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Sealers Trapped on the Ice in Newfoundland

Written by PETA | April 19, 2007

I could seriously sit here all day trying to muster up sympathy for these guys and not succeed. Since that’s probably not going to happen, I’ll just give you the details of the story instead (I will make every effort not to be gleeful about it). Apparently, more than 100 seal-hunting boats became trapped in an ice-pack yesterday and are still waiting for help from Canada’s Coast Guard icebreakers. The London Times reported on the story this morning, and you can read more about that here. Maybe a couple of days waiting to get rescued will give them some time to reflect on the large-scale misery they had been planning on inflicting over the next few weeks. Here’s a picture of the boats trapped in the ice fields, which, as much as being stuck in inclement weather probably sucks, it doesn’t even begin to compare with the horrors these profiteers had in store for their victims.


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  • John Green says:

    I’m from newfoundland and I have nothing to do with sealing. I am in my fourth year of a B.Sc in Biology. And it may shock you to learn that not everyone on a sealing vessel is a sealer. Some boats employ biologists who’s jobs it is to make sure the proper seals are being hunted. Do you wish these people to die out on the ice as well? There is alot of misinformation out there about newfoundlands seal hunt. The people who are involved with sealing are for the most part good people. Its just an unpleasent way to have to make a living. Extremely dangerous too.

  • Meg says:

    alright first things first I’m from newfoundland I know I know … . second im an animal rights activist .. although I STRONGLY disagree with what these men are doing it’s their only source of income for the most of them anyhow.. when I first heard the news of the 100 boats caught in the ice i thought it was what they deserved yeah .. but it was really serious most of them if a storm hit could have lost their lives. theres nothing deserving about that… and I could go on about some facts that PETA have “mixed up” but like I said Im against it so i have no plan on sticking up for them

  • Raven Silverwings says:

    I know that people are entitled to their opinions… But to wish harm on others just because it doesn’t mesh with their own opinion is very sad. I am a PROUD Newfoundlander and I’m sure that PETA would love to see the seal hunt stopped that everyoneman and animal would just all get along. Personally I don’t like hunting or believe in hurting any animals. HOWEVER… I live in the REAL world. I know that sometimes there are people who live in rural Newfoundland that this is most of the work for the year. That this will keep a roof over their families heads that it will put food on their table it will put clothes on their backs. For thoes who think that people get rich off this hunt you’re nuts!!!!! The monies that they get from the hunt has to go to pay for their boat their supplies fuel their crew and whatever else they need to go and do their JOB. Whatever is left is there to take care of their families. There is probably no other work availiable to them!!!! And I can tell you it’s not from the lack of trying to get work!! Some HAVE TO LEAVE all they know in order to get work.If this is one of they ways that they can stay here raise their families as they were raised in a quiet serene town not the ratrace of the Canadian mainland or wherever they have to go to find work so be it. To wish harm on thoes trying to make a living are sick sad people. Come and see what living in Newfoundland is really like. I don’t mean town either. I mean HARDCORE Rural Newfoundland I’d like to see how some of you hack it. See how you would make a living to take care of your loved ones…then we’ll talk. A Newfoundlander. PS Some of you also need to get your facts straight. Babies are not killed it is illegal to kill white coats. If you kill one and are caught then you face a hefty fine even jail time!!!

  • Andy says:

    I’m from NF and even though I don’t completely agree with some aspects of the seal hunt to take pleasure in the suffering of others is cruel. I believe that is what you people strive to fight? But here you are no better than someone who watches a bullfight. The seal hunt may have its own problems but wishing death on your fellow humans shows the real face of you and your lot

  • Maria says:

    LIsten PETA why aren’t you guys over in other parts of the world attacking cultures who would find your pet dog as a tastey treat. There’s alot worse going on in this world that you people just ignore.

