn animals over to laboratories. There is now only one animal shelter in the entire state—the North Utah Valley Animal Shelter (NUVAS)—that voluntarily continues to betray homeless dogs and cats by selling them to the U. The NUVAS is signing the torture-followed-by-death warrant for animals it hands over, as most are likely to suffer in the sort of archaic experiments documented by PETA’s undercover investigator. A recent demonstration outside NUVAS sent the message loud and clear that this betrayal of trust cannot go on:




The demonstrators handed out leaflets to passersby, warning them about NUVAS’ “pound-seizure” policy. They begged people who were surrendering animals to take their cats and dogs to a different shelter and personally rescued two surrendered cats, Angel and Libby, who might have otherwise ended up being tortured in the U’s experiments. Let’s keep the pressure on NUVAS and press for an end to its release of animals for experimentation.

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • Nikki says:

    I live by this shelter! I had no idea this was going on! Disgusting!



  • Kristy Mason says:

    Has anyone contacted the local press in Utah to do a story on this? I’m sure there would be public out cry and the shelter would have to stop as well as the university. I don’t live in America so wouldn’t know where to start to notify the press of this story. i’m sure PETA is on to it though. I really hope this sort of stuff does not go on in Australia. It’s something I must look into now.

  • Michelle Jones says:

    For me it is the ultimate betrayal. These places shouldn’t be allowed to call themselves “shelters”. The word “shelter” means a place of refuge away from danger. What a joke. It all goes back to the history of the ASPCA selling out to the municipalities years ago. Often these are peoples cherished pets given up often for legitimate reasons such as owner death etc … people don’t read the small print on the surrender form and I bet that it’s not verbally highlighted to the surrenderer. Humans suck big time. This whole world is corrupt and is totally driven by money. Where did all the people with morals go? I don’t agree with vivisection at all not even for life saving drugs I have seen the level of sick experimentation that goes on “for the greater good of man”. It also takes a certain type of person to be involved in vivisection it’s animal abuse no matter how you dress it up and undercover footage has revealed many incidents of the animals being abused beyond the experiments with beatings etc because these are the kind of people vivisection attracts it’s legal animal abuse and it means they are immune from prosecution whilst getting away with sick “legal” practices. But that’s by the by there are animals specifically bred for vivisection and they know no other life and whilst that doesn’t make it acceptable in my book taking a dog or cat that has known a soft bed and a loving caress and playing ball and throwing them into that life of hell is just beyond everything a “shelter” should stand for.

  • Anna Kerruish says:

    Thank God PETA was there and thank you PETA for educating us. I hope that this Half Way House to Death is shut down for good! It’s disgustingHow can one work for a shelter that sends animals to a death chamber. I’m sorry I don’t know about you all but the last time I checked I’m built nothing like a dogcatinternally or externally. STOP THE ANIMAL TESTING!!!!

  • 4mula1 says:

    does your charity fund that? please visit reform march of and what reason does the university give. it cant be surgery.. practice surgery on animals was OUTLAWED years ago in england. over 95 of u.s. medical schools NO LONGER OFFER animal lab. no matter what the excuse. animal research is inexcuseable.

  • lsolo says:

    Are you kidding Joan? Mormons are NOT animal lovers. Oversized family BBQs aside they have scripture which state that meat should only be eaten in times of famine or winter that the religion as a whole ignores focusing instead on the biblical scripture that says animals are for man’s “use.” Believe me I’ve argued about this with them family members at that when I became veg 10 years ago.

  • johanna silverstein says:


  • Joan Faszczewski says:

    This is not right these dogs should have been put up for adoption or giving to someone so they can be fostered. That is a sin what this animal shelter is doing. I thought Mormons were animal lovers.

  • Jackie says:

    If you can’t trust animal shelters then who can you trust? It’s a real betrayal of trust and I don’t know how the people working there knowing that they’re doing this can sleep at night. Unless they’re hiding this from their employees you think that’s the case?

  • Saucy says:

    That’s a really rotton thing to do to loving and trusting animals. North Valley Utah Animal Shelter…………..How could you? University of Utah…………..How could you?

  • burke chaplin says:

    selling or giving homeless animals for experiments is a are a blem on all the good shelters..

  • farah says:

    How terrible. So glad peta members were there to protest this.

  • Levi D. Burbank says:

    I have been following Peta through the years and actually wrote my high school English paper on cruelty to animals in small towns. PETA was my main topic on the paper. I am from a small town in Idaho were the cattle company Simplot is the main source of income for most people in that area. I worked at that feedlot for one summer and couldn’t stomach the things that I saw the people do to them animals. I know live in Boise and dread visiting my realatives that live in the town that is near the feed lot. What can be done to let people know that the discusting meat that they are eating is being fed moldy food other animals and stuff that smells so bad that you can’t help but gag at the smell???

  • Michelle Woods says:

    The North Valley Utah animal shelter should be is a disgrace to our society and have failed our animals miserably. I hope they get shut down real soon. Justice will be served especially spiritual JusticeKarma will be served. I will always stand up for animals and be their voice. I dont call this place a shelter they dont provide loving homes for animals. I call it “HEll” a torture dungeon. The demons that work their are evil monsters that participate in animal cruelty. The North Utah Animal Dungeon not Shelter should be shut down Permanently. Praying for all the animals they are in my heart and prayers. Manifesting that we will all make a difference and change the world for a better place. Thank God for the compassionate people this dungeon is not a part of the human race. Human derived from humane def does not describe anyone at this dungeon hell hole.

  • roxanne says:

    HOw sad what kind of university is this???

  • Rebecca Liebelt says:

    I am so grateful I stumbled upon this article. I have taken strays to this very shelter before. I will definately put the word out locally about this disgusting practice.

  • Kelley says:

    Does anyone know how Robert is doing??? Any sightings or news?