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We See You, Burger King, and Raise You a Scent

Written by PETA | December 22, 2008

So, Burger King has announced that it’s releasing a cologne called “Flame.” And no, it’s not just for gay guys. They describe it as—get this—”the scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat.” Yeah, because there’s nothing sexier than grilled flesh … but wait, Jeffrey Dahmer isn’t with us anymore, so who is this for?

Well, PETA likes this idea but thinks it doesn’t go far enough. Why start at the grill? That’s why we are launching our own fragrance called “GORE,” with the tagline “Eau de Mort!’ Take just one whiff, and you’ll be reminded of who they’re cooking over there in fast-foodville (or wearing, in this case). What exactly does it smell like? Meat, naturally! And, for authenticity, our scent even includes a maggot in each bottle, just to make the experience realistic.

So, how do you feel about GORE? It’d make a lovely holiday gift for any suspected necrophiliac.

Front of our GORE package.

Inside of our GORE package.

Written by Lianne Turner

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  • MARIELA says:

    HAHA! . Great!

  • Christina says:

    Although I think Burger King’s cologne idea is disgusting I don’t think it’s right to be attacking them. They are one of the only major fast food chains that serves veggie burgers. You can’t get those at Wendy’s or McDonald’s. BK is more vegetarianfriendly and I remember reading a PETA feature that said BK was adopting more humane animal policies for the other menu items. Doesn’t that count for something?

  • vegancoin says:

    i want some. it will sell. it won’t sell. millions less will actually buy it. why the worm bad karma. it’s a fake worm. al gore good. al gore bad. al gore not veggie. internet buzz. who came up with this idea. the meat culture is hilarious. only overweight people will buy it. give me a break.

  • Teri says:

    YES! I think this would actually sell!!

  • Jules says:

    A perfume that smell like grilled flesh? Thats rich!!! pretty gross though. I hope that isnt a real maggot as well. It’s a crazy idea but I wouldn’t mind sending this scent of rotting flesh to a lot of jerks I know.

  • Logan says:

    Is this real? I have a friend who would love this.

  • carolyn says:

    I am concernedyou are giving them free press but on the other hand it highlights how disgusting the idea is and why it will fail miserably. They clearly are are sick from all the chemicals in meat as their thinking is worped.

  • guber says:

    Gross BK needs to hire a new publicist or something because what genius gag came up with the idea of meatscented perfume? The men in my family smell meaty enough as it is and they shower so that they DON’T have to smell that way. Gross gross gross. This is very literally one of the worst ideas I have ever heard. Cruelty + men who smell like a carcass burger NO THANK YOU.

  • Meater says:

    PETA is reacting to BK’s attempt at manufacturing internet buzz.. is anyone really going to wear the cologne? Certainly millions fewer than who will talk about it and joke about it and mention BK in conversation.. What PETA is doing by responding at all to this is fueling BK buzz.. Save your money PETA be a buzz kill literally ignore this publicity stunt and focus on core issues.

  • Matt Frazier says:

    This is stupid. PETA should be pressuring other major fastfood restaurants to carry veggie burgers like BK does and not go against one of the only major restaurants that do. Everyone knows that the scent is not going to sell well so why waste your time putting maggots which are also animals and can feel pain in something stupid that PETA has cooked up? I love PETA but just like the Ben Jerry’s breast milk request this makes PETA look like a laughing stock.

  • Jacon says:

    didnt burger king agree with more humane ways of killing animals or something?

  • Tammy says:

    I’d rather smell like a Big Mac. I don’t like the Gore idea because Al Gore looks like he smells like fried food and Brut.

  • pat39 says:

    who wants to walk around smelling of a grilled burger that just happens to be ‘mobile’ as well? so SILLY!!! the thought is almost nauseous! dont’ or wouldn’t konw whether to hug him or chomp on him presuming you’re a redblooded meat eater that is..

  • kayla says:

    gag… WHAT!? why do they have to make it smell like a corpse when they could just use REAL musk instead of synthetic musk ?? ps.. musk comes from a word that means TESTICAL ya… be carful when buying perfum !

  • roxanne says:

    how about the fart smells from eating meat? blah it lethal

  • Samantha Kooyman says:

    i think it’s disgusting… I don’t even like burger king and i think that they should stick to their disgusting burgers instead of developing a perfume….. burger king is not a celebrity nor a clothing line so dont make perfumes….

  • Katie says:

    Is BK serious? who the hell wants to smell like death on a bun??? OOOh I know fat losers who only care about themselves! I think this PETA idea is very entertaining and will bring much attention to our cause!! and to answer the other persons post I doubt the maggots are real.

  • Just me says:

    Is this a play on Al Gore? Although he could stand to go veg my concern is that this will be precieved as an attack on him. Mr. Inconvient TruthNoble Peace Prize winner does not make a good target. I just bring this up because of what was commented on Gore a few months back on this here blog. Okay done rambling!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Hilarious this meat culture of ours. If you want to smell like “flamebroiled meat” get a job behind the counter. What’s next for Murder King a soap that smells like slaughterhouse offal?

  • Aneliese says:

    I love it PETA. Who would even buy perfume from Burger King? I mean it’s Burger King!!!!

  • Joel Bartlett says:

    Samantha I assure you the maggot it not real. Joel

  • Samantha Vaughn says:

    Wait you put a maggot in there? Doesn’t that sort of go against what we are shooting for? Liberation of ALL animals? Why is a maggot used for our gain? He still has a life right? A gross one no doubt… but still a life. Also this makes us look like hypocrites. Please consider putting a fake bug in there!

  • Michelle Cross says:

    I only wish this was not true. Burger King should work on including more vegan options on their menu not meat scented cologne. Its bad enough I live so close to Burger King I can smell it all day long. ew.

  • Kurt K says:

    Gore won’t work. Flamebroiled whoppers smell much better than maggot infested rotting meat. Everybody knows that.