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Season 2 of ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ Blown to Bits

Written by PETA | January 11, 2011

TV viewers who enjoy keeping down their dinner can rejoice—Sarah Palin’s Alaska will not be returning for a second season. Why? Yosemite Sarah isn’t saying, but we have a few theories: 

1)      Bristol Palin wants to spend more time working on her spinoff, Real Housewives of Wasilla.  
2)      Sarah exhausted her repertoire of ways to kill animals. Even Angela Lansbury couldn’t write that much murder into a show.
3)      Clinton Kelly said she was so 2008.
4)      Season one editors still aren’t finished cutting out every scene in which she said “maverick.”
5)      Alaskan animals have all fled to Russia, although Sarah reports, “I can still see them from my house.”

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Kwumey says:

    So if you decide to not ingest suffering and eat a healthier animal free diet then all youre left with is protien pills? youre sadly misinformed then. I am very healthy and in great shape and get adequate protien from sources which do NOT come from a slaughtered animal..I eat with my conscious and chose not to disassociate the packaged hamburger from the brutal horrifc suffering animal that ended up there

  • 4meggieb says:

    Re: Peta. You have validity in your statement about following our ancstor’s past actions. However where you are wrong is the idea the God created animals to peacefully frolic with us human beings. Some animals do serve that purpose, ie dogs, cats horses etc. But other animals have a purpose and that purpose to feed the world. We cannot survive solely on leafy greens and protein pills. God did not create our bodies to function this way and this is why food production especially animal agriculture is crucially important to our survival

  • PETA says:

    Re: Jadewarlock. Although PETA’s long-term vision is a vegan world, we must be pragmatic as well. Therefore, we do everything we can to minimize the cruelty inflicted on animals today, while working towards eliminating these abuses altogether. Controlled Atmospheric Killing (CAK) will undeniably improve the conditions for billions of chickens in the United States by eliminating all abuses during slaughter. That’s because it removes the oxygen from the chickens’ environment and slowly replaces it with a nonpoisonous gas that puts the birds to sleep while they are still in their transport crates. The birds are not “gassed” (i.e., asphyxiated); they die from lack of oxygen, or anoxia, which is a painless process. To learn more about CAK, please read:

  • jadewarlock says:

    To PETA: If we are ” all compelled to judge and condemn any actions that cause pain–this includes pain unnecessarily inflicted upon living beings who have no voice in our society,”

    Why do you support Controlled Atmosphere Killing, which is suffocating/smothering an animal to death by depriving them of oxygen.

    You judge those who eat meat, so why don’t we judge you here?

    Oh, and please be respectful enough to give a response.

  • PETA says:

    Re: Crashman. We are all compelled to judge and condemn any actions that cause pain–this includes pain unnecessarily inflicted upon living beings who have no voice in our society. Culture, religion, or tradition are never valid excuses for cruelty: not when applied to women’s oppression or slavery, and not when applied to animals. We feel that our work to put a stop to animal abuse and foster compassion toward all creatures by encouraging the adoption of a vegetarian diet is entirely in keeping with the most cherished ideals of people of faith. According to the Christian faith, God granted humans “dominion”–but not “tyranny”–over creation. Certainly, “dominion” implies protecting animals whenever possible, not mercilessly slaughtering them when far more humane options exist. Lastly, hunting as a means to manage a population is misguided. Natural predators help keep prey species strong by killing only sick and weak individuals. Hunters, on the other hand, kill whichever animals they come across or, in many cases, whichever animals they think would look best mounted above the fireplace—often large, healthy animals who are needed to keep populations strong. Moreover, hunting creates conditions that favor accelerated reproduction: The abrupt population decline that it causes leads to less competition for food among survivors, and ultimately, a higher birth rate, thus leading once more to the very problems that hunters claim to solve. Thank you for respectfully sharing your opinion, and we urge you to learn more about the issues here:

  • Kat says:

    It doesn’t matter how you were raised. Once you are an adult you make your own decisions about how you live your life. Gov. Palin chooses cruelty.