  • Newfoundland Girl says:

    So…I do have a lot of rage right now however considering how i do want this posted I will try to contain myself and stay well mannered. Our fellow brothers are trapped out to sea. Despite what career paths they have chosen they have families to support. Families who are helplessly waiting at home for the safe return of their loved ones. They are not the only people in the world who have chosen a career that is looked down upon by society. I could go on endlessly about the poor and i am speaking on behalf of my self and my own opinions not everyone living here every person with a brain has their own opinion that of which i cannot speak for choices our neighboring country has made and how that is not only effecting the animals but the people. It has been part of mans survival for years to hunt kill and provide for their family. Whether that be seals cows or any other livestock. And yes sadly killing animals has become a sport which it shouldn’t be but keep in mind that evolution has played a huge part and now the seal hunt is almost mandatory for the chain it will effect. Is it so that you are moreconcerned about the animals that you are willing to lose your own species? Do you feel the same way about your fellow troops who chose that career path? Is it right for you to wish death upon people for not thinking the way you do? It is fine to not agree with a choice a person makes and it is fine to voice your opinion but to find happiness in their death or possibility of danger is uncalled for. To not think about the chain reaction their loss will cause on their families and community is disturbing. I am not asking to to be pro seal hunt. I am asking you to be pro life for humans. We must save ourselves before we can save others.

  • Simon says:

    I am a Canadian who is very ashamed of some of the things that go on here in our country sealing being one of them. I certainly do not wish any harm to the sealers even if they deserve it but certainly feel no sympathy for them. I hope they do lose thier boats though I doubt they will lose more than a couple and I hope they think about how lucky they are that no one came along with hooks and clubs when they were stranded on the ice. First of all I’m sure the sealers make much more than I do over the course of a year. Second If you can’t afford to raise your family by doing something ethical maybe you shouldn’t be raising children or starting a family to begin with. Over population of humans NOT seals or any other creature is the number one problem on this planet right now in my opinion. I’m very happy to see how many compassionate people around the world do not agree with the seal hunt. I attend the local seal hunt and shark derby protests. At the same time I do not feel it is the most important issue in the world. There are many. Seal hunt protestors all have different reaseons for being there and other personal causes they care about. I belive other important issues are child abuse homelessness abuse against women sexism Aids cancer alzheimers racism gay rights The Bush administration factory farming global warming and so many more. And seal hunting is one of them. It doesn’t matter which cause is more important. If it is wrong…it’s WRONG! When I attend protests for any of these causes there are always those ignorant people passing by who assume that this one cause is the only thing we care about. I grew up eating and loving meat my whole life until a few years ago when I started to educate myself about how much of it is produced and the negitive effects it has on society and made my own personal dission to give it up. Yes I am a vegitarian now because as much as I love meat I feel it would be hypocritcal to continue to eat it. For those of you who stick up for the sealers would you stick up for someone who pimps young kids into prostitution or Sells addictive drugs because they need to support thier families? Do you know that in Asia they boil cats alive because they don’t see anything wrong with it over there? Well some of the compassionate people in this world understand the pain and suffering that these creatures endure and work towrds ending it. Just hope you or anyone you know or any pet you love ever has to suffer as these seals do. Sorry for rambling. End the seal hunt. Live ethicaly and responsibly! And remeber when you see someone protesting it is because they are caring and compassionate enough about something to go out and raise awareness.

  • Jack says:

    I’ve got to say all this moralizing from people defending the seal hunt rings really really hollow. When your community flies in the face of international outrage to perpetrate a vicious annual act of cruelty on a massive scale you have no right to expect sympathy when you find yourself in a spot of bother. I hope the sealers make it home safe because I would never wish harm on anyone no matter what they’re guilty of but all this chestbeating about the fact that some commenters on this blog have expressed their disgust for the torture that these men are responsible for is frankly laughable.

