Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

Sea Kittens Now Have Competition!

Written by PETA | December 30, 2008

First there were sea kittens. Now, I give you sea puppies:



Volkswagen’s commercial for the new SpaceFox car shows a half-dog, half-fish animal and his loving guardian. We think it’s sweet that this “sea puppy” (as I like to call him) is his human’s best friend, and it even reminded us a little of our campaign! The sea puppy reminds viewers that fish have personalities, just like dogs—even if they aren’t so great at playing fetch. And that’s why we are nominating Volkswagen for a Glitterbox Award! Glitterbox Awards are given to companies that portray animals in a positive manner, and we think VW is quite deserving in this case.

We know that dogs and fish both need love, so it’s awesome that Volkswagen can encourage the world to think of them as intelligent creatures who can be part of the family—not part of dinner.

Written by Lianne Turner

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