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Sealers Trapped on the Ice in Newfoundland

Written by PETA | April 19, 2007

I could seriously sit here all day trying to muster up sympathy for these guys and not succeed. Since that’s probably not going to happen, I’ll just give you the details of the story instead (I will make every effort not to be gleeful about it). Apparently, more than 100 seal-hunting boats became trapped in an ice-pack yesterday and are still waiting for help from Canada’s Coast Guard icebreakers. The London Times reported on the story this morning, and you can read more about that here. Maybe a couple of days waiting to get rescued will give them some time to reflect on the large-scale misery they had been planning on inflicting over the next few weeks. Here’s a picture of the boats trapped in the ice fields, which, as much as being stuck in inclement weather probably sucks, it doesn’t even begin to compare with the horrors these profiteers had in store for their victims.


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  • Emily says:

    To all those probarbarians who think it’s completely all right to murder baby seals and preserve the lives of the savages that refuse to evolve and get a decent job here’s the answer to the question that you idiots sure love to ask which is “Do you hold animal life over humans?” The answer is yes happy now? I hold the lives of animals and human children above human adults. But just to make things a little more clear humans are in fact nothing but animals themselves. I do hold the lives of nonhuman animals over human animals simply for the fact that animals don’t deserve to be abused and murdered while humans tend to bring these things upon themselves excluding children of course by giving in to their primitive desires and stupidity. The innocent don’t deserve to suffer and the ones who put this suffering on them do deserve to suffer. So yes the sealers deserve to die while the seals do not. You can disagree with me until your blue in the face it won’t change the facts. You as a human are nothing but an animal therefore you have no right to put a higher value on a sealer’s life compared to a seal’s. In this case the innocent baby seal’s life is worth a heck of a lot more than a barbaric murdering sealer just like the life of a law abiding civilian’s life is worth more than the murderous and rapist scum rotting in jail. We put value on life from the innocence of a living creature not by species. Personally I just like nonhumans better. They don’t judge they don’t betray they don’t murder without reason. They don’t exhibit prejudice and don’t contribute to destroying the planet. Nonhumans are just plain better for the planet than humans. One day Mother Nature will revolt and humans will finally realize they aren’t as all mighty as they think.

  • Jon says:

    They arent baby seals.. killing them has been illegal for many years… stop referring to them as babies

  • Chris says:

    So you would rather a seal live and humans die. I live in Newfoundland and the seal hunt has been going on a very long time my great great grand father was a seal hunter. They were brave and courageous men and maybe you should have more compassion for human kind. Its called the food chain and right now we are on top.

  • Clarence LeBlanc says:

    To all that wish them a horrific death and the like… i trust you don’t eat meat fish or poultry wear leather or any other animal byproduct. They are harvesting adult seals that are used for meat and cloths. A seal great TV and a terrific fund raiser has no more rights than any other animal. If you are a vegan vegetarian and watch what you wear I would have a hard time debating you. If you are not you are simply a hypocrite cheering on the death of hard working small town men who for the most part where born on a rock in the North Atlantic and do what they can to support their families. Shame on you.

  • Sandy says:

    While it would be a tragedy for these ‘hunters’ to perish on the ice it only brings to light the dangers of this hunt yes the maritimes are poor provinces and they need this money but lets face it 1. they are brutally bludgoning and skinning alive baby animals that are defenseless and not following the 3 step killing process. 2. It is obviously very dangerous to make money this way. It is not their fault they need to feed their families and this is all they know. I blame the canadian government who can see this is not sustainable and will not buy out the sealing licenses. If they did that then they could focus on tourism. Lets hope the men get out and something changes.

  • Fred says:

    Yeah! You’re right! These guys deserve to die way more than those genocidal maniacs killing innocent people in Rwanda! But that doesn’t matter to you does it? No you only care about wishing death and destruction on people who do nobody any harm and are part of a very humane hunt. Get your facts straight next time!

  • Jake says:

    How could people be so inhumane? I do not understand how you people could sit around and laugh at the misfortunes of others. Get off your high horse and stop picking on Canadians. We’ve never done anything to you. If you were perhaps properly informed this would not happen.

  • nunya says:

    You guys really make me sick why don’t you put more time into helping starving children in Africa instead of wishing death upon someone trying to feed his children and give them the life heshe never had. I think it’s time for you to grow up.

  • Amanda says:

    This sickened me. I’m a resident of Newfoundland and I’m wondering if anyone might have thought of the possibility that the men trapped in the ice maybe had children a wife or other close family members. Also seal hunting is a means of survival. Animals hunt animals. I don’t see you bashing an eagle for hunting a rodent and eating it.

  • Jack says:

    That’s a little fatalistic of you isn’t it Vincent? It’s kind of like saying “Rapists are rapistsit’s in their nature” instead of the correct response which is putting the bastards in prison where they belong.

  • Vincent says:

    Humans are hunters. We are killers. It’s in our nature. you can argue that we are intelligent and should overlook that because we have the power to choose otherwise and can survive without. But we don’t because we don’t have to. We are animals that kill other animals.