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Sealers Get Punked by the French

Written by PETA | April 13, 2007

Nobody can make you feel stupid quite like the French can. They have it down to an art. This picture, from a protest against the Canadian seal hunt in Paris this week, just says so much. I love the juxtaposition of disgust conveyed by the signs, and outright contempt conveyed by the dude wearing a silly beard to look like a sealer. That’s how you do a demonstration. Nice work, the French.

seal demo Paris.jpg

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  • Michele says:

    Has anyone seen this story out of Canada? It’s a bit of poetic justice I would say… “ST. JOHNS N.L. As many as 100 sealing vessels remain stuck in pack ice off Newfoundlands northeast coast and southern Labrador amid concerns of shrinking food and fuel supplies. Brian Penney a superintendent with the coast guard in Newfoundland and Labrador says crew have been evacuated from at least 10 vessels with nonessential crew already back on land. Local fishermen have said the pack ice which is being pressed together by strong northeast winds is the worst theyve seen for two decades. Penney says helicopters have been flying food and water to some vessels and will continue doing so until the sealers are able to leave the area. He says upwards of a dozen ships are extensively damaged and some could start taking on water once the ice pressure subsides and they slip back into the water. Penney says conditions arent likely to improve in the next few days and some of the longliners could be stuck on the ice for another week.” Too bad the conditions for the seals have not improved yet…

  • Canaduck says:

    Um Larry Buckregarding the chickens cows pigs rats etchave you not seen ANY of PETA’s campaigns? They barely do anything for the seals compared to all the stuff they do for what you consider to be less cute animals.

  • Tracy says:

    They feel just like baby humans do. It is extremely barbaric to torture any living being. Have a heart!

  • Larry Buck says:

    in all honesty a big reason that peta doesn’t like the seal harvest is bc the seals are cute. if they had the walrus or yak harvest it would not recieve near as much publicity. killing them is no different from killing a cow chicken or pig. cuteness should not be a factor in animal rights protests you say its not but it is. the worst part about the seal harvest is the meat wastage at least grind it up into dog food or something. if an animal is killed it needs to be utilized as much as possible. also baby seals are not just like baby humans. get a grip. sealers dont club babies we have abortionists that do that.

  • Tracy says:

    That’s nice and all but I’m still upset with the french and belgian owners of the horse slaughter houses in the US fighting to keep horse slaughter. Take it elsewhere! We don’t eat horses in America! I am glad to see that “some” have come to their senses with the seals. One animal at a time is better than none.

  • Caroline says:

    Even with all the signatures Peta needed to prevent the sadistic massacre from taking place the Canadian government with no prick of conscience has allowed this to happen. The worst feeling is feeling helpless that you can’t do anything to stop these angelic baby seals and their mothers from getting murdered. All these stupid butcherers need to get a real job cos ending a helpless animals’life was never a job any way. If anything these cowards and an even more pathetic government who gave the permission in the first place are proving time after time that they don’t care. Damn them. Caroline

  • daylight 365 says:

    Go PETA ALLEZ LA FRANCE It feels good to work with the French to ABOLISH this inhumane slaughter for WHOM? Who what where why? Incomprehensible. Totally appalling. NAUSEATING! Mindnumbing.

  • Dawn Allen says:

    I can hardly believe something like this is aloud to happen to these poor baby seals. Together we maybe able to stop this from happening.Hearing about this protest gives me hope and is very encouraging to keep doing everything I can to put this hunt to an end forever. I want to tell others about some options to help if they have not tried these also. First thing I did was go to a search engine and found many links to sites with many kinds of petitions to sign. Plus on the seacrh engines I have found many media contacts tv news papers and radio stations to send a letter with some facts and links to web sites. All around the world. You can sometimes find different government agentcy’s this way. There are news readers and of course blogs on animal cruelty every where on the net and last but not least informing friends family and coworkers.Hopefully this will help with some ideas. I would also love to hear from others on ways to help. Sicerely Dawn Allen

  • Linda Belloto Smith says:

    My daughters are horrified that this goes on. Many people thought it stopped years ago. Why is this not on world news or local TV and radio stations not broadcasting this? I’ve been calling our local stations and asking how in the world can our headlines be about a disc jockey getting fired for calling somebody a name while this massive slaughter of marine mammals is going on!

  • Tim Johnston says:

    I agree with the comment from Carol Johnsonthese slaughterers are not normal and any person who can murder an innocent baby seal is no better than he who abuses defenceless child. I wonder how many of these brutal cruel people would be happy to let thier children see what they do for profit or could it be enjoyment?

  • Mike says:

    Merci beaucoup Claudia pour les mots. Je parle francais un peu. J’etude francais quatres annees dans l’ecole Canadienne. Merci pour ton travail compassionate ?

  • claudia marrapodi says:

    hallo les mecs vous etes geniales je vous felicite en effet la france est en premiere ligne contre cette barbarie. et beaucoup de celebrites nous encouragent brigitte bardot philippe caroit garou francois cluzet liane foly isabelle adjani corinne touzet johnny halliday michal annie cordy arielle dombasle jane birkin nadia fares emma daumas et tant dautres… regardez sur la liste est longue! continuez c’est un merveilleux boulot! i congratulated my great fellow citizens and named a small number of the celebrities supportng us! pls visit and and also

  • carol johnson says:

    How can anyone stand over a helpless baby seal and with no emotion club the life out of this animal walk away and be normal. Answer they aren’t they love the blood and who knows what they are capable of doing to humans.

  • Brett C says:

    I am glad that Canadians are taking a stand against this horrible act of senseless violence towards animals. Everyone can also sign a petition to end the seal hunt 300000 signatures for 300000 seals at Please go sign it and tell your friends and family to sign it. We must end this horrible reality that seals face every year. Thank you PETA for helping in this fight.

  • doug says:

    The funny thing about this is the killing that is taking place is happening close to French speaking Canada. Our Quebecois couls take an example from these guys and boycott all Canadian seafood!