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The Scoop on ‘Dog Poop’ Ice Cream

Written by PETA | June 23, 2010

We are not responsible for the elevated state of culture in the U.S., but …

Inspired by a Delaware ice cream shop’s “booger” ice cream flavor, PETA is encouraging the shop to offer two other unusual treats: “dog poop” and “kitty litter” nondairy ice cream, with a portion of the proceeds used to help combat the dog and cat overpopulation crisis. By promoting spaying and neutering and reducing the number of litters born, we can also reduce the number of wonderful dogs and cats in animal shelters awaiting good homes.

The doggy flavor would resemble its namesake, but would be made with rich, velvety soy chocolate ice cream laced with chunks of dark chocolate. The kitty flavor would be mint with chunks of vegan brownie. Sounds like one kind of litter and poop that I’d love to scoop! What about you?


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Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • Emma says:

    mm sounds great!! 23 scops please! and its for a greeeeat cause DD

  • Carrie says:

    Mmm I love it! Fun cute delicious AND crueltyfree! And it goes to a great cause! Two scoops… of each.

  • Ralph says:

    You cannot call it ice cream if it doesn’t have milk in it i.e. the cream. The idea is not that good either because the only ones who would eat it are kids and teens and even then parents on a lot of those won’t agree to it.

  • Tom says:

    That’s a disgusting idea. Even if it tasted like Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food you couldn’t eat it for the thought of what it looked like