  • lisa says:

    seriously? you are seriously going to wish people death for killling seals. just a thought before you wish someone death on the ice flows off the coast of newfoundland PLEASE read death on the ice. it is about a huge groups of sealer that died frozen to the ice because the companies that hired them to seal didn’t care enough about their safety. can you honestly say that you hope that ANYTHING dies like that? how can you believe that one creature deserves to be saved and the other does not? and before you call the hunters barbarians again I dare you to visit one of the outport communities in Newfoundland were they are from. I challenge you to find kinder people anywere in the world. I’m sure they would still go to any legnths to save any one you would who are hoping for their deaths without even thinkning about it. at least they still have respect for other people and their choices

  • Michele says:

    Sealers are legally allowed to kill seals that are as young as 12 days old. Those ARE babies for goodness sake! Sealers may not legally be allowed to use clubs but they do anyway because the government looks the other way and protesters are not allowed to get close enough to ensure that the slaughterers are all using legal methods to kill the animals. Robert you might want to check your history as humans were not naturally omnivorous. And “nature” is meant to unfold “naturally” without human interference. Just because humans have fed up the natural flow by overfishing etc does not justify continuing to mess around with nature. Leave the animals alone and stop justifying barbaric behaviour just because it has seemingly “always” been that way.

  • Neal says:

    What are you guys? Huh? These are people and just trying to make a living no reason? I think if all of your were left out in the ice I would rest so much easier. Morons!

  • David Maher from NEWFOUNDLAND says:

    You people are disgusting. Species do what they need to survive. Our particualr species along with millions of others around the world kill animals in order to do just that. It doesn’t matter how the animals die we need them to live. I find it hard to imagine a gazelle having a better fate then a seal. Gazelle gets it’s throat bitten and it slowly bleeds to death at the hands of a lion. A seal gets one swift strike to the head and it’s over. Given the choice I’d take the club. You people are focusing on the wrong issue. Sure seals getting killed sucks. But at least they get to live thier lives in the wild. What about the poultry beef and prok that live their lives in cages getting pumped full of steroides until they are sent to the slaughter house? What is PETA doing to stop that injustice? Leave the seal hunt alone. It was fine until you people took your head out of your ass and did something. Please reinsert and leave us alone. To quote your most famous member Let It Be.

  • Steven says:

    Man more power to the sealers. They’re only trying to make a living. The only reason you people are making such an uproar is because they’re baby animals. So what?

  • Ryan says:

    You’re all incredibly ignorant. None of you are from Newfoundland are you? If you were you’d know that Newfoundland seal hunters haven’t been permitted to actually CLUB seals since the 1970s. And seal hunters have never EVER hunted infant seals. In fact it’s AGAINST THE LAW in Newfoundland to club seals to death OR to hunt baby seals. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. Not everyone who doesn’t support the vegetarian treehugging lifestyle is evil and souless.

  • Robert says:

    “All I can say is thankfully the number of Canadians who actually support the seal hunt is in the minority. The sealers do not need the money from this it is actually only about 45 of their annual income. Sealers have even been quoted as saying they are not in it for the money. The justification based on the cod stocks is unbelievable. The only reason there are ongoing issues with overpopulation of seals or depletion of fish life is because humans have messed with nature in the first place. Real animal lovers not the ones above who claim to love them while defending the needless slaughtering of helpless animals yeah that’s REALLY classy are not trying to help end the seal hunt because of the “cute” factor. They are trying to end all animal abuse whether it is against snakes chickens warthogs apes or lobsters.” Pure unadulterated falsehood. If the seal hunt comprised such a small percentage of income they wouldn’t do it I could guarantee you. The seal hunt is one of the most dangerous jobs one can undertake in the world given the conditions of float ice. If you really cared about nature then you’d realize these seals are dangerously overpopulated and will likely extinct the North Atlantic Cod A horridly endangered species. By the way there’s something of a ban on the commercial fishery we don’t trawl. Look up the Cod Moratorium. So people claiming we shouldn’t trawl please get your facts straight. population if they aren’t killed. You people have absolutely no idea how bad the seal populations are up here and if you’d willingly extinct the population of north atlantic cod through inaction I won’t accept that your protection of the seals derives from anything more than them being ‘cute’. Yes humans were the ones to initially disrupt the cod population but it was the ignorance of the times in not knowing how badly we could affect the ecosystem. It’s our job to fix it now and unfortunately it has to be fixed through active means as opposed to inactivity. Besides face it… Humans are omnivores our natural diet includes eating meat. I don’t really care about vitamin supplements or alternatives from idealists humans naturally eat meat. You call clubs barbaric but they’re merely a tool by which humans who are weak creatures shunted by evolution in that sense can make themselves equal or better than their prey. Trust me the rending claws of a tiger or lion are far more barbaric than the practically instant death offered by a club. Oh and for the love of God baby seals haven’t been hunted in ages. We put a stop to that. Robert

