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SeaWorld Beefs Up Security—but That Doesn’t Stop PETA

Written by Michelle Kretzer | March 3, 2014

SeaWorld expected protesters at its presentation at The New York Times Travel Show. The park was allotted only a tiny stage and a few chairs in the massive auditorium, but SeaWorld had it filled with security and police officers—about 10 of them in an area that could hold only 20 people. But if the park thought the imposing sight would squelch PETA’s protest, it was wrong.

SeaWorld Silent Protest 2

As the park trotted out several captive wild animals that it had dragged along, six PETA members wearing “SeaWorld Kills” T-shirts rose, walked to the stage, and stood in silent protest (so as not to scare the animals). The police escorted them out, but even as the group made its way through the building, the demonstrators talked with the officers and those around them about how SeaWorld tears families apart, holds majestic marine mammals captive, and forces them to perform day after day.

SeaWorld Silent Protest

SeaWorld Silent Protest 3

And as the PETA members left, people thanked them for what they did and even asked to take pictures with them. Want to show hundreds of people every day that SeaWorld hurts animals? Pick up your “SeaWorld Kills” T-shirt from the PETA Catalog.

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