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SeaWorld Needs a New Business Plan

Written by PETA | December 6, 2010

Due in part to plummeting ticket sales, SeaWorld is reportedly laying off hundreds of staffers. That news prompted PETA and local activists to hold demonstrations over the weekend in front of SeaWorld parks in Orlando and San Diego in order to call on the corporation to retire the orcas who are languishing in the theme parks’ cramped and barren tanks.


You’d think that after an orca killed a trainer earlier this year, SeaWorld would recognize the need to change course. The theme park can reinvent itself and retain jobs by retiring the orcas to protected coastal sanctuaries.

Please tell SeaWorld to “lay off” the orcas—and that you won’t be buying a ticket until it does.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • 38511 says:

    go Peta and Carla! i agre the orcas should go to sanctuaries!

  • Carla* says:

    Peta, thanks for commenting!! It’s really hard when people are quick to judge, when the only true problem is their reading skills.

  • Cathy says:

    I think what they mean by “layoff the orca” is to not get – or breed orcas into captivity anymore – probably taking the still young orcas into rehabilitation camps – learn some life strategies then release them back into the wild

    As for the laid off workers, that’s why it says “Needs a new business plan” instead of selling orcas – sell something more animal-friendly…

  • claire says:

    Diana M thats a silly statement, these animals are wild by nature, thats why a woman ended up dead.

  • PETA says:

    Re: Diana M. and Kim: PETA is not suggesting that the orcas should be released into the ocean. The blog states, “The theme park can reinvent itself and retain jobs by retiring the orcas to protected coastal SANCTUARIES.”

  • carla says:

    Money and Greed. That is what is what Sea world is all about. Let them go.!!!!!!

  • PETA says:

    Re: jadewarlock: Please take another look at the blog, which states, “The theme park can reinvent itself and retain jobs by retiring the orcas to protected coastal sanctuaries.” It’s a win-win proposal: orcas get a measure of freedom and the new, improved SeaWorld would need many employees in the construction of the site(s), the transition team, veterinary support, transport logistics, the monitors, etc.

  • Tina says:

    Maybe then the people who work there will actually go to college and get a real job.

  • Peggy L says:

    Hey, when is this torture and disregard for our animals going to stop? YOu , above all, should be aware of the NEEDS of the whales, orcas, dolphons etc and yet, you continue to be greedy and pay off the guys at the top while those that provide your income by entertaining people have to go without proper living conditions…not only are you selfish, but you are showing your ignorance! Change things and provide what is necessary for the creatures – god will bless your business if you do!

  • jadewarlock says:

    OK, let me get this straight:

    You are telling Sea World to lay off the orcas, not the workers…

    But if you lay off the orcas, you STILL lay off the workers.

    Way to Go PETA.

    Oh, please post this up – might as well poke fun at someone who sees TRUE logic here.

  • Kim says:

    What does it mean to “lay off” the orcas? They can’t be returned to the wild – they tried that with Keiko, the whale from the movie ‘Free Willy’, and it wasn’t a success so what would they do with the whales at SeaWorld. If they are not generating any income from the whales I doubt that they are going to keep caring for them. Just asking.

  • Diana M. says:

    ummm….one problem. Since most of the animals there are born there they won’t know how to survive in the wild.

  • Gala says:

    It’s places like Seaworld that should be promoting animal welfare instead of ignoring it. Animals are not for our amusement, but learning about them should be. Seeing them in their normal habitat is better than captivity hands down.

  • Uma karri says:

    Please do the right thing and release the animals into the water. How would you like it if you or your family members were caged and made to do things in the name of entertainment.

  • MarineWife says:

    I totally agree! All though I believe all the animals at sea world should be set free and or put in sanctuaries! None of them deserve the small tanks and medication and horrid treatment they receive at the parks. It would also help the fight in Japan right now to with the sales of wild dolphins! As a whole we learn nothing about these beautiful creatures from any aquatic park! Take a trip and go whale watching or visit your local harbor and see some seals in There habitat! Better was to spend money then supporting a horrific animal trade!

  • Rakel Jefremoff says:


  • Melissa Finn says:


  • jen says:

    Stop this torture now!

  • Rachel says:

    My family and I will not be buying tickets again until a change for the best of the orcas has happened.