  • Shawn Hayward says:

    And meanwhile thousands of cod fish are wishing the sealers a safe return. You know why? Because just like humans eat seals seals eat cod. I’m a member of STC or Save The Cod. Lets cut down the number of these blood thirsty seals and save a dwindling cod population. So sealers return safe and continue your livelyhood the lives of countless fish are depending on it.

  • Allyson Power says:

    you have sympathy for the animals and not the humans? are humans not animals? you say you wish these seals would skin the humans thats just as bad as the sealers skinning the seals. allyson from NEWFOUNDLAND

  • Geoff says:

    “Let me see if I have the following right…I read that the going rate for seal pelts this year is $62.00 low end. The hunter’s expect to get 1000.00 pelts per hunter average. I read this. That is $62000.00 PLUS governmental help and what they do make fishing. That is way more than I make at my “cushy” desk job. Plus I don’t have free health insurance” Well when you’re risking your life far from civilization to bring the world food medical supplies clothing and keeping a ecosystem in check all in one go maybe you’ll get a raise. “. Instead of beating innocent babies to bloody death why don’t the hunter’s stand up for themselves and tell the Canadian government to stop the commerical trawling of the oceans? If the government cares so much about these guys? Oh I get it it is so much easier to murder the innocent and weak.” I agree with trawling the government should stop that. The big factoryfreezers are destroying our ecosystems… but that has little or nothing to do with the sealers. These guys are in small vessels and hunt the seals on a small scale. Also seals are not particularly weak. My own grandfather told me this story he was in a boat sealing when he sees a seal in the water. Him and his brother shoot it and it floats to the surface. Unfortunately in was too big to drag into the boat. A 30ft long seal and they’re not the nicest animals either. Last comment about this part We don’t hunt babies that’s illegal. Poachers that do are bad but then your average sealer the ones who are now stuck in a lvie threatening situation would agree with that. “I also read that one of the sealers knew he was a man when he beat his first seal to death. This was a while ago. He was a child beating a mother who had just witnessed her pup being slaughtered. I am supposed to believe that these are good people? This is about greed and blood money. Plain and Simple.” Source? Beating the mothers with children is also against sealing laaws if I’m not mistaken. As for the coming of age that only makes sense. In a society much like ours was for a looong time where you inheritied your fathers trade completing a task by yourself was a sign of manhood. This extends to hunting boatmaking trading whatever. I like how you call making a living “greed”. Are you greedy because you’re working at your “cushy desk job”? Just because their job happens to involving the death of some animals greed has little to do with it. It’s the completely normal drive to exist comfortably the same thing that drives many of us to work. It’s funny for someone who supposedly connects with these animals you don’t seem to understand your own species very much.

  • James says:

    Geoff Right sealers make $62000 of pure profit every year. do you know anything about business? you need a boat fuel ammunition other supplies. you have to hire and pay a crew. when was the last time you got trapped on ice for a couple of weeks at your oh so difficult desk job? exactly. dangerous jobs typically pay better…this one doesn’t. anyway all this is moot because there is absolutely nothing wrong with killing a seal.

  • Chris Bruce says:

    Yeah too bad we could have massive pans of ice move in and endanger the lives of other hard working people. You know like the ones that operate slaughter houses on a daily basis. Cows are cute too.

