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SeaWorld? Whales Would Rather Be Beached

Written by PETA | February 7, 2011

On Super Bowl Sunday, a wave of 50 protestors crashed onto SeaWorld San Diego’s main entrance shouting, “Shame on you—free Shamu!” Then four “orcas” made their way into the intersection Beatles-style and lay “beached” for half an hour until they were dragged away by police and arrested.




Orca Road


All we are saying is give whales a chance.


Baby, I can’t drive my car to SeaWorld with these whales in the road.

Captive orcas could use a little help from their friends. Tell SeaWorld that whales don’t belong in jail.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • youknow says:

    this is even more amusing than sea world

  • Jesse says:

    Hahaha, at least this story had a happy ending. Handcuffs for all who deserve them! I hate obnoxious protestors. They make fools out of themselves and ruin the reputation of whatever organization they are “trying” to represent. Releasing Keiko was a mistake that subjected him to a miserable life. No, he should not have caught in the first place, but moving him from Mexico to Oregon should have been the end of it. He was so accustomed to human contact that he was found in shallow water playing with children several times. And no, Rai Cruz, Winter does not belong in a sanctuary. She has no tail. She moves like a shrimp without the artificial tail that was made for her.

  • sydney says:

    Rai cruz many dolphins and whales have died when they have been returned to the wild. look at kekio yes it wasn’t right for them to take him but realsing him was not the best answer he would of done much better in a larger tank. if they free those orcas expecially those who where born there they would die SO PETA LISTEN TO ME

  • kimberlyXtorres says:

    I do agree.But you guys done so much im doing a project about peta

  • tom moore says:

    Man that was so cool. Thank’s all.

  • Melmac says:

    I don’t think this is a “four-star protest” – it’s a dangerous one that could’ve gotten you guys killed, and ruined what little of PETA’s reputation it has on being a good activist group.

  • Rai cruz says:

    Sydney, that dolphin belongs in a sanctuary. NOT a marine mammal park. In other words, the more marine parks (who capture perfectly healthy dolphins for no reson other to entertain )we shut down, the more room we have for sanctuaries (sp?) to help injured dolphins who cannot return to the ocean. But performing endlessly, in a small concreate tank is NOT the answer. (sorry about my horrible spelling)

  • ScallyCap says:

    I think that if people don’t WANT to give a shit about orcas, you shouldn’t force them to. Have a little consideration for the apathetic.

  • SaySomething says:

    THIS IS FANTASTIC!!! If you want to see a whale see it in its natural habitat! Sea World is animal abuse… those pens are too small and these animals have to spend their lives entertaining greasy fingered ignorant people. THIS IS WHAT IT IS ALL about spread awareness! PS If i were a dolphin in a crab trap (another human mechanism) I would want to be rehabilitated and released into the wild!

  • nancy says:

    Thanks for drawing attention by getting into the streets and forcing people to look at the issue.

  • Melmac says:

    I’m not surprised they were arrested – please protest what you want, but do it safely. Staying on crosswalks can get you guys killed, and that’s not good for you or the animals.

  • sydney says:

    you guys are mean to seaworld stop your protesting now stop and think of this your a dolphin a your traped in a crab trap your gasping for breathe would you want to die or be rescued by seaworld this happend to winter the dolphin

  • xGTRx D3stroy3r says:

    Lol orcas :p

  • Shari says:

    This is a full 4 star protest! I mean a 4 whale stop traffic dead in it’s tracks protest!! Wonderful, Brave, Powerful Protest! So proud of them!