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Scientists Create Chicken Without the Egg

Written by PETA | June 8, 2010
barryskeates / CC by 2.0

According to Time magazine, scientists at the University of Missouri have created a soy-based chicken that tastes and feels, well, just like chicken. That should give meat-eaters and vegetarians something to salivate over. The owner of Turtle Island Foods, the maker of Tofurky, is reportedly thinking about purchasing the product, which is not commercially available yet. (In the meantime, Gardein, Boca, and Morningstar Farms make some pretty tasty faux chicken!)

If the University of Missouri’s stuff is as good as Time says it is, then more meat-eaters will be swayed to stop eating chicken, which will help curb greenhouse gasses, reduce waistlines, and save billions of birds. The author of the article foresees a bright future. After he plugged PETA’s $1 million prize offer for anyone who can bring in vitro chicken meat to market by 2012, he mused, “Maybe one day you’ll order a chicken fajita at Chili’s that is made with soy.* You almost certainly won’t notice the difference, but the planet will.”

What do you think? Will this soy in chicken’s clothing change the way you eat?

Written by Heather Moore

*Rumor has it that Chipotle Mexican Grill is already a step ahead and is set to launch its vegan “Garden Blend” faux-chicken burrito nationwide any minute.

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  • Jenita says:

    Wow, that’s a really celevr way of thinking about it!

  • Trudi says:

    Quorn is a great vegetarian substitute but it’s made with egg and dairy! I’m not sure how they’re going to bind this new soy chicken but I’m hoping it will be a vegan option …

  • Susan Moore says:

    In response to PJ’s comment on Quorn I looked it up and its available all over the place in health food stores and larger retailers like Whole Foods and Central Market. They make more than chicken replacements too. Lots of info on the Quorn website. I haven’t tried it yet but nice to have this to look forward to!

  • Lynelle LaFleur says:

    Yaay! another great stride toward a better world especially for animals! can’t wait to try it and yes Quorn is delicious but I do hate that it’s made with egg whites. I hope this new product is superior to Quorn

  • shirley baba says:

    about time

  • shakil says:

    Jenny I think the article is about artificial meat from soya. I guess it has almost the same nutrition value as the real meat.

  • Unknown says:

    “Does this mean that the soya chicken is alive breathing eating and clucking around with its friends. If so is this not as cruel s slaughtering a chicken?” Are you serious?! You IDIOT.

  • Josh says:

    The problem with Quorn is that it is made with eggs and not even freerange eggs so eating it really doesn’t alleviate any animal suffering.

  • Debbie says:

    I would totally get this for my husband! I wonder if it’s vegan. They just keep saying “vegetarian.”

  • Sandra J Lind says:

    As long as none of it is actually derived from a live chicken otherwise the purpose is useless. Hope I can find this at Whole Foods Market.

  • Sandra J Lind says:

    I was vegan for a short period I felt 100 better physically but with the temptation of meat I fell back into the void of slaughtered sentient beings. This is great news…I have decided recently to return to a animal free diet…..Most times I never miss it.

  • Dena says:

    FYI Quorn is not vegan it contains eggs.

  • Saucy says:

    It was Annie’s Red wine and olive oil dressing. Gotta give credit where credit is due. Amy I love your non dairy vegan vegetable pot pie.

  • Elijauh says:

    wait so is it like a live chicken?

  • Saucy says:

    Yes they do. Just last night I came home late with a crazy case of the munchies. I had been to the grocery earlier in the day and picked out gardien’s new buffalo nuggets. I got a little creative added a bit more vegan butter then usual earth balance and then added yummy Amy’s vegan red wine and olive oil salad dressing to the pan. OMG was it good. There is no way anyone could know the difference that it’s not real meat. They got the texture thing down and I got the oily greasy thing down. They were delicious.

  • Tania says:

    I think it’s fantastic and i hope for other than soy or wheat for all the allergy sufferers…

  • Renee says:

    Yes Quorn is available in the US. It is WONDERFUL!!!

  • Charlotte Hoskins says:

    This sounds like a great idea but the only thing i’m concerned about is this soya chicken itself. Does this mean that the soya chicken is alive breathing eating and clucking around with its friends. If so is this not as cruel s slaughtering a chicken? I hope not. If it isn’t then this is a remarkably wonderful and it will be a step to a brighter future for ALL animals and the environment.

  • Jenny says:

    Quorn does exist in the US but it tastes like soy chckn like all the other products. So does the stuff in the UK though.

  • amanda says:

    Great news! I currently eat Quorn veggie chicken. It is AMAZING! I look forward to trying this new product.

  • Ellen says:

    This is a wonderful idea and would give poultry allergy sufferers another option if it was truly poultry free.

  • PJ says:

    Faux chicken already exists it’s called Quorn and it has exactly the same taste and texture as chicken. It’s widely available in the UK but I’m not sure if it’s made it over to the States yet.

  • Natalie says:

    AMAZING!!! The future is bright and cruelty free! I can’t wait for this to make a breakthrough! And Hooray for Chipotle! That’s awesome!