  • Michele says:

    All I can say is thankfully the number of Canadians who actually support the seal hunt is in the minority. The sealers do not need the money from this it is actually only about 45 of their annual income. Sealers have even been quoted as saying they are not in it for the money. The justification based on the cod stocks is unbelievable. The only reason there are ongoing issues with overpopulation of seals or depletion of fish life is because humans have messed with nature in the first place. Real animal lovers not the ones above who claim to love them while defending the needless slaughtering of helpless animals yeah that’s REALLY classy are not trying to help end the seal hunt because of the “cute” factor. They are trying to end all animal abuse whether it is against snakes chickens warthogs apes or lobsters.

  • James says:

    you people make me sick. you wish death on innocent people trying to make a living you value animal lives more than humans. these seals are not killed inhumanely a huge majority of them are killed using rifles and the others are killed with clubs. what’s so bad about using a club compared to a rifle anyway? if anything the club would only kill it quicker. i love animals i think they’re great really i do. but i don’t think it’s acceptable behaviour to relish in the fact that people trying to make a living for their family are in great peril. this just shows the kind of sick illogical fuckers you people are. angry newfoundlander

  • laura says:

    Let me see if I have the following right…I read that the going rate for seal pelts this year is $62.00 low end. The hunter’s expect to get 1000.00 pelts per hunter average. I read this. That is $62000.00 PLUS governmental help and what they do make fishing. That is way more than I make at my “cushy” desk job. Plus I don’t have free health insurance. Instead of beating innocent babies to bloody death why don’t the hunter’s stand up for themselves and tell the Canadian government to stop the commerical trawling of the oceans? If the government cares so much about these guys? Oh I get it it is so much easier to murder the innocent and weak. I also read that one of the sealers knew he was a man when he beat his first seal to death. This was a while ago. He was a child beating a mother who had just witnessed her pup being slaughtered. I am supposed to believe that these are good people? This is about greed and blood money. Plain and Simple.

  • Geoff says:

    I have so many issues with this I don’t know where to begin. I truly do not understand why people are against the seal hunt. It’s perfectly regulated like any other hunt and actually keeps them in check due to an issue with over population. As it stands if the seals are allowed to grow in population they will wipe out their already weak food source and then a lot of them will starve. I’d rather be shot then starve to death I’m sure the seals would say the same if they knew the difference. Oh wait scratch that I know why people are against the seal hunt. White coats are really cute. I’m a Newfoundlander and proud of the living my forefathers staked out on this rock. As such I’ve also been exposed to the idea of a fishery and making a living off the sea for a long time and though I haven’t studied it indepth I do understand how a lot of it works. Now that you understand where I’m coming from I’m going to say this Why on Earth are you glad that people are in danger and the regulation of an ecosystem will be disrupted? While this one event will not cause the collapse of the cod populationsand subsquently the seal populations on it’s own you’re ill will towards sealers would have me assume you’d like this to happen more often. Listen if you don’t think hunting in a humane fashion is ‘ethical’a very flimsy word if you ask me then don’t eat meat. But you’re ill will towards living creatures makes you even worse then the people out there with the intention of hunting for a living.

  • Jen says:

    Perhaps before everyone rants about how wonderful it is that these sealers are now stuck in a life threatening situation maybe you should all actually educate yourselves on what really occurs during a seal hunt. It’s a highly regulated and necessary huntit culls the population of the seals allowing the cod stocks to rise and it provides a needed income supplement to the Newfoundland fishers. And no they don’t use clubs on the seals. Come on. Get your facts straight. And you knowI don’t see a whole lot of people posing with cows before the slaughterhouse. Less of a photo op? I’m a Newfoundlander and couldn’t be prouder.

