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SeaWorld’s Lack of Family Values

Written by PETA | July 13, 2009
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The folks who scoffed at our proposal to buy SeaWorld and convert its facilities into non-animal theme parks might reconsider their stance after reading about the real cost of having these parks continue with business as usual.

Last week, we received word from a whistleblower that a dolphin named Dixie, who is exploited in SeaWorld’s Discovery Cove “swim with dolphins” attraction in Orlando, gave birth to a stillborn infant. What’s more, even though SeaWorld knew that Dixie was due to give birth, the park apparently did not have a veterinarian available for Dixie at any point during or after her labor. She was forced to endure this traumatic experience—and its aftermath—without proper care.

This information came to us just a few short weeks after another dolphin, Scarlet, and her unborn fetus died at Discovery Cove. In that case, we were told that the necropsy revealed that Scarlet’s uterus had ruptured while she was pregnant, causing the calf to be released into her body cavity.

These disgraceful incidents clearly show that SeaWorld and other aquariums don’t really care about the well-being of the animals they incarcerate, so we have filed a complaint with the USDA calling for investigations into Scarlet’s death and the lack of care provided to Dixie.

We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, if you’re going to Florida this summer (or any other time), there are lots of great places to visit where your money won’t go toward hurting smart, sensitive animals.

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • anon says:

    Cool story bro.

  • Jody says:

    I agree that this is bad and that they should take better care. Please remember that this is a management issue not a Sea World issue. if a 16 year old spits in your veggie burger it’s not the companies fault it’s an issue with that person and hisher superiors. Yes this need to be investigated and anyone who is involved should be punished but we need to remember that Sea World as a whole uses most of it’s money to rehabilitate and rescue injured animals from all over the world. I’m not saying that they should be exploited or neglected but unlike other “zoo” style parks Sea World is trying to do something good as well. Jody

  • anonymous says:

    While I think this is a tragedy and I am vegetarian I love sea world. It is a chance for people to get close to animals which would not occur in our every day lives. I think there are ways to better care for these animals. And to not treat them like side shows. Although I understand sea world is in the business of making money. Most people do not see nor hear of the things that may or may not happen behind the scenes so how are the customers suppose to know? On the one hand I love being able to go to sea world when my husband are able to. We have one in San Antonio although we reside in the DFW area. So it not often we go. I LOVE animals and that’s why I love being able to see these sea creatures up close at sea world. On the other hand I get it. And I understand. I wouldn’t want these animals to suffer.

  • Rachel says:

    Sea World is so horrible. I have been on a dolphin watch out in the ocean they are such amazing creatures that will allow you to see them in their natural environment. Sea World only cares about profits. not animals

  • Niki says:

    Sea World is a disgusting animal abusement park! They allow animals to die at very young ages for the sake of “educating the public.” What is so educational about a dolphin wearing a hat and squeaking along to Christmas songs?? Pathetic. Sea World needs to have their animals taken from them and rehabilitatedreleased or at least retired from ‘show business.’ Thanks for this post!

  • Wendy says:

    How sickening and so sad! I can’t imagine this is happening at a place like Sea World. Even for the dollars Sea World brings in they really should take better care of their commodity. It’s obvious they do not care enough about these animals.

  • David Weil says:

    Jack Hannah needs to stop endorsing Sea World!!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    I pray that there are some zoos and aquariums that do have management staff that care deeply about animal welfare.

  • AAG says:

    People need to be educated. If no one goes to these displays of slavery then they will close. I love dolphins! I also dislike the swimming with the dolphins with kids that have disabilities. It is neither humane nor ethical for the dolphins. Just more slavery like the capuchin monkeys used this way too to work in homes.

  • Aneliese says:

    Unbelievable. I cannot understand how a place like this can still exist and have people who want to go and see it. I’m at a loss for words.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    This does not surprize me. A few years back at one of the parks I do not remember which one an Orca gave birth during a show. Less than one week later the baby died. I remember thinking the park must have planned the public birth because the entire spectacle was filmed and used in their commericials for the park until the infant died. Then nothing was heard about it.

  • Carla says:

    What!! How can they do that to them!!?? I can’t even imagine how painfull that was for those Dolphins! As a women I know what it’s like to have Abdomal pain but these poor things can’t talk and forced to go without any help! How sad!!!Someone needs to step in.

  • Carla says:

    All of these damn places need to be closed down for good. These beautiful dolphins are NOT here for human entertainment. Everyone ban these damn places ….. please!!!!!