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Victory! Charges Against Woman Who Stood Up to SeaWorld Dismissed

Written by Michelle Kretzer | December 18, 2014

Update: After Amanda Slyter—and 15 other protesters—stood in front of SeaWorld’s float at the Rose Parade and blocked its path, she was arrested and charged with “interfering with a special event.” Amanda was prepared to invoke the “greater good” defense, meaning that she broke a lesser law in order to right a greater wrong—namely, SeaWorld’s abuse of captive marine mammals. But Amanda and her counsel didn’t even have to present her defense. Today, a Pasadena, California, court dropped all charges against her.

“This trial is just one step in the vigorous and growing movement to free the orcas who are cruelly confined and denied everything that’s natural and important to them at SeaWorld,” says Slyter. “More and more people are demanding that SeaWorld move the orcas to a coastal sanctuary, where they’d enjoy some semblance of a natural life.”

The following was originally published on March 13, 2014:

She was arrested after blocking SeaWorld’s float at the Rose Parade, but Amanda Slyter pleaded “not guilty” in court today. Why? Because she believes that her actions qualify for protection under a common-law defense called “necessity,” or the “greater good” defense. This means that a person violated a lesser law in order to right a greater wrong—in this case, SeaWorld’s cruel confinement of orcas to tiny concrete tanks.

Amanda Slyter ArrestAmanda (in red) during her arrest

Outside the courthouse, PETA supporters gathered to back Amanda and to hold signs that read, “SeaWorld Hurts Orcas.”

Amanda Slyter before courtAmanda Slyter before court this morning

Amanda Slyter Suporters

SeaWorld’s float depicted orcas leaping freely in the sea with their pods—a far cry from reality. The orcas held by SeaWorld are actually confined to glorified bathtubs, where they’re forced to perform confusing tricks for paying customers. Distraught mother orcas even have their babies taken away and shipped to other parks. Standing in a parade route for a few minutes certainly seems to pale in comparison with SeaWorld’s actions.

The court has yet to decide whether Amanda’s necessity defense will render her not guilty,  but PETA will keep our members updated on the case. In the meantime, please keep e-mailing SeaWorld and demanding that the park let the orcas retire to ocean sanctuaries.

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  • paula j.w-c says:

    The intelligent choice is the humane choice: we must return the humane to humanity. Sea world — the world is watching and we won’t stop until right-action is attained. We are resolute.

  • Michael C. says:

    This girl is clearly brave and certainly wants justice for our sadly imprisoned friends at (that horrible place).

  • You go girl. Young people like you are so needed for the animals will be left to live

  • Nancy Raymond says:

    I have never been to Sea World and after seeing ‘Blackfish’ I will NEVER go there. I have no desire to see Orcas performing as I do not consider this entertainment. Their treatment is nothing short of abuse and I refuse to pay to see abused mammals/animals perform under duress. I abhor Sea Worlds pitiful reasons for cruel confinement practices and do hope the whole place is closed down – it is nothing less than prison for those who should be free.

  • Martin Palacio says:

    Stop going to Seaworld

  • li says:

    stop this in humane unnecessary treatment of these animals!

  • Teresa Dougan says:

    Free the orcas.

  • SeaWorld is cruel whether or not you are vegan. Let’s get the orcas to freedom, and give them a fighting chance at sanity and peace.

  • Been respectful of cetaceans for decades. Blackfish told the truth about Sea World operations which is why SW wouldn’t comment. Whales don’t belong in captivity but in the open ocean. Peoplevwho were born free deserve to remain so unless they commit crimes.

  • kaly s-b says:

    this whole protest movement makes me a little sad–how many of them do you think are ethical vegans? freeing orcas from bondage is imperative to furthering the animal rights movement, but it’s so important to see the big picture here. animal liberation begins on your plate.
    sending positivity her way today !

    • Totally true. However, with respect, it all has to start somewhere. Each of us who cares about this greater issue of animal rights probably began life eating meats and wearing leather with no idea of what it all meant. A huge issue like this takes years to turn around, and must be done in segments. Every single step that ends in successful education and change should be applauded, because the next step can now be built upon that.

    • James Robertson says:

      Please educate yourself and stick to the issues …pointing fingers at others is not a good policy, it solves nothing … the central theme of what SeaWorld is doing is wrong.

    • Mike says:

      Every bit helps. Please don’t put people off by intimidating them with more big picture than they can currently handle. Big victories in small steps. Peace.

    • Mike says:

      Any battle against cruelty that can be won is a good battle, and the more people we can get involved is how to win that battle! Don’t get me wrong, I completely agree with you about veganism as I am one, but people have been eating meat their hole life as I did up until I learned the truth, but its a much harder battle to win, my family thinks im crazy for going vegan and ive lost a lot of friends, the meat and dairy industry has a very strong hold on people and its very difficult to change the minds of someone when they feel they are doing something necessary, eating! But any victory over cruelty is a positive and in the long run it may lead to meat eaters seeing the truth about what they consume, hopefully anyway! But if it has to be done one battle at a time, so be it.