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Protester Banned From Canada

Written by PETA | March 18, 2011

In  Canada, you can have your pie—you just can’t throw it too. PETA supporter Emily McCoy is saying au revoir to Canada after a certain tofu cream pie left her hand and wound up in the face of Fisheries Minister Gail Shea
McCoy appeared in an Ontario courtroom yesterday to face charges of assault after she pushed the pie into Shea’s face as part of a protest against Canada’s annual seal slaughter. McCoy was spared jail time, but the judge sentenced her to two years of probation during which time she is banned from Canada, its embassies, and contact with all Canadian officials.

A New York resident, McCoy doesn’t generally visit Canada all that often, although she is sorry that she won’t be able to protest the seal slaughter on Canadian soil for the next two years. Hopefully, by the end of her probation, Canada’s bloody seal massacre will be nothing but a sad memory, and she will be able to visit Canada as a tourist, not a protester.

If you would like to bring attention to the seal slaughter sans pastry, visit

Written by Michelle Sherrow                                                      

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  • Sarah-C says:

    Emily i salute U – for doing what most of us here are itching to… TX for vicariously living out our fantasies! Probation’s not so bad – i’ll redouble my anti-sealing efforts for U… (@Amber, i disagree: GAIL SHEA looked like the biggest fool – NATCH!)… ps. @Judy, all Cdn. political party leaders support the seal hunt EXCEPT THE GREEN PARTY : So please vote Green if you truly want to stop the Seal’Hunt’!

  • Judy says:

    Now is the time to put the pressure on with the Federal election coming in May.The Canadian people need to get in touch with their representatives and let them know how they feel about this atrocities against baby seals. Maybe we can make it a campaign issue. Every party wants our vote, make them hear what we have to say in order for them to get it. I have already let my PC candidate know what I think,and will let the other parties know as well.

  • Sirpa says:

    Emily, morally you did the right thing and for good reason, but maybe the protesters must avoid physical contact but protests are most welcomed to protect baby seals and force those in charge of the massacre to hear how wrong they are. I wonder why the officials in Canada accept this kind of brutal slaughter. Is their some lack of humanity in them or what? All people and international community: do not buy any Canadian products and avoid visiting Canada unless this stupid and horrible slaughter is finally stopped in Canada. Hopefully there are also Canadians to protect the baby seals. They can not be sent away.

  • amitsribhashyam says:

    Great Job Emily !

  • mishagirl says:

    I cry watching any sad PETA vids. This time I cried because I was so happy Emily did that! You Go Gurl! Can I get the tofu pie recipe sans that woman’s horrible face.

  • amber says:

    This is not the way to stop the slaughter! This makes PETA look like children.

  • Brenda says:

    The PIE that was heard all over the world was relived again again in the Canadian media. I’m glad she was not given jail time. Banned from Canada ? Hey we animal advocates are asking no one come here for a vacation. Spend your tourist dollars somewhere else. Canada’s seal hunt is the shame of the world. Now our government is going to the table to talks with the EU for free trade. Trade that is worth billions of dollars. Goodluck with that boys. You had your chance to step up and move on to make our country a better place for all. Shame on Harper and Gail Shea.

  • jasdeep says:

    2 yrs probtion for a pie to the face. i would do that for 10 yrs probation

  • keith says:

    Nice one !! I have always said these poxy law makers would find it a different situation if they were abused and clubbed to death…. nice when your living on the fat of the land like all Politicians do.. with their expenses all of them are self serving scumbags..

  • kathy says:

    A tofu cream pie is a dream compared to being bludgeoned to death.

  • RAT KING says:

    She got her tart – to Harper I throw my shoe into his dirty face!

  • Marina Vylegjhanina says:

    stop this cruelty

  • Mich says:

    Emily, GREAT job on the pie throw! Thank you for everything you have been doing to protest the horrific seal slaughter. Too bad the court system here is so silly – you got the same sentence as (if not a stiffer one than) many first-time wife abusers do in this country.