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Seals Enter the ‘InfoWar’

Written by PETA | March 21, 2011

A new viral e-leaflet is urging people to “avenge” WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, whom the leaflet describes as “the prime focus of a global manhunt.” We’re sure that Mr. Assange has his share of woes, but hey, at least he isn’t having his head bashed inCanada’s harp seals are, however, which lead us to launch a similar “infowar” on their behalf.

You can help save baby seals from being hooked, bludgeoned, and skinned alive just by re-posting PETA’s new virtual seal slaughter leaflet. It’s easy—just use this link to “leak” the image to your blog, Facebook page, or Twitter account. Julian Assange supporters: Feel free to join us in “kicking back” for Canada’s seals.

Written by Michelle Sherrow 

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  • Aimee Wiederhold says:

    Stop the cruelty!!!

  • Robin Grossman says:

    This is unconscionable.

  • LeslieLandaLovesAnimals says:

    This is soo sad! Can’t people see that they are just like humans? They get scared too! Can’t they see how much pain they are in? How they run away? Why can’t they get into their shoes and feel how they feel! This is not cool! Sense when does beauty involve real fur? Animals were not put on Earth for human needs!! They should have as much rights as humans do!

  • REZ says:

    WHY ??????!!!!!!

  • Mos says:

    I used to consider canada as a civilized society !!! Shame on those people who kill animals like this and make them suffer with no reason !!!

  • victoria touza says:

    It is horrible, sad, as human condition the cruelty salaughter of seals in Canada . ¿ can us stop this ?

  • Kylie nz says:

    This is SICK what they are doing to these poor seals, It has to STOP!!!!!! Come on people help PETA STOP THIS KILLING!!!!

  • Kari says:


  • fbs4711 says:

    Let’s do the same to them…

  • Animal.Lover says:

    There are absolutely no words anywhere in the English dictionary that can describe how completely beyond horrible this is.

  • li guangwen says:

    Should be immediately stopped, kind to animals, is to treat yourself.

  • Andrew7x says:

    This has to stop NOW!

  • Ivan says:

    I pray God to punish these peoples! Right you are “The days of the caveman are gone”! Stop this!

  • reetta says:

    This is SICK!!!!makes me want to vomit right onto the floor. STOP THIS MADNESS!!!!Look at the picture with the seal watching the slaughtered,blood-covered body of its dead friend!SHAME ON YOU CANADA!!!open your eyes and take a step towards the civilized country,away from barbarian cold and heartless a man can be to commit this.

  • Andrea Epstein says:

    stop this horrific act of cruelty !!!!

  • maxine carter says:

    seriously why cant the flaming goverment open they’re eyes and see what they’re doing this needs to stop now

  • Gillian says:

    Unfortunately this could happen in any country. It’s not about Canada, it’s about the government. Harper needs to start caring for something other than himself. I’m shocked that people are saying Canada is a bad country because of this, when so much goes on in other neighbouring countries. You can’t really blame a whole country of people for this (people who are trying to stop this abuse), you should be blaming the one in charge.

  • V. Austin says:

    You disgusting, heartless, people having to beat to death baby seals. Someday you’s WILL regret this!!! What comes around, goes around.

  • mafalda says:


  • Orcasta says:

    posted in my Lj

  • maria says:

    Cuesta creer que algunos hombres no han aprendido nada a lo largo de la civilización. Dios tenga capacidad de salvar sus almas porque, en lo que respecta a nosotros, si tuviesemos la posibilidad, le dariamos tantos garrotazos para que sientan en carne propia, lo que sienten esos maravillosos animales.

  • Leon says:

    Please make this stop!

  • MESSAGER says:

    c’est une horreur, les hommes n’aiment que le sang et le massacre. Il faut continuer de se battre. Les animaux sont nos frères, nos amis, ils sont l’innocence. Certains pays ne méritent pas notre considération, dommage.

  • Rose says:

    It’s time an end was put to this abomination

  • Mini-P says:

    They’re adorable mammals and I’m sure that God put them here for a purpose. They serve a purpose but not for food or for consumer products.

  • Frank D. Colantuono says:

    Shame on Canada!!!

  • lete says:

    Se os seres humanos deixassem de comprar as peles acabariam o comércio o problema é que são sádico não deixam.

  • anastasia says:

    STOP THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMMEDIATELY STOP!!

  • Laura Briskman-Ferguson says:

    What the hell is man’s infatuation with animal fur? The days of the caveman are LONG GONE and yet the Canadians are still living in the past, billions of years ago. Sealing is wrong, plain & simple. Stop the cruelty today and hold those accountable for their actions. USA Rules!!!

  • gloria taber says:

    I second the sentiments of Lena Bajraktari. I am US born and raised but her sentiments are mine exactly. This is extremely BARBARIC!!! I did read once of a seal hunter who couldn’t do this anymore after looking into the eyes of a baby seal. Thankfully, he saw the light. Now it’s up to the Canadian government to see it. I think all they’re seeing right now is dollar signs. After the Olympics, there were ads by Canadian born personalities abt how great Canada is. They need to take a look at these pictures. Then I dare them to say how great Canada is.

  • kathy says:

    This is such horror I can hardly bear to look or read about it……. What is wrong with the human race, that we cannot put ourselves in the place of the life we so readily exploit, plunder, and pilgramige……… God gave us the planet and the life on it, to care for as it cares for us. I am horrified, outraged, and feel helpless to change it, all at the same time. It feels as those the powers that be do not hear us anymore, do not care about the planet, or what they do to the innocent that must depend on us and the planet for survival. I am old enough to remember a day when when the kind of animal cruelty we see today was the rarity, now it seems an epidemic of unsurmountable proporsions all over the world! I find myself appauled at people who turn a blind eye and go about their everyday lives as though it weren’t happening. WHEN THE MASSES DO NOT SPEAK UP, PUT THEIR FEET DOWN, THE MASSES ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a believer in our Lord Jesus Christ, and I pray God He is coming back soon to put an end to the misery of the innocent………..

  • Margaret Runfors says:

    A enormeus shame for canada. Their goverment have to stop this animaltortyr

  • Erika says:

    I love seals.They are beautiful!