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Say ‘No’ to ‘Rango’ Promo

Written by PETA | March 3, 2011

We recently shared the good news that no reptiles were harmed in the making of the new movie Rango, starring reptile friend Johnny Depp, but Paramount Pictures, the distributer of the movie, has partnered with PetSmart in a terribly irresponsible promotion of impulse buying, offering a $10 discount on any reptile to customers with Rango ticket stubs. Neither PetSmart nor Paramount has responded to PETA’s polite pleas to put an end to this ill-conceived, cruel promotion.

We want to love this movie and its positive message, but this promotion will inevitably lead to the suffering and deaths of animals. This movie is being marketed to children, who may be intrigued by possessing a reptile but who are far from equipped to humanely care for one. Reptiles—especially chameleons, who are terribly hard to keep alive in captivity—are anything but low maintenance. Any animal acquired on a whim (prompted by a coupon, no less!) is in danger of being discarded within days once the “wow” factor fades and the animal’s specialized needs become clear. Snakes, iguanas, and other animals who have become “inconvenient” are often dumped outside like garbage. Many of these abandoned animals languish in fear, hunger, and thirst before dying or being killed. Those who survive can wreak havoc on local ecosystems.

Please ask Paramount to stop this reckless promotion so that you can buy a ticket in good conscience.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • [email protected] says:

    I would never by any animal from a huge pet store like that because of where their animals come from and the conditions the animals suffer from just being there, But I do feel terrible for the animals that are raised to be their. I have a friend thats a breeder and know a little about the animals they buy. Peta your making a a really bad call on this one. The people buying reptiles because of this Promotion are giving them a better home and more love and care that they get at Pet Smart. If your not supporting this then your supporting what happens to the un-purchesed animals. Death, decease, and suffering.

  • Alana Rae says:

    Yes, this will stop. I will make it stop. Because I know how all of this started. People are stubborn, lazy, selfish, and don’t care about anyone or anything, but themselves. And because of that, this is why animals are treated that way, and no one tries to stop it. It’s pathetic, and I’m obviously not talking about everyone. I’m talking about those evil humans that take part of animal cruelty

  • hamster says:

    These people should be put in jail for eternity!!!!

  • Brianna says:

    I can’t believe that a pet store no less is treating their animals lke this. I would never buy an animal from that cruel place unless it’s to bring them home with me instead ofbeing at risk of a cruel, neglected death. Buy animals at shelters and help get stored like PetSmart out of business!

  • Sarah says:

    I feel the parents are the ones responsible. Its easy to blame movies and promotions, but the responsibility falls on the uneducated person buying the animals. People need to learn and do research before buying anything. The average person will research a new car, oven or fridge, if they put 20 minutes into researching into a pet that works for themselves or their family there would be less fear when movies featuring animals come out. Just my opinion.

  • Michel says:

    Both movies are promoting more and more deaths of these innocent creatures. This will never end because the human species is evil.

  • Nekoko says:

    Wow. thats all I can really say. I have read and agree with most of the comments and concerns on this page. As the proud owner/mommy of a hypo corn snake, it breaks my heart to think what could happen if children who are not responsible get animals like Reese.. Reptiles are needey in so many ways and need constant care…. its so sad to even think people would do something like this. I’m afriad for the bunnies when “Hop” begins to show=(

  • KaZ (Sat Siri) says:

    My 12 year old son and I just rescued a Bearded Dragon lizard from a very irresponsible pet owner who had no idea how to care for him. He did not have enough light or the right food and when we got him home we noticed he had trouble moving his back legs. We immediately got him to a vet and from poor care he has Metabolic Bone disease. So we now must give him supplements, get him out in the sun every day to make sure he tries to walk around and make sure he has healthy greens and fruit. He is doing better every day and we pray he will recover or at the very least feel better and no deteriorate. He is an amazing guy and we love him. HE has shown my son how to be a responsible pet owner and he dotes on him and really has a soft spot in his heart for our little disabled Eliot. Folks need to LEARN about animals and their proper care before they adopt.

  • kathleenbear27 says:

    I work at the movie theatre Cineplex in Alberta, Canada. I am aware that a new movie is coming out called Hop, that features a bunny at the hero. Yes, its perfect for me as I love my bunny to pieces and he to me, but It made me realise that this could easily trigger the impulse by of thousands of rabbits by pleading children. I am very aware that a rabbit is NOT A GOOD CHOICE FOR ANY CHILD. As they hate being picked up, dont like to be hugged and played with like dogs and cats might/do, scratch, and leave a mass of poop in their wake. Lets not allow the impulsive buying of animals, but rather adopt from shelters. Because I am more aware then ever before with this rabbit that animals are a huge responsibility, and my lionhead bunny named fable has certainly taught me a great deal of responsiblity and paitence, and what it means to truly love something to pieces!

  • _mark says:

    i seriously hope someone gets fired over these kinds of stupid and irresponsible promo ideas. they should. can we get a name or office for the responsible ones?

  • Odessa S. says:

    These people are so stupid! Don’t they know that animals like chameleons, iguanas and snakes wouldn’t normally be kept as pets? It’s really all for money; not like they actually care.

  • Nina says:

    This is such an irresponsible act! How can they be so selfish, greedy and cruel! How is this possible! And how can Johnny Depp not put an end to this?! Those innocent animals will suffer and most will die once the excitement of the movie wears off. This must stop!

  • Mo says:

    I want an end to this cruel promotion . This is so cruel ! Stop it right now !

  • Mohs says:

    We are human beings !!! Aren’t we ??? We are supposed to save the planet earth and every single creatures on it . This is out of our league as a human being ! We are not simply allowed to act like this !

  • christina says:

    this is a very bad idea. i had to find a home for my friend’s lizard and i did. it took me mths. it just so happens this aquarium took him for me in CT. they just lost theres of old age. that was a very rare sistuation and we were very thank full. but to use animals as money off as a profit that is a shame

  • Nicola Marsden says:

    This cannot be allowed!!!!! People have no knowledge of how to care for these animals! Stop this moronic idea!

  • Sharon J. Kennedy says:

    Too many animals are used for profit…the whole point of a movie is to entertain, and not to encourage the purchase of animals that will be discarded once the novelty wears off.