  • Tobin says:

    Hey guys go fuck yourselfs seriously. It’s cool to be a vegetarian and all but yes people kill animals and we STILL would if we were still primative I understand the mass producing of animals is a little harsh but we need to do something to survive and we stuck it from out first instinct. The fact that you’re condemning the sealers who also make money from this would be just like if I were to condemn you all for not even eating meat it really doesn’t make sense. Sealers aren’t fascist aren’t necessarily mean people it just comes from their roots from what their fathers taught them. Newfoundland are developing in a rough time Britain didn’t care about them and when they joined Canada they never got much from Canada either. Sure now we’re in a great position. We’re branching away from the fishing industries and stuff becoming a much more educated province but by no means are the people who state homely to newfoundland assholes or should be killed for killing. What does that teach hey? Seriously don’t be so closed minded. If you really cared about animal rights then don’t listen to PETA seriously. Do you’re own thing. If you wanna dispute this with me you can email me but I’ll probably just tell you to shove it because you’re being closed minded and probably going to sound like an idiot hey? But go ahead.

  • Terry R says:

    I couldn’t agree more. For those of you who actually went as far as hoping these men wouldn’t return well let’s just say you people need some help. No one has any room in the antisealing protest if they have ever eaten chicken beef or any other animal for that matter. Just because these animals are “soooooo cuteeee let me have one as a pet!” don’t factor in whether or not they should live I guesse it’s just another way of seeing what our society has come to looks over everything in this case life. Friends of my family are caught on one of those 100 boats his family are worried and to be honest many others in this province are too. Just for a bit of history you guys should pick up “Death on the Ice” a great book believe us Ice haven’t stopped this before and it certainly will not this year.

  • Sarah B says:

    Hey guys! You know whats totally cool! Wishing death upon people who are just trying to do their job! Once they die I think I’m going to go to the families and tell them “THATS WHAT YOU GET FOR TRYING TO FEED YOUR FAMILY! YOUR SONS AND HUSBANDS ARE ROTTING IN HELL RIGHT NOW! YOU’LL BE SEEING THEM THERE SOON ENOUGH!” You people make me sick. Theres nothing funny or victorious about people being in danger. Its just not right to wish for a loss of human life. Now I’m not saying I don’t like animals. I have a house full of them. I’m just saying that its a sad day when supposedly compassionate loving people get their kicks out of imagining a terrible tragedy. “these criminals deserve to freeze on the ice! no return for them!” “That picture has put a smile upon my face. I’m afraid this will only delay the misery they are about to inflict upon beautifulbeautiful animals.” Does this really sound like the sort of things that decent human beings say?

  • darcy says:

    you people are sad. you care more about animals then humans. I personally feel really bad for these people they are in a situation where they could die. actually 911 twin towers? “what goes around comes around” lol stupid cityfolk… screw you guys.

  • Sara says:

    PLEASE READ THIS My name is Sara and I was born and raised in Newfoundland. My father is a seal hunter I am a vegetarian and an animal lover. Many night’s I expressed my opinions to my father about how killing innocent seals is wrong. He understand where I’m coming from but he has to do it to feed my family…. I live in a small town of 200 people. There is only one store and even the nearest hospital is a 4 hour drive. There is no work for people like my father here. He was accepted to join the hunters at sea to seal hunt. He’s been making money blood money but it’s keeping my family alive. I miss my father like crazy and I’ve never been more worried in my life that he’s stuck out there. He’s just doing his job. He’s trying to do the right thing the only thing offered to him. Please understand I an against the seal hunt but your words of hate towards the sealers like my father hurts me beyond belief. Anyway that’s all I have to say. Thanks.

  • Hak a Pik Hippie says:

    Sealers killed seals Nazis killed Jews Slave trade Africans Women getting the vote…..again humans. By your own deduction you are equating Jews and Africans with seals. So you are calling them all animals. Well I think your general view of the this issue would insult families surviving the holocaust and slavery. Myself I would equate a sealer with a local butcher. As far as how many lives do I save? That is an enigma. Even though you try to insert your “feel good” answer. Unless you live in the forest free from human contact You and I are responsible for loss of life of others on some level. Whether we see the direct “blood” on our own hands is irrelevant. I do not hunt or am interested in it i love my pets and am law abiding. You choose to look only what you do not kill. I did not drive my car through a playground today. Did i save their lives? No. Did my exhaust contribute to greenhouse gases. Yes. Did i contribute to the drowning of a polar bear? Maybe. We are atop the food chain on the backs of other life. Finally Unless you cloths were made and transported by magic they still impact the environment on some level. If we contribute 1000 times indirectly to a death at any levelis that still murder? Your holier than me attitude is naive yet expected. Life is fueled by other life. We are guilty by civilization. ps. To the people wanting sealers to die. You are hypocrites. I personally do not wish ill for any reason. It does not help your cause it is very low brow.