  • crashman says:

    re: PETA I don’t believe in cruelty to animals nor am I a vegan or a vegitarian. god did in fact grant us the gift of aquiring meat from numerous sources. the bible lists countless times where animals were either hunted, fished,farmed or sacrificed and is in no way in violation of the laws of scripture nor does it manifests itself as violent or immoral. violence in this paraphrase would be described as “tending to injure by way of malice”. yes an animal has to die in order for it to be consumed but so does a plant. they were all provided for us to survive. animals do have the capacity to suffer but as an avid hunter and fisherman I believe it is our responsibility to try to kill as humainely as possible. though this is not to your likeing and probably will never be, it is not your place to judge others by what they choose to eat. and as for oppression of women and slavery, in case you’ve lived in a hole for the past 100 years, it still exists even today, and yes it is very much alive in this country. I believe we as humanbeings have a responsibility to promote conservation and management of our resources and wildlife. we do have a choice as to what we partake in. every meal does represent a choice and reflects truth as to how we value our food. your average american would rather hire someoneelse to do their killing for them when they go to the supermarket. I choose to do my killing myself, and I value every meal of what I hunt, catch and grow b/c lord know that I struggle every days to keep food in the fridge. but he did bless me with the ability to subsidise what my family and I eat. I in nooway have a problem with those who choose not to eat meat, I on the other hand will continue and will stand up to anyone who speaks against it.

  • Ashley Maynard says:

    Sarah Palin is ignorant. Couldn’t care less aboout her show, or her running for President in 2012. She doesnt need to kill animals to feed her family so please spare me with the “way of life” comments. Dont believe the hype, she’ll never be President.

  • Gala says:

    There is a lot of hate surrounding this woman. I myself have been known to dispense my disdain for her and her cruel and idiotic ways. If we all stop paying attention to people like her, maybe they’ll just go away.

  • Natasha says:

    Thank goodness!!! I watched 1 episode of this show, and although Alaska is stunningly beautiful, I found myslef wanting to club Sarah in the head. She’s an idiot.

  • PETA says:

    Re: Tristen. We should not blindly follow our ancestor’s past actions: if we did, then slavery or the oppression of women would still continue today. Hence, neither tradition nor culture can justify cruelty towards animals. Also, God created every animal with the capacity to suffer. Every meal that we eat represents a choice: We can either choose to add to the level of violence, suffering, and death in the world, or we can choose to respect God’s creation and work for peace. We urge you to always make the compassionate choice, and to check out our Vegetarian/Vegan Starter Kit:

  • Petadude says:

    Good riddance to bad TV. The Alaskans are notorious for the senseless slaughter of animals. Even today the native Alaskans are allowed state sanctioned hunts of whales, seals and walrus. I thirst for the day that this blood bath ends.

  • Jadewarlock says:

    Um, the REAL REASON it was canceled was due to low ratings and a general dislike of Palin. The quality of the program – sans hunting – was real nice, especially cinematography.

  • Toby says:

    A comedian said that ‘from my house’ thing, Palin said her foreign policy knowledge was informed by the proximity of Alaska to Russia, noting that Russia was visible from Alaska; it was a stupid comment but that ‘from my house’ thing is a misquote… the satire is confused, sometimes deliberately, with the truth. It’s good the program is ending because her immorality & anti-science stance seems to badly rub off on some vulnerable individuals.

  • Beth Doherty says:

    I could not be happier!!!!!!!! Why the show was ever accepted, I have no idea. Sara Palin is a murderer and has no business in the public eye.

  • Carlos says:

    good riddance!

  • tony says:

    i know this is a joke and all but the real facts are that 5 million people tuned in to watch the premier of the show and weekly 3.5 million Americans tuned into watch it. also in the beginning they werent even going to do a second season. so they didnt cancel her second season they just decided not to film another one. and the main reason is because most likely Sarah is going to run for presidency in 2012, so she couldn’t run and do a tv show at the same time. also TLC was talking to her about doing a second season, but SAHRA told them she didnt want to do a second one.

  • Bev McKinney says:

    Yet not a word about Obama supporting Michael Vick…. Remember him? Dog torturer. What hypocrisy!

  • Tristan says:

    what do you think your ancestors survived on?  Without them your sorry butt would not be here.  I do not believe in animal cruelty but I believe that God gave us animals for survival.  I, myself, being a vegetarian, grew up in a hunting family and know that is the only way some people can feed their family.  So please back off Sarah Palin!  That is her roots!  You know what I am talking about….the way you were raised whether you follow it or not.  Please leave her alone and quit being a hater.  It’s her way of life, not yours!

  • Vanessa says:

    Oh, how I very much dislike that woman! I didn’t even know she had a show! haha well thank goodness there won’t be a season two. 8)