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SeaWorld Slammed With Federal Fine Over Unsafe Conditions

Written by PETA | June 14, 2013

PETA protested outside SeaWorld parks in San Antonio and San Diego today, just one week after the marine-animal prison chain was hit with a $38,500 repeat violation fine from the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) for allowing dangerous contact between employees and orcas in defiance of a federal court order—and basic decency.

This SeaWorld San Antonio employee was shocked to learn about the violations that led to the OSHA fine.

The fine resulted from a follow-up investigation and photos and footage on TV of trainers who hugged and kissed orcas without any protective barrier, as required by an earlier OSHA ruling. SeaWorld fought OSHA’s decision with two unsuccessful appeals, but the ruling stands.

Aggression between orcas is nearly non-existent in nature, but the constant stress of living in forced social groupings inside tiny tanks at SeaWorld causes them to lash out, posing a danger to animals and employees alike. SeaWorld’s own corporate incident logs contain reports of more than 100 incidents at its parks. Orcas have pulled trainers into the water, held them at the bottom of the pool, head-butted them, slammed into them, breached on top of them, and, of course, killed them—and those are just the episodes that have been reported.

What You Can Do

Please tell everyone you know to leave all marine-animal parks and aquariums out of their family travel plans, and ask SeaWorld officials to release their animals to sanctuaries

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  • Paul F Davis says:

    Thanks for keeping them honest. I just watched #Blackfish last night on CNN. Incredible the abuse of whales that has gone on for decades without being challenged.

  • Shari says:

    PETA i is always educating the public about the harm that captive animal shows cause not only for the animals, who endure intense suffering because of it, but also the harm & danger the employee are subject to while being in contact with a captive animal. SeaWorld needs to release these whales now and provide a safe work environment for their employee’s.

  • Doris Mastellone says:

    It was great being there with my fellows comrades, voicing the orcas! Thank you Peta for your continuous efforts toward the animal”s liberation. Until every cage is empty!! We won’t be silent!

  • George S Jorandros says:

    These large fishes deserve to be free.In captivity they are just an entertainment for us but torture for them. They have a very refined intelligence and sensitivity.

  • VeganJim says:

    Whales should not be confined to tanks or tubs when they are used to swimming 50-70 miles a day in the ocean. Would you want to spend 40 years of your life in a bathtub and have your life expectancy halved? Truly people see a world of shame!

  • Honesty Helps says:

    Kudos to PeTA for letting the employees know about this. It’s a dirty job but PeTA will be there to do it, thanks.

  • Rose Bauman says:

    Kudos to PeTa and its volunteers for informing the public of Sea Worlds’ atrocious practices of not only keeping Orcas in “fish bowls”, but allowing handlers to interact with them without protective barriers despite being fined for endangering their lives. WHO would want to be “entertained” by such practices, that exploits the suffering of these animals!

  • A Boodramsingh says:

    Every vessel of life on this Earth has a God-given right to be in the comfort of their own God-given homes. Please release the orca and other animals into approved sanctuaries. You won’t do trap your children- so do not trap the animals. Please. Much gratitude!

  • Shari says:

    It’s really sad that SeaWorllds own employees didn’t know about this latest REPEAT Citation , $38,500 fine, until PETA showed up outside their front gates! What a way to find out!!! It must have taken SeaWorld by surprise that PETA showed up so fast. SeaWorld is now a REPEAT OFFENDER per OSHA! Is it going to take another tragic death of a SeaWorld trainer for SeaWorld to be told by the world and the legal system that these whales must be freed? Hey SeaWorld here’s your sign : “REPEAT OFFENDER”