  • monica says:

    YES !!!! The animals are striking back !!!!!!

  • Michele says:

    Hak a Pik Hippie If everyone in the world believed that there was no point in fighting for a particular cause thinking that “changing minds isn’t going to happen” then of course nothing would ever change. Thankfully most people do not think like that that is how people fought against the Nazis that is how society abolished the slave trade that is how women achieved the right to vote. You can continue your life of indifference. I will happily continue to speak up for defenseless animals along with my fellow animal activists. How many lives do you save every year? I alone manage to save about 100 animals per year just by being vegan and I probably save a lot more lives by refusing to buy from companies who continue to conduct animal tests or use animal ingredients in their products and by refusing to wear anything containing fur leather silk or wool.

  • Blitz236 says:

    Hilarious! Put up some points for the seals! Just seeing those sealsquishing s$holes stuck on the ice just makes me want to laugh myself into a coma! They deserve it for trying to hurt such adorable and amazing creatures. Power to the seals!

  • Laura says:

    It is amazing to me that those sealers just don’t get it. They have more in common with the seals then they even realize. Their government hung them out to dry just as they made the seals the scapegoats for governmental irresponsibility. According to legend the cod were once so thick you could step out in the ocean and walk on their backs. Well here is some news seals were there then too. Commerical trawlers took all the fish and that is on the Canadian government. Here is more news the politicans do not care about the sealers they just want to keep the butts in bloody seal skin seats. Rather than actually deal with the problem the Canadian government took a lazy and horrific way out. They decided to promote the idea that the seals were to blame for the lack of fish. Again those seals were there a long time ago when one could just walk on the backs of the cod. I know I just read somewhere that the Canadian government authorized commerical trawlers to again come in and “fish”. What about the sealers? Isn’t the reason that they “hunt” 25 day old seals because they can’t make any money fishing? Not if commerical trawlers are involved. Maybe someone should go over and club these guys on the head. If it doesn’t kill them maybe just maybe it will knock some sense into them.

  • carondesign says:

    I’m sorry but I hope the seals go over there and skin the sealers alive and throw them into the ocean to rot.

  • Reg Piercey says:

    Judging from the posts made this will not get shown on your site but here it goes. You judge all Sealers in one category you talk of the poor seals. My questions is are all of you Vegetarians do you eat any meatbeef fish chicken How do you make a living not everyone can sit back and work office jobs some people work at jobs and trades that have them harvest these poor seals and lil chickens and dont forget that Egg McMuffin you had at MacDonalds ohhh that poor lil chick never had the opportunity to grow did you help in the abortion of this lil chick. And what about that beef taco at Taco Bell did that beef grow on trees or from poor lil calfs grown for your consumption. Sure not all the seal meat is harvested but maybe instead or chartering these boats to interupt the harvest use this money to process the meat to help the hungry children all around the world. To Wish that these fishermen freeze on the ice is like farmers and fishermen wishing that your office catches fire with you in it. Maybe think about the lives of these people and how they need this resource to survive. thanks Signed. Newfoundlander working in Alberta

  • Hak a Pik Hippie says:

    Protester Blah Blah Blah hope sealers die on the ice. Kiss Kiss the pretty seal. I want to be a seal. Seals are my brothers. ProSealer Blah Blah Blah protesters are hippies who sit at home throw a few nasty words our way ignoring their impact on the world because it isn’t as controversial a topic. A guys got to eat. You want us to die? Wishing death gets you to heaven? you just repeat the same arguments. changing minds isn’t going to happen. One side isn’t just going to give up. Seals will die. Maybe more maybe less. Protesters will protest. You both are so naive to think you comments matter. Children fighting. Flame me if you think it matters.

  • Mary Fox says:

    Have any of them drowned yet frozen to death starved? I’m sorry but I hope so. Thugs.

  • Laura says:

    Also to David these seals have a life span of 30 to 35 years. They molt those baby “white coats” at 12 days making them fair game for hunters. Most are killed when they are 25 days old. If that isn’t a baby what is??????

  • Julie Gravel says:

    I can not express the amount of satisfaction I get reading about this!Since I am not given the opportunity to go out on the ice floes and hak a pic me some scum bag sealersthis will doOH YES THIS WILL DO!Sweet Karma!Thank you Gaia!!!! Its about time you handed it over to these disgusting ARROGANT people.To those of you who support the sealersyour day of Karma will arrive as well.Your indifferent comments disgust meto think there is such little compassion in the world towards the helpless. I hope all of those sealers freeze their baguettes off! HEHE!I Just cant think of a group of people who deserve this more.Canada please knowI don’t hate your peoplejust your ignorant government!I am sorry that you are subjected to their ignorance.Today I am doing the HAPPY DANCE!!!!

  • Lena Warden says:

    The malice that’s inherent in most of the postings here is really sobering. Most of you are not interested in “helping” animals but in making yourselves feel superior by vilifying other human beings. This kind of misanthropy is not helping you or your cause.

  • JIm says:

    Why not get the facts about the seal hunt before you go running off at the mouth about something you so obviously know so little about.

  • Shannon says:


  • Shannon says:

    LARRY BUCK! Here’s a quote from a sealer himself! “Though he admits that he’s as bad as anyone “and we all go out for the love of it rather than the money which isn’t there anymore” No one’s getting rich from the seal hunt he said “at least not among the hunters. The price of pelts is down to about $55 about half what it used to be.” Read the whole article at httpwww.thestar.comNewsarticle205683 I wish you people who wish to defend these “hunters” would get your facts straight!

  • Shannon says:

    TO DAVID!!! Please do some reasearch! They still use CLUBS and SPIKES! The Canadian Government website even says they still are allowed they just need to check and make sure they are in good enough shape to crush their skulls! They are also using guns but please watch the recent videos see the pictures! this is why the HSUS videos this every year is to show the people who do not beleive this still exsist! it does!!! Go to! And they are not allowed to kill the full baby white seals but they do!

  • Shannon says:

    Any “man” who clubs a defenseless baby seal to death and then hooks her in the skull and drags her bleeding body across the ice and into a boat to skin her for fashion gets no sympathy! These are evil sick greedy humans that need to get a real job! And for those who say “they need the money to feed their families?” Please!!! Stop lying to yourself! People feed their families without clubbing baby seals!!! It’s a sick way to make a few extra bucks!!! And they should be ashamed!!!

  • david says:

    was looking for the pics of t the ice back home and came accross your sight. the one comment i have to disagree with up top. The sealers no longer use clubs spiked or otherwise most use a rifle now. And the hunting of the baby seals or white coats is no longer practised either. I won’t get into personal views about sealing is wrong but the seals are having a major adverse affect on fish stocks and with the seal population sky rocketing selling seal contraceptives will hardly make an impact.

  • Dawna says:

    HEHE it is to laugh! I live in Newfoundland and not too worried about them more about the seals!! I am AGAINST sealing and never would be. That is Karma kicking their ass!!

  • Alan says:

    I think this thread should be more conspicuous so that people can see it. There is a Topix thread called “Paul McCartney’s Seal Hunt Protest Will Go Ahead”. It is past 1500 postings already. The sealers seem to love the fact that more pro sealers are posting than those against. Come over and help us out. I think the sealers will be real surprised. So far it is only a handfull of anti sealer people posting